Is YouTube Targeting The Empower Network?

Have Your YouTube Video’s Been Flagged?

There have been a lot of YouTube channels shut down recently.  And even more video’s on specific channels have been flagged as violating YouTube’s terms of service or community guidelines.  Now this really isn’t anything new.  YouTube actually does a really good job of policing its service.  It was better before Google took it over, but its still pretty decent.

i feel violated

But this series of shutdown’s and flagging’s are a bit different.

You see there is a common signal with all the channels that are getting shut down.

They are all embedded on or talk about the Empower Network.

And in the interest of full disclosure let me say that I am a member of the Empower Network and have been for quite some time.  And as such I have been within several different groups on Facebook that are made up of members.  One particular group managed to make some people angry and before I could separate myself from them I am pretty sure I was put on the chopping block.

Let me back up a bit.

Empower Network Is A Scam

I know you have seen the claims.  David Wood is ripoff artist.  David Sharpe is a drug addict blah blah blah.

They are really hard to ignore these days aren’t they.

People are actually putting out a lot of content out there to make sure that their opinions are heard.  And you have to give them credit.  With all the time and effort people are putting into it you would think they don’t have anything to do with their lives.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing these people.  As a matter of fact, I think its important to do your research on any money making opportunity you get involved in.  But at what point to do you chose to move on?  I mean if they put that much effort into their businesses, imagine where they would be today.

Back To YouTube and Empower

i feel violatedWhere YouTube comes into the picture is a little known feature on the site where you can flag video’s that you feel offer no value to the community.  And it has some great uses if your find some kind of content that promotes hate, sex, etc.  But it is also a good way to kill your competitors channels if you were so inclined.  All it really takes is a few people to go in and flag your video and its a goner.

Now considering that there are a lot of EN related channels and video’s getting hammered these day.  It really makes you wonder what is going on.

But the word is out, and it really didn’t take long.

You see there is a internet marketer who shall go unnamed telling his followers to flag all video’s related to the site.  And they are going so far as finding people who are in EN and flagging their video’s as well.   Whether or not they are EN related, guilt by association I guess.

And they are really successful thus far.  I know of at least 30 marketers, including myself, who have been caught up in their drama.

Quite frankly I find it disgusting that anyone would do that.

But such is life on the internet right?

So What To Do?

I say you should just move on.  Now if you have a YouTube channel with ten or less video’s let them do what they do.  It doesn’t matter and it’s not going to destroy your business.

But if you have one with a lot of video’s, I know a lady with over 200, then you better be proactive in protecting your account.  When someone flags your video, make sure you appeal the flag.

If you channel get’s shut down all together, go here and file an appeal.

Aside from that there are a couple other things to keep in mind.

First, make sure your saving a copy of your video’s somewhere else.  Vimeo and DailyMotion are both free options that you can take advantage of.

And get yourself an external drive for backup as well.

Second, don’t depend on just one traffic source to promote your business.  If you think Empower is special and they can’t target your real estate channel one day your wrong.  Everyone is at risk of this.  YouTube is a free service after all, so don’t depend on it.

Third, make sure you read the YouTube TOS and community guidelines.  They are rather clear.  Just remember that it would be impossible for real people to that work for YouTube to be monitoring every single video out there.  That is why the flag feature is there.  So people can raise attention to violators.  But the followup system is fully automated.  A real person won’t look at your video to see if it actually violates anything unless you appeal the flag.  So make sure you do that right away.

I hope you don’t have to go through what this individual set of marketers is going through right now.  But now your prepared to deal with it should it arise.

Please be sure to share this post with other’s who may be marketing online.  Specifcally using video as a medium.  You might be saving them some valuable time and money.

Oh and one more thing here is something to entertain you since I let you know about the dark side of the internet.  ENJOY!!!

[leadplayer_vid id=”510613AA42B75″]

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56 thoughts on “Is YouTube Targeting The Empower Network?

