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Social Bookmarking

Have You Ever Been Confused About Social Bookmarking?

I know I have, it seems marketers and more specifically internet marketers who try to work online have this uncanny ability to over complicate everything, even social bookmarking.

We (yeah that means you too) try to sound smarter than we really are on a subject, I call it  the “bedazzle them with bullshit” method (pardon the french but it was needed to get my point across).

We throw terms out there like SEO, CPA, EPC, CPM, and PPC out there everyday in our blogs or on Facebook trying to prove just how smart we are.

But I have to tell you that your doing it wrong if you do.

Your “bedazzle” is confusing people to the point of quitting because they are overwhelmed.

Now, don’t get me wrong all those terms are important to know, but baby steps are the key to success on the internet and if you try to force your team to jump in head first off the search engine optimization cliff then your setting them up for failure.

Social Bookmarking is one of those baby steps, but you need to be sure your explaining the purpose of what they are doing.

What Is Social Bookmarking?

You can Google this wonderful term and get about 10 million different answers to this question, but your going to explain it in the simplest way possible right?

Social bookmarking is nothing more that saving your bookmarks to a public website versus to your internet browser.

In addition, you get to “tag” your bookmark with a keyword phrase to help you remember what in the heck that bookmark is about.

For example, if you were (and I hope you will) to bookmark this post I would expect you to tag is as Social Bookmarking or Social Bookmarking Explained.

To get started, all you have to do is register with a social bookmarking site and start adding links with tags.

Some of the sites even allow, or require you, to enter a description of your bookmark so other people who might have the same interest can see what its about before clicking on it.

Pretty cool way to get some more visitors to your site.

This works because visitors to a social bookmarking sites can search for resources they are interested in via keyword (tags), by person, or popularity.

Check out Digg, they have their top diggs and those sites are getting tons of traffic as a result.

Social Bookmarking Effect

So How Do You Social Submit?

You like that, I changed it up and said social submit ( Big Smile ).

Anyway if you want people to stumble upon your favorites you need to get busy posting your bookmarks to some different sites.

Before I give you a list though I need to say this one thing, social posting isn’t rocket science so don’t over think this ok.

Don’t write keyword optimized descriptions, don’t keyword stuff your tags, just write what your page is about and stack your bookmarks up on the sites.

If your stacks are full of value, visitors will come.

Ok so first thing first we need to know where do I sign up, and I was going to post up some cool icons to sites like StumbleUpon or but then I figure that was the hard way of explaining which social bookmarking site to sign up for.

So I am going to tell you to do this the easy way.

Go to OnlyWire and sign up for a free account.

Then go into the services setting and you will see a TON of social bookmarking services to sign up for.

Use them all (this step is going to take you forever so go to the bathroom, get a cup of coffee, and eat something first) but when you sign up for them all.  That is more places for people to find your stuff right, so just do it!

Now, Onlywire uses a JavaScript on its site to submit to all those sites that you signing up for.

Which frees you up to do high value tasks rather than spending an hour or two doing it manually.

With your free account there you will be able to submit up to 300 links a month, so if your planning on submitting everyday then you should really consider upgrading, but its really up to you.

What Is The Point of All This Tagging Anyway?

Ok, so here comes my “bedazzle” (I know what I’m talking about, I just wanted to say it again), your tags are your keywords.

When you tag your bookmark with your keyword it counts as a “link” to your site.

That increases your search engine ranking for the keyword thus allowing your site to more likely to be found in the search engines.

And it increases the amount of free traffic that you get to your site so you can get more leads and make more money.

So remember, if you write a post about silver widgets to pick flowers then your keyword is “silver widgets to pick flowers” and that is your tag when submitting, too easy right?

Get Other People To Do It For You Too!! 

Yep, I’m not talking about paying for it, I am talking about joining a group of marketers who share each others bookmarking efforts thus creating more backlinks and traffic.  My recommended service for that is called SociSynd.

Ok so I think I have kept you from creating your social bookmarking accounts long enough, so if you have any questions please leave a comment below.

And don’t forget to apply all this great and wonderful training