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Social media today is a powerful thing for marketing and brand reputation.  Every day businesses, and people, can gain popularity though praise or ridcule at the drop of the hat.  If you have ever heard the saying “hero to zero in no time flat” you understand just how much damage a social media complaint can do to your business if not handled properly.  So that being said a business owner needs to stay on top of their social media reputation and learn to leverage the platforms as well. topic pages allow you to do that.

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What is a Social Media Topic Page?

As I was preparing this post and writing the title I went through about ten different versions.  I wanted to make sure that I covered exactly what your going to get with my social media list here.  While doing so I figured out that I didn’t actually cover what a “topic page” was.

So for those that have used before I thought I would hit on it here.

As I covered in my last list on the Top 20 Marketing Topics, is a content curation site.

Users like you and I can open an account and start curating almost instantly on anything that suits are fancy.

You like remote controlled dinosaurs, well you can create a topic on that.

These topics are the main method people use to search the site for information about whatever, its kinda like WordPress tags only on a more broad scale.

99% of the topic curators however tend to do a couple things.

First they only share their stuff on the site.

In my opinion this seems a bit short sided since the key to being successful with a topic is generating traffic to it.  And if your only curating your own content that’s not going to happen.  At least not in the long term.

Second, the keep their account in free mode.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as they are growing their topic pages.

However, without a vested financial interest in doing so many topics die a slow and painful death.  Or don’t even get going in the first place.

That is where my list comes from.

Building A Top 10 Social Media List

Taking those two things into account, building a top 10 list is actually kind of a pain in the butt.

When I searched though the thousands of topics that had been created it was actually harder than I thought it was going to be to find them.

In the end I ended up find eleven with even enough traffic to look at further.  And one of those was a from a topic owner that clearly only approved his own content, not very social of him.

So this list is based solely on the number of views that the topic has received and the owners willingness to share content from others.

I won’t be adding the PageRank or Page Authority details because in this case there really is no point.

What To Do With the List

The first thing you should do is follow the topic pages.

Doing so will start to build that relationship of mutual benefit between yourself and the topic owner.

He or she will actually get an email letting you know that they subscribed which is pretty cool, I know it builds my ego a bit when someone new signs up.

Next, make sure the topic really is something your interested in.

Does the owner share content that means something to you?

Then finally submit your content to the topic.

If approved or disapproved your going to get an email, another great feature.

This will help you determine how people are selecting their content and allow you to filter out pages that seem to only allow stuff from the “guru’s” and the popular.  Which quite frankly is a short sided way to build your own topic page if you so decide, so keep that in mind.  There are tons of authors out there who just need a break once in a while, your probably one of them, so share their stuff if you like it.

Top 10 Social Media Topic List

Ok, here we go, the top 10 social media list in no particular order.

  1. Social Media, SEO, Mobile, Digital Marketing –
  2. SEO and Social Media Marketing –
  3. Web site & Social Media Marketing –
  4. Social Media Marketing Know-How –
  5. Extreme Social –
  6. Social Media Marketing Strategies –
  7. Social media marketing –
  8. Social Media News – –
  9. SocialMoMojo Web –
  10. Content Marketing, Curation, Social Media & SEO –

In Conclusion

Remember that is a curation site, with a BIG social media integration.

So it won’t kill you to set aside 30 minutes a week to go to some of the topics where you submit content and engage once in a while.

Make sure when your sharing your stuff, its not landing pages, its actual content.   Nobody is going to post your sales video so don’t bother trying it.

And have fun.

Social media marketing is about getting traffic and money sure.  However if your not enjoying yourself what the heck is the point right?



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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Social Media News Topic Pages On

  1. Thanks for making me aware of as a content curation site Clint.

    I was using a site that was like the one described–everyone was only curating their own content (including me). I will give it look and open an account…the free version until I know that I like it.

    • Realistically the free version is all that you need unless you have this burning desire to make your very own customized channel. That should probably come way down the road after you know that you have a lot of people checking out your boards.

  2. Nice post Clint!

    And thanks for the heads up! Although I’ve yet to actually use this particular platform, your tutorial has definitely opened my eyes to possibilities!

    Are you personally finding the effort that you’ve put into it thus far to be worth it? Thanks!

    • Definitely Mark.

      There are a lot of people using in all kinds of markets, its just a matter of finding yours and starting to engage with people there. Doesn’t take that much time at all.

  3. Clint,
    welcome back to the group… it is a pleasure to start reading your very researched articles as this one you have written here in regard of how to build a top 10 social media list.. now you laugh (if you did not forget, then you are not surprised haha :-) I had no idea all these social media site existed and never mind others :-)

    After going through what you done to reach the list of 10.. and understanding that you really know what you are doing and know what you want to achieve.. woow.. for certain it was not easy.

    I love to commend you and thank you very much for sharing.. you just open up a new avenue for me that It is really new.
    Thanks again.

  4. Thank you for putting the work in here.

    I have just gone right ahead and followed each and every one of them.

    What’s your ‘Scoop’ – and I’ll follow you?

    Mine is /visual-intelligence

    I’ve been using Scoop for a longish while but to really make it work, I find you have to put in the time – and there is so much competition for that precious commodity. And once I start looking at curated articles and following up to decide whether they are something I want to share – well it can be a real time suck.

    That said, there is one guy /RobinGood who has a million and a half page views – he really puts in the time and makes it work.

  5. ooo … this is GREAT. I haven’t heard of Scoop.It before. I love how your graphic is big and I can pin it on my Business boards! Thank you so much for these tips.