  1. Great post Clint…It’s sad that people approach other home businesses in such a vengeful manner. But as you said so is the world ;) Always keep a back up and staying compliant is great way to win an appeal with Google if you’re diligent…

  2. I completely agree that everyone should use more than one video hosting service & save their videos on their computer or an external hard drive. By doing this it ensures that they won’t loose all their video’s. It’s truly a shame that people stoop this low, but like you said, that’s life! I must say though that I didn’t know that you could appeal the flags & channel terminations, so thank you very much for letting everyone know this. Very valuable information. Thanks for sharing this! Keep up the awesome work & keep up the video’s! I personally love watching you video’s, they are so unique & not to mention funny! lol :) I hope you have an amazing day Clint! :)

  3. I too suffered a similar traffic loss when my EN account was purged in FaceBook. All my ads which were approved and running fine and making money – gone at the click of a button. I wasn’t a spammer but I was flagged as one by association because someone signed me up to a group.

    Now I un associate myself from any group that auto-accepts me. If I want to be in a group I will join.

    I don’t use YouTube too much at this time but if they are painting everyone with one brush then I guess I won’t be there….

    • I think that is one of the reasons people on Facebook have taken such a distain for Empower Network. People involved with the company are using boarder line spam techniques to reach out to you. I can’t tell you how many groups and events I get added to or invited to.

      What really makes me mad is that these people really have all the training that they need inside of their EN back office to make a killing marketing ANYTHING on the internet. And they go the spam route and ruin the company reputation. I guess it will take failing for them to go back there, watch the training, and actually apply it. Its those that are applying it that are making the most money with this particular program.
      Clint Butler recently posted..Is YouTube Targeting The Empower Network?My Profile

  4. Hi Clint,

    I had one EN Video on my channel from awhile ago. It was flagged, but I just deleted the video? Now I’m worried because I didn’t appeal? If I don’t have any others, will they come back and flag again? It’s a shame that people have to walk on eggs to promote any of their offers. As long as they are not obscene or hate material…then again that is opening a new can of worms defining who decides and rates content. There are so many disgusting and stupid videos on YouTube. Some are obscene and hate filled. Some are poorly made. Some are gross. YouTube doesn’t seem to have a problem with that, but instead they target certain companies or causes. I’m tired of the EN dilemma. We should understand we are going into contract if we choose to use YouTube, but it is certainly terrible to get shut down, no matter how many videos you’ve posted. After the Google slap, never depend on one platform. Thanks for the information.

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted..What Does Hell’s Kitchen and Internet Marketing Have in Common?My Profile

  5. So glad you wrote this will look in to their terms since I keep looking to see if my youtube account is still alive. So sad people go to such levels you should always treat others like you want to be treated.

  6. I am not in EN, Clint, and there are reasons that I believe it would not be the best platform for me.

    But nobody should have to cower and shrink in the wake of united forces hell bent on sabotaging their honest (if arguable) efforts. This IS the world we live in, but partly because we acquiesce in silence when confronted by those who demonize us for trying to create a business and thrive economically through our individual and independent visions.

    I believe EN has been targeted by folks who think entrepreneurs are all bad because they represent economic freedom and commercial liberty at a time when demagoguery and reactionary censorship are the darlings of the cocktail parties.

    I’ve studied history for a long time, Clint. This is not new. It’s happened over and over again, in every corner of the world. Freedom is something we always have to fight for, and I think EN and others must either stand tall or submit to the imposition of subservience and mediocrity.

    And, if you’re not in EN… don’t think you are immune.

    EN, in fact, is taking the brunt of the attack on behalf of all entrepreneurs. But, make not mistake about it. If “they” succeed in beating EN into the ground through sabotage and intimidate, they’ll be heading your way next.
    David Merrill 101 recently posted..Keeping Pace With Online CommunicationsMy Profile

    • Great point! I was one of the ones affected by YouTube. I had about 60 videos. Because many of my team members’ accounts were being flagged, I almost expected to be next. Never, I repeat NEVER put all your eggs in one basket. I wasn’t fazed. Still got leads and sales after the fact, so really it’s all good. I believe in the universal law of sowing and reaping, so if you sow misfortune, you’ll surely reap it.
      Dana Williams recently posted..The Subconscious Vs. Conscious Mind- The Battle Rages OnMy Profile

  7. Hi Clint,
    I am not a member of EN had no idea anyone was targeting EN. So sorry to hear this. It all sounds very childish. That being said, you have me curious about who would do something like this and get his whole group to follow him in flagging videos.
    Haven’t heard one thing about this till now.
    ) : Sad…..
    Tonya Stephens recently posted..10 Ways To Reach Your GoalsMy Profile

  8. Hi Clint,
    I was on Facebook with you at the time you were flagged. It’s a damn shame! I immediately set forth to warn my friends on EN. They were flagged also.

