How To Use Videos for Website Traffic

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How To Use Videos For Website Traffic

Website traffic, when we talk about it we are talking real live humans viewing your website and listening to your message, so that you may advertise to them and make money. Now, with the ability to use video and audio to build and retain your audience is available for anyone willing to learn the steps involved. Now I hope that is for you because audio and video plays well in network marketing website traffic.

A way to get network marketing targeted website traffic to your site in order to increase you conversions and generate more leads.

So before I go into how you can do that with audio and video I need to explain a key term your going to hear a lot in my post. Long tail keyword: A long tail keyword is a very targeted phrase that someone may look for online. Its purpose is to narrow down the search your targeting, the more words you add to it, the narrower your scope. For instance, “Numis” is not a long tail keyword but “Numis Network available in United Kingdom” is. But with that being said make sure you do a little keyword research to see what the search volume for your selected keyword is before you go all out creating content through articles and videos.

With that madness out of the way lets give you some steps to use.

How To Get Video Generating Website Traffic For You

YouTube Broadcast Yourself

1. Create a list of long tail keywords that you know could bring you a targeted website traffic.

These long tail keywords have the potential to have high conversion rates if your business solves problems experienced by those people who are typing in those particular keywords.

Using Numis as an example again, this work is too broad, sure you can optimize a page for it but your conversions will be low.

But, Numis Network available in United Kingdom or Numis network in United Kingdom will more likely yield you better conversions because that searcher is looking for a more specific thing.

2. Now that you have this great list of long tail keywords its time to put in the work and create some articles.

Make sure that the keywords are included in the title.

The “Numis Network Available in United Kingdom” would make an excellent title.

You also have to ensure that your adding your long tail keyword within your content as well, while ensuring that your content is real, true and compelling.

Remember your working to get website traffic and your content must get visitors to visit your website for information and possibly join you in your business.

Plus, after you post your content to your site, you can submit articles to some article directories for back links.

3. So now that you have created this great piece of content and its time to repurpose it.

So, lets record an audio file with it. Read your article out loud and record it as an MP3 file.

Or get your yourself a membership on BlogTalkRadio.

As a free member you can use your content to create a 30 minute “radio” show for your blog.

4. Now, divide your content up into a powerpoint slide and create a video.

To do this, all you really have to do is read your article again and while recording your screen and clicking through your powerpoint slide show.

Too easy, instant video.

Now I use a MAC so I use ScreenFlow, and its a pretty easy program to figure out and once your comfortable you can start adding effects and all kinds of cool guy stuff.

If your using Windows use Camstudio which is free to do the same thing.

Camtasia is ScreenFlow for Windows, you can do the cool guy stuff with this program but it costs money.

These videos will generate website traffic, but more importantly targeted traffic.

5. There is another way to make your video and that is using a camcorder and recording you reading your article.

Some people aren’t very comfortable doing video’s this way when they just start out.

But it is another way to repurpose your article and make it a video.

The value of doing this is to start building a connection and relationship with you.

Your site will see increased traffic as well as your visitors getting more familiar with you and ultimately begin to know you.

And finally…

6.  Upload your video to YouTube ensuring that the title contains your long tail keywords and you have a link to your website in the description, this will create a back link to your site as well as generate website traffic.


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3 thoughts on “How To Use Videos for Website Traffic

  1. I love re-purposing content. It saves a lot of time and serves the many ways people like to absorb information.

    I learned about long-tail keywords a few years back and I understand the concept but honestly, the whole SEO – keywords – PPC, etc. becomes more than I want to think about.

    Ahhh, another thing I need to put on my list to outsource.

  2. I think creating videos is a fantastic way to complement your website’s/blog’s content. It will spice things up for your visitors by offering them a new medium in which to view your content. Depending on the production values and quality of content in your videos, you could also end up spreading your site to thousands of people that simply wouldn’t have come across it otherwise.