Top 10 Tips for Marketing On Pinterest

 There Is A Right Way And Wrong Way To Market On Pinterest

We are marketers on the internet have a way of finding new and exciting ways to market on sites such as Pinterest in order to help out our bottom lines.  Unfortunately we also have a crowd that promotes methods that tend to make us all look bad.  Because the methods they teach are borderline spam.

Because of this its sometimes necessary for people like you and I to step in and police our teams.  To make sure that we are getting the most out of social networks without coming across like a bunch of hard up newbies looking to make some quick cash.

Its also our responsibility to train people who sign up with us to use these sites correctly.  There is nothing worse than having a  bunch of affiliates that are running around spamming social sites like Pinterest and Facebook with your landing pages.

Just ask the people over at the Empower Network.  People there didn’t bother to use the training they purchased and dropped links all over Facebook.  After enough complaints were lodged against the business, Facebook completely banned any Empower links being posts by anyone.

Now obviously that is an extreme case, and I surely don’t agree with Facebook’s decision.  But Pinterest is also a target for people like that who are looking to cash in on Pinterest’s popularity in recent months.  This has caused Pinterest to change its policies, and more importantly, marketers are not very well received on the site anymore by its users.

Should Marketers Shy Away From Promoting On Pinterest

I say absolutely not!!

Look, if you are smart about (and I know your a genius cause your reading my blog!), you will be able to get a lot of traffic from Pinterest.  And more importantly, you will be able to create a great brand even if its the only site you market on.

The ladies of Pinterest, and the men who use Pinterest, are very receptive when it comes to cool images.

But there rules when you want to create an effective marketing campaign without looking like a jerk marketer.  If you get these ten things right you will be on your way to a very enjoyable experince on the site.  And if you get real good at it, you can create a service where you manage accounts for clients.  Imagine that getting paid to surf the net for other people, is that not awesome or what!

Ok, enough of me check out the infographic and lets get to work!

Top 10 Pinterest Marketing Tips

10 Top Tips For Pinterest

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One thought on “Top 10 Tips for Marketing On Pinterest

  1. I love Pinterest and using it to build my brand. I like your tip to learn to use it correctly and not run around being all crazy with affiliate links. Thanks for sharing!