    I think this is a lesson to all of us EN or not… We need to back up our videos. I use EVP2, plus it is a reminder for me to watermark them also. We have to be careful out there.

    EN is a marketing platform and weather we are part of it or not, the issue is that we are all marketers when it comes down to it. As marketers, we do need to “stick together”

    I read Dave Wood’s reply to this and it was so awesome. Say what you want about EN, but Dave Wood is a great leader and I believe he is sincere. He is “fighting those forces of evil” which means independence and financial freedom for the little guys to the big ones.

    So marketers, lets take a warning about this. If some one can “flag” like this, the next one can be you.

    Bottom line Clint, it is just another learning curve. I know You as well as others, will continue on with your business.

    God Bless,
    Donna Merrill recently posted..8 Simple Strategies to Nurture Your Online BrandMy Profile

  9. Hi Clint, How terrible! I always wonder why people do things like this? Jealousy Perhaps! Just like when someone hacks into your computer, twitter, facebook accounts or anything else WHY! What is in this for them? These kind of people need to be concentrating more on their own lives instead of figuring out ways to hurt others. I do keep all my material backed up Everything you just never know DO YOU?? Thanks for sharing I will share for you.. Chery :)

  10. Presumably the person attacking EN is promoting a competitor. It sounds like a pretty sneaky thing to be doing. While it may be tempting to “hit back”, it’s probably better to just move on, doing what you can to fix the problem at your end.

    Thanks for sharing this – it didn’t make my day, but it reminded me that there are some nasty people out there in cyberspace!

    Alan Jenkin recently posted..Is Your Life In Balance?My Profile

  11. It’s such a shame you are having to deal with this ridiculous situation Clint. Of course I’ve seen the claims about Empower Network you referred to – but so what? As far as I’m concerned it wouldn’t still be around if it was as bad as some of the claims. I’ve been in sales my whole life, and the cardinal rule I’ve always lived by is you prove your worth by providing the best possible product and service, not by bashing your competition. Naive, maybe, but I’d honestly rather not do business with anyone who would buy into unethical practices. I truly hope this works out to the better for you all.
    marquita herald recently posted..Are You Living Life True to Yourself?My Profile

  12. Clint,
    I have to agree with you. What those people are doing is underhanded and despicable. It’s one of the things to fight and it stems from the rampant greed and lack of moral and fair play. The Internet especially is fertile ground for this sort of stuff. We should utilize your points of protection in all that we do online.
    Thanks for the heads up. Don’t you just wish we could turn the clock back to simpler times?
    Rick Lelchuk recently posted..Fear: Is It Your Boogie Monster?My Profile

  13. Hi Clint,
    I am not a member of EN and heard a lot about it from many other marketers. I also used a service like zeekrewads . com but it got busted and I got nothing to do or complain. like many other I am also interested in EN but am afraid to get started.
    I feel sorry for all of those who suffered the lose of being their channels banned.
    Can you please send me your channel detail or anything related to EN at my email.

  14. Hey Clint,

    I would be very upset if my YouTube account got banned or suspended. Really, thanks for the heads up! As for me, I have never used EN. So I really don’t know what to think of them. Could this be the future of negative YouTube SEO? Almost seems criminal and I know a lot of people that have lots of money invested with YouTube. I have a buddy with thousands and thousands of videos. I will be sure to backup my videos, just to be safe.

