Zombie Apocalypse Stikes Facebook

What Are You Talking About Clint?

Ok, I am not talking about the Walking Dead type zombie apocalypse that you can watch on TV.  And truth be told to get where I am coming from you need to watch this video that I created to understand the context of this post.  So check it out, its short.

To tell you the truth I was in the Halloween mood when I made that video and the post that goes with it, I know its a bit over the top.

Now that you have seen the video you know that I am talking about the marketing zombie apocalypse.  First off, let me start by saying that I have taken a bit of flack from some “marketers” about my use of zombies.  Whether its closed mindedness or just not really understanding that stories to play an important part when trying to build a business online.  It doesn’t really matter, what matters is, did they learn something.

Hopefully the answer is yes.

The original title of this post was supposed to be “How To Marketing On Facebook And Not Look Like An Ass,” but I thought it would be a bit harsh.  Some people might not appreciate it and completly disregard the post because of that one word.  So I had to weight the value I can provide versus the controversy that I wanted to stir.  Frankly, if your that uptight all the time, then we probably wouldn’t work well together anyway.

I am the kind of person who likes to have fun.  And after spending 21+ years in the Army, sometimes the bad words slip out.

That being said, I certainly don’t run around cussing up a storm all the time.  But there is a time and place where a good swear word helps drive a concept home.  Sometime we need people to be direct with us.  Sometimes we need people to tell us we are messing up.  Sometimes we need a real mentor, not someone who is going to take our money to “help you succeed”.  A novel concept I know.

So its time to point out some things that just plain don’t work.  These tactics might be taught.  Or they might be something you have seen hundreds of other people do.  But they are hurting your reputation on Facebook and killing your engagement.

Why Is Engagement Important?

I need to cover this because its important to your ability to get your message out.

Facebook uses your EdgeRank (you can find out more about it here) to decide where in a persons newsfeed your information will come up.  So when you post online the site looks are how many people interact with it, share it, like it, etc.  Then taking this information is figures who would also want to see it.  Its a pretty cool system, and how Facebook has been so successful.  Remember MySpace, they showed you everything and the zombies killed the original version of the site (the relaunched with a new look, you should check it out).

What You Should Not Do

Ok, first off let me say that its not my intention to call people out or embarrass them in any way.  So if you recognize the people in the pictures, be sure to let them know about this post.  That way they will be able to see how others perceive their posts.  At least how they are perceived in my eyes.

1) Don’t message people to “like” your page.  Now to be fair, this particular guys account could have very well been hacked.  There were quite a few people in my circles that received the same message.  And when they declined to like the page that was linked he was pretty nasty with them.  But Facebook intervened and closed the account down pretty quick.  That was a good thing if he was just being a jerk and spamming people.  A bad thing if the real owner of the account lost all his hard work and has to start from scratch.

Message from a zombie

Whoever it was that was using the account was actually pretty nice to me.  Some of the people I talked to that recieved the same message from this account didn’t fair so well.  Guess he was downright nasty with them.  That’s why we are all of the conclusion that it was most likely a hacker.  Lesson here is, create a very very strong password for your account.

There are people who make it a regular habit to do this on purpose.  They go around the site and find people to add to their friends and then they send them these types of messages.  “Can you like my page,” “Check out this wonderful SEO Trick,” “Check out this company”.  Most people doing that don’t ever bother trying to talk to you.

I can really understand why.  Some people just have a hard time getting a conversation started, even on the internet.  My suggestion is to make a welcome video or “thanks for being a friend” type video.  Then ask them how they are doing every once in a while.  It doesn’t take much, people do want to talk to you, or else they wouldn’t have added you as a friend in the first place.

2)  Don’t just drop your links into Groups or sign people into groups without permission.  I know you have seen this and more than likely its probably happened to you.  You come onto the sire only to see that you are in some random “make money online” type group that you never joined.  And all you see are tons of posts about sign-up here.  Or best opportunity ever, so you leave.

Quite frankly these days it probably the fastest way to make someone mad.  The result could be that you loose a connection. Someone that you took a lot of time and effort to build a relationship with is now gone.  So don’t add people to groups without their permission.  My guess is, after enough complains the ability to do it will go away soon anyway.

On the subject of dropping links, how many people have gone into a group that sounded interesting only to see a bunch of these.

Landing Pages In Facebook Groups

Let me say this in the best “professional” terms that I can.  Doing this doesn’t work, SO STOP DOING IT!!!  Groups inside Facebook can bring you TON of traffic to your offers, if they don’t look like offers.  Relate this to banner advertisements on websites.  A lot of people ignore them.  Sure eventually some people are going to click on it, and same may even buy.  But the amount of impressions that you need to convert is pretty high.  In Facebook it doesn’t work that way.  People see this and leave the group or stop talking to you thus reducing your EdgeRank.  Your hurting yourself here.

