The Greatest Football Play of All Time

The most successful football play of all time didn’t make it on ESPN, and if it did you missed it, because you were inviting all your friends on Facebook to an event.

However its time to take a break form your search engine marketing and try a short shot of personal development.

You didn’t see the play on Monday night football.

And its safe to say that you probably will never see these player in a Madden game.

No, the most successful football play of all time was executed with amazing precision by the Olivet Middle School Eagles in Olivet, Michigan

When I post these video’s I try to add my own opinions and insights into the message the video is trying to portray.

Quite frankly with this video however I don’t really know that I can.

I thought about it for a couple hours actually.  Which is a long time for me, just ask my wife.

During that whole time I could not come up with the words to describe just how power the message these middle school students have given us is.

There are two young boys in this story that really do enough explaining through their words and their noticeable emotions that make sure this story strikes at your heart.

For me this video was more than the most successful football play of all time.

It was the most successful story to help us remember that even small things can make a really big difference in the lives of other people.

After you watch the video, leave a comment below and answer this question:

Would you have thought to do something like that for someone?

And if not, now that your thinking about it, what idea do you have to do something to give someone a special moment to remember in their lives?

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