    Garen recently posted..Giveaways – Part 2 Interview With Justin GerminoMy Profile

  15. Ooh la la Clint is this happening again? Back in 2011 I wrote about a number of high profile YouTube channels being closed down. People like ProBlogger for example! Darren got his channel back but this was not case for everyone, good tips share here about ensuring people protect their videos. We use Amazon S3 for hosting ours and EVP2 mainly :o)
    Sadie-Michaela Harris recently posted..GoMoSoLo Support the Peace One Day Corporate CoalitionMy Profile

  16. Great post Clint. And how sad that people would take their valuable time and effort to shut down someone else. It can’t be good for them in the long run…that kind of negativity always comes back to bite you. The other unfortunate thing is that the EN videos I am familiar with are very informative and useful…I will miss not having that resource to go to when I need help. I am taking a break from EN at the moment, but was with them for a number of months and have a lot of respect for Dave and Dave.

    Thanks for your advice about protecting your assets…video and otherwise.
    Celeste Smucker recently posted..Reboot Your Healing Process to Live Younger LongerMy Profile

  17. I like your 3 pieces of advice. (I wasn’t sure what this meant: “A real person won’t look at your video to see if it actually violates anything unless you appear the flag.” But I figured it out from one of the comments.)

    The amount of emotion that goes into some of these things is interesting to me. As with the “I hate” comment. But also with the “liberty” and “evil” and other feelings about working as an entrepreneur. And of course the kind of calculated emotion of the person who organized the campaign against EN. I have never been a “rah- rah – rah” kind of person, and was why I disliked going to network marketing conventions. I prefer a more professional approach than mixing political, religious, and economic belief systems in an emotional manner. But, that too is life. And you have provided 3 sound antidotes.
    Richard Goutal recently posted..Build Your List With a Giveaway EventMy Profile

  18. Hey Clint,
    wow, you sure know what you are doing and you are into so many programs and social media groups… wow, how in the world you can do all that and learn how to do so many other things, including coming to my rescue when I get stuck on B3 :-) and at the same time earn a living working from home.. YOU ARE SUPERMAN haha :-)

    Your post is very, very interesting and is full of great information about EN and youtube and what to do and what not to do to stay on top of things…
    Sorry to read that you got cut in the trap, but being in so many places, I guess it is not hard to miss the boat on some of what is going on…

    Hope all will be well for you from now on., you deserve it.
    thank for sharing, and BTW, I am not concerned about EN or YouTube… I am not into EN and I did not get into making videos yet… Ok, smile :-0

    nick catricala recently posted..In Life ___ What Did You Do?My Profile

  19. I always dislike it when people do things to hurt others. It would be so nice to compete in a healthy way.. But I guess there will always be those who don’t go about it that way. The challenges we encounter.. hmmmmm. Thanks for the info and I salute those of you who know so much and have to encounter so much to help those of me who don’t have quite the same experience of knowledge!

  20. Very nice read Clint. I didn’t realize all what was going with EN. That really was interesting information. I took away a lot and at least gained more understanding now of what was going on with that group. Thanks again for sharing.

  21. Hi Clint:

    Very interesting! I guess in today’s world if someone wants to shut you down they can. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. ;)


  22. Clint,

    Thanks for sharing this interesting post with information about YouTube and Empower Network. I’ve been on YouTube for a couple of years now and didn’t know you could flag a video. Of course, mine are all boring WordPress Video tutorials, not too much controversy there. But you make a great point that we need to back up all our videos. YouTube is a place to showcase your videos, NOT to store them. I heard a long time ago about a network marketer gettting shut down on YouTube. They had lots of videos but had NOT backed any of them up. Fortunately, I was able to learn from that lesson and not have to experience it myself.

    ~ Jupiter Jim

  23. A lot of people don’t like Empower Network, for various reasons. But so what? It doesn’t give them license to sling mud or cause problems for those who do like it and find value in it.

    I’m sorry this same thing is happening to EN people. I know the pain of having my FB account shut down (3 years ago), for no reason I know of, except that someone didn’t like something I was doing. My daughter has had her YouTube account shut down twice for so-called violation of their TOS, but in reality she is mystified as to what she did wrong.

    Willena Flewelling recently posted..Open Your Imagination to a World of PossibilitiesMy Profile

  24. hi Clint,
    I am not in EN but I am aware that there are many members of EN that are consistent spammers online. That is sad for everyone and it is one of the reasons that I am personally not in favor of marketing systems because it is difficult to be an individual when promoting the system. I have to say that you do an excellent job, Clint because you are providing great content and you don’t put EN on everything you do. If you did, I probably wouldn’t stop at your blog -sad but true. I would never flag an EN video or content, I just avoid it. I don’t necessarily agree that people are anti-entrepreneurs – there are outstanding entrepreneurs online but there are also far too many spammers who spoil it for everyone else.
    I am sorry that honest, and well intended people may get hurt by this anti-EN campaign.As you said, don’t rely on any one traffic source for building your business and I might add that you don’t need tons of traffic to build a very successful business. You need to build relationships.

    Clare recently posted..People are Awesome – This video is an absolute Must-See!!My Profile

    • Clare thanks for your candid comment.

      You are 100% correct when you say that many members are consistent spammers. And they managed to ruin the reputation of what is otherwise a great opportunity to make money online.

      Its the responsible EN members that will win out in the end and those people that are spamming will be gone soon enough.
      Clint Butler recently posted..Is YouTube Targeting The Empower Network?My Profile

  25. Clint…REALLY?!?!?! You know who is doing this?? Ok…now I am really upset. I had a video flagged that dealt with marriage and family and had no links, whatsoever. Then…I had another flagged that had to do with parenting. Again…NO LINKS. All that work…and I am sure my channel is going to go down if this person keeps it up. I’d love it if you could PM me on Facebook to tell me who this person is. I can promise you it’s at least triple the number at this point. I know of 30 myself. This is a shame. I should probably stop commenting while I am ahead. Great article…and thanks for exposing that it is, indeed, one person. Uggghhhh…I am so upset!
    Christi Johnson recently posted..Avoid The Traditional Route In Your Pursuit For How To Be An Author – Part 1My Profile

  26. People are strange when they get a wild hair up their butt. It often leads to things like this. There are videos out there with absolutely no business, but many of the ones I have seen from EN have information that some people rely on and use.

    I don’t use EN and frankly, I prefer to recommend people to blog on their own without letting another brand hover over their website. I do however remember when I have been wanked (people told lies about me) and what did I do… I opened my life up on the Internet with pictures, videos, podcast, and even conferences. It shut people up pretty fast. People get pissed off and get vicious over what they are unsure of and are jealous of.
    Nile recently posted..How To Widen Your Blog CircleMy Profile

  27. Hey Clint,

    So sorry that you’re having to go through all of this. It is a shame that a few spoil things for many. All you can do is very best and move on in your own success. Eventually, what goes around comes around. I know that your payback is success!

  28. Hi Clint. I was in Empower Network, and it wasn’t my cup of tea. I do feel that Dave and Dave have brought some of it down on their own heads. Also, some affiliates have been a little too aggressive in their marketing. However, I wouldn’t dream of running around the ‘net badmouthing Empower Network. A lot of people have made an awesome amount of money from the program.

    I had a friend whose YouTube channel was shut down and was also slapped on Google PPC. I kind of tiptoe around Empower. I have a special Yahoo email account that is solely an address for when I have to comment on a B3 member’s Empower blog. I just don’t want my sites to suffer collateral damage.

    Hope all is going well for you in Afghanistan.

    All the best,

  29. Yes, it is a shame when one can not express their self without being cut off. I did hear about this situation and it is getting over rated?

    I believe in freedom of speech and all. But, when it comes down to it my own articles are based on my life experiences relating to building relationships, business and a lifestyle that is free of worries.

    It may sound crazy yet I understand the frustration and would love for people to spend more energy on correcting the wrongness if that is what you feel is being done.

    You are always giving us new and amazing information. I do appreciate all that you are doing for all of us. Thank you for being so transparent and never stop sharing these usable articles.
    William Amis recently posted..Making Sense Of It AllMy Profile

  30. Clint….I am learning about You-tube and don’t have much experience with it, but I want to get more involved with it!….Kind of makes me a little leery of it or apprehensive ,…I will be very cautious and make sure I back things up in the future!…..Sad that a person has to spend so much time putting out the fires, so to speak, Instead of using that energy on the focus of our Business’s……Thanks for this advice ….Smokey
    Gregory Bowen recently posted..Spring Is Ready To Be Sprung!My Profile

  31. I guess people like that run in all circles. It drives me bananas that these people either have no life or just that dirty they have to sabotage the competition. I’ve seen it happen too often on FB as well.