To add to that don’t this in groups either

automated messages in groups

Now don’t get me wrong, automated tools are awesome.  Heck I love HootSuite, but in groups they don’t play out well.  You want people in your group to click your links right?  Well when you go into a group that has no one talking and everyone posting with an automated tool guess what is happening?  That’s right, no one is actually going into the group and clicking your links.  Now I know there are some exceptions to the rule, some people could be using HootSuite to engage or read your posts.  But for the most part your just posting a link in a group that no one will see much less click.  If your going to use automated posts do it on your profile and pages.  Just make sure your going back to engage with people engaging with you.

3) Don’t put up links to landing pages on your profile.  Personal profile are designed to be just that, personal.  Facebook doesn’t care if your using your profile to sell products or services.  They just want you to offer some value to the people connected with you.  And if your not doing it, they won’t show your posts to your friends, its as simple as that.  Here are a couple examples of posts I would recommend that you refrain from.

message in group1


message on feed1


On your facebook profile

Your profile is where you want to engage with your friends, not look a mindless zombie who has fallen victim to the apocalypse of marketers.  Talk to these people, learn about their lives.  You can get so much content for your marketing efforts by just listening to people about their problems.  Perhaps you went through the same thing and you can offer a solution.

So How Do I Market On Facebook?

Well there really are a large amount of ways to market.  And quite frankly a lot are very original.  I won’t reveal all my tips and tricks though, sorry.  But I will give you a couple good insights that I have picked up along the way, marketing lessons learned.

1) Use your FanPages to promote your products or services.  That is what they are for.  Create two of them.  One for you, this is your brand.  Most people who want to find you are going to end up coming to your profile.  But having a personal fan page to brand You, Inc. is really important.  Especially since your going to be famous one day.

Create the second one for the product, service, or if your a network marketer your company.  This is where you can link to your landing pages, special offers, coupons, etc etc.  Its a brand fan page and its expected.

2)   You going to have to spend money in order to make money on Facebook.  Its just a fact of trying to build a business around a FanPage format.  Facebook allows you to promote your posts these days and its a real economic way to get some engagement to keep your page in people’s feeds.  Some people were rather upset about it when pages stopped showing as much in newsfeeds, but its really is a good thing if both for Facebook and you.  Watch this video they did about it, its a short one.

As you can see its all about doing good business.  Don’t shy away from testing it out, its cheap and you can really extend your pages reach with it.  Top that off with some engaging content to get your new fans talking and your in the money.

3) Create your own branded group.  Now I am not talking about creating a group like “Clint Butler’s Visalus”  or something like that.  Those are great for “closed” groups.  That way you have a central place where your team can go an interact with you and each other for help.  I am talking about a group that is branded to you, where you can bring potential prospects or customers.  For example here is the link to my group.

As you can see, the groups name is mine.  So when I bring people in, they know the are in the right place.  Plus if you get people to add the group to their favorites, your name will always pop up when then are logged in.  How cool is that, talk about branding.

Another benefit of doing this is now you have a place where you can actually promote something.  But remember don’t drop landing pages in there, people will leave your group.  Offer webinar training, this is a great way to convert people to customers.  Tell people about the webinar in your group and ask them to tell their friends who might be interested.

Time To Sum It Up

All right now you are armed to fight from becoming just another zombie marketing the latest thing.  You have just read a strategy that will allow  you to not only get sales, but to draw that ever elusive free traffic that everyone is talking about.  I know you can do it.  Do you know it?, that is the real question.

Facebook isn’t hard, its made to be easy.  They want you to do business on the site, that how they make money.  But don’t sacrifice your own credibility in the process.  Keep your fans engaged.  Keep your friends engaged.  Create a group.  Offer free training.  Get the sign-up.  It really is that easy.

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3 thoughts on “Zombie Apocalypse Stikes Facebook

  1. This is a hilarious post. I was watching your video and just thinking about the “Walkers” I see in my inbox as well. LOL…sometimes I have gotten my leg pulled and added into some groups. At the same time, I do have to admit that although I share personal value posts that I create on my timeline… I need to balance it out with more personal updates. Thanks for the insight!

    • Brian, I am glad you enjoyed the article. I think a lot of people really want to know how to succeed online and more directly on Facebook. It just takes people to stand up and give them a truly workable plan.

      Your correct, balance on your feed is important. I have fun on mine and share tons of different stuff. It a model that is working great and keeps the friends happy and engaged.

  2. Great post, Clint! You are so right about this. I see stuff like this, and I can’t help but wonder if they think that this will ever work, or why they keep doing it when it is obvious that it won’t.