What is Distraction?

Love him or hate him, best selling author Brendon Burchard certainly does make a lot of sense when talking about distractions.   In his distraction video that was produced as part of his marketing campaign for his book The Charge, Mr. Burchard really took the gloves off and I was able to completely relate with what he was saying.

The distraction definition is doing “activity disjointed from strategy and purpose”.

As you probably are able to tell from the video above there really is not a whole lot to expand on when talking about the definition of distraction.  Sure I could pop up the Webster’s dictionary distraction meaning for you, however by now I am pretty sure you get the point.

For me there really are two big things that actually cause a lot of distraction for me.  Especially when I am trying to write out an article or create some other sort of content

Facebook is my Second Biggest Distraction

When the social network first became public I really was not very interested in having an account.

It was not until a couple years later when I started getting more involved in marketing beyond search engine marketing, that I decided I better at least look into it.

It was all downhill from there.

I say that jokingly of course, the truth however it is not as funny when you actually think about it.

Facebook has done such a great job at creating a platform that allows you to connect with people and the stories that you care about.  The result is perfect for them, more time on their site.  For you and I, however, that might always be a good thing.  Unless of course all you do is Facebook marketing.

Chatting with our friends and family is one thing that we get caught up in.

The thing I find that gets me distracted the most however, is reading the shared posts and watching the video’s begin shared.  Its so crazy easy to lose track of time watching one video after another.  Or reading about a topic your passionate about.

The next thing you know its a couple hours later and you have forgotten about why you logged into Facebook in the first place.

Product creators are not help these day’s either.  With more and more of them using Facebook groups to build communities around themselves and their products.  Its practically inevitable that your going to use up at least an hour of your day on the site doing something other than what your supposed to be doing.

Email – My Number One Distraction

Recently I had to go a couple days without checking my email.

When I returned my GMail account was filled with over 600 emails.  All received in that two day period of time.

This is actually normal for me.  At one point, believe it or not, I was receiving over 2000 a day from different lists that I was subscribed to.

That was back in my “I’m learning” phase where I was trying to consume every bit of information that I could.

I realized way back then that email is probably the biggest time vampire a small business owner can be stuck by.

These days I make it a matter of course to unsubscribe for any list that doesn’t provide me value over the course of that last week.

I have also created a few rules in my Google email that move stuff out of my inbox.  These messages are moved to their own folder, I keep them because I like the authors and they make great swipe files.

Still, I can end up spending at least a couple hours everyday reading emails and filtering out messages that may have some meaning to me.

In Conclusion

My point in showing you this distraction video, as well as outlining my two biggest distractions is to relay to you that you are not alone.

Distraction comes upon us all no matter how experienced we are in our businesses and its something we need to learn to battle.

Once you make a list of your biggest distractions and identify how your are going to manage them you will find that your ability to get more done increase by a 100 times at least.  I know it did for me!


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One thought on “The Stunning Costs of Distraction by Brendon Burchard

  1. Commenting on 100 plus blogs daily, publishing 5 or more posts and spending like 6 minutes on FB these days Clint….doing OK in the distraction regard lol……thanks for sharing!