  32. Interesting blog post once again Clint…
    I was surprised to read how people approach certain home businesses especially if they do good. We know this is what the world have to offer at this time so we just need to get used. I am one who does not get into these things at all and plus, even I would, I would have always some kind of back up to fall back, just in case haha :-)

    Nice to co e to your blog again Clint..
    Hope all is going well in every way.

  33. Wow that is so rude.. totally uncalled for.
    That people would scurry around trying to delete the competition tells me two things, one that they are not up for a challenge and have very bad ethics and two that if they are spending all there time and effort into ruining other peoples hard work then there not putting much effort into their own work..
    Totally agree with you Clint

    Regards, Jessica.
    Jessica vanZyl recently posted..The Hansom Cab Ride From HellMy Profile

  34. Hey Clint,
    hope this find you doing well IN EVERY WAY.. I like to thank you again fro sharing so clearly how important it is to know what and who you are BEFORE going around and bla bla for something that is not necessary.
    EN have been in every where.. perhaps that is good for some an dbad for some others… what YouTuge did I am not certain is right.. but at the same time, I must say that I receive perhaps 10 invitations a day from someone who promote it… I kind of brush them off… hoping that they get the idea this is not great… but other than that, I rather not say much because everyone MUST come to their own conclusions in life and I am not here to teach anyone what or how to do it.

    I always wish that people live an honorable lifestyle but at the same time I know that some of us sometime cannot and that is ok as well.
    Hope YOU are fine in every way and look forward to interact again soon.
    nick catricala recently posted..Spring is Here… What’s Your Plans?My Profile

  35. Interesting.. I don’t know much about EN but I remember Facebook banning them.. so, youtube too? Have to be careful these days – crazy MLM should reframe it’s name so the negative connection with it is gone … As always, great article :-)
    Lesly Federici recently posted..The Inside StoryMy Profile

  36. It broke my heart that EN members were targeted on Youtube and FB I am not in EN but I believe we all have the right to join what business we like. I removed myself from the person’s email list that started this movement. I have no respect for using your power to hurt others. Great tips to have a Plan B for your content.
    Lydia Brown recently posted..HOW NOT TO SABOTAGE YOUR BUSINESSMy Profile

  37. Hi Clint, so sorry to hear you’ve had to go through all that, because of people being malicious. Unfortunately, a lot of marketing systems that encourage people to use their platform to market on, become saturated after awhile and therefore subject to abuse. It’s always better to lead with yourself and you’re own offer, then market the system or company in your follow up email campaigns. That way, you are safe from these kind of actions. It’s great that you have your own blog Clint, so you own this blog as you asset – unfortunately, there are many people using the empower program who don’t understand how important it is to own their own real estate.

    Hope things have settled down now!
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted..A template to triple sales with email campaignMy Profile

    • I personally think the “own your brand” mantra is overrated. Sure I have my own, but that’s because I have long term goals for my business and its smart to leverage my primary business entity and all its subdivisions on separate internet properties.

      But to expect someone new to not only create a web property. Then to have to fill it with high quality content AND create an offer on top of that. All the while learning how to drive traffic, optimize conversions, and integrate a merchant system.

      Well that’s just over the top and unrealistic. No wonder people fail in internet marketing so much.

      Systems like MLSP, PureLeverage, and even the Empower Network (there are hundreds more) all provide a starting point for people to begin to learn. They learn the basic fundamentals of traffic generation, conversions, email marketing and the like. So that when they are capable of developing a brand on the internet, and nurturing that brand on social media, they can with confidence.

      People have to start somewhere, and “systems” give them a place to learn and grow to do just that.
      Clint Butler recently posted..How To Find Your Tribe Who Will Invest In Your ProductsMy Profile