Get It Up!

The fact of the matter is that if you have been learning any type of marketing for more than a month, you have a product in you.  Think about it, how many products have you bought and went through only to realize that you know most of the information in them already.

That is because most product creators develop products based on one or two methods.

The first method it to create products based on research.  What I mean is, they identified a problem.  Found a simple solution to that problem.  Then created a product to sell that solution to other people who are having the same problem.

The second method is to sell information that you have collected in your own business to help you grow.

Have you gotten really good at Facebook ads?  Create a course on what your doing to get your results.

Are you awesome at selling real estate through the use of video’s?  There you go, you have a course.

Writing engaging content on your website about a specific topic, perhaps in the form of a series?  Turn that series into an ebook or video’s and sell that as a product.

I know the thought of product creation is scary.  I personally went through the ups and downs of getting it up when I created my first product.

It was a course about how to use Facebook groups and pages in order to generate more targeted traffic to your website, while also improving your SEO.

I used the second method to create my product.  I learned a new technique, I implemented it and found that it worked, then I turned that knowledge into a Warrior Forum Special Offer and sold it.

I didn’t make tons of money on the course, maybe 200 bucks when it was all said and done.  However, the course only took a couple days to make, imagine if I made one every other day.

Push It In!

When you finally get off your butt and get your produced created its time to push it in to the marketplace.

This is probably the easiest step if your involved in an active niche.  Just start advertising it on your forums, or perhaps, get involved in a Joint Venture and have affiliates sell it for you.

Sure you will lose out on 100% of the profits, but your name will be out there.  Your brand recognition will increase.  And your list will be a lot bigger than it was when you first started.

Sure there are going to be products that you create that won’t make you a dime.  That’s ok, turn them into optin gifts on your website.

There will also be products that will sell like hot cakes and make you a ton of money.

Turn those in membership site products.  If you have more than one keep adding them to your membership site.

When you launch a new one your current members are offered it first at a discount.  Then your new customers will be offered it at full price, with an upsell to your membership site to get all your other products for a monthly fee.

Easy peasy!

So go out, get it up, and push it in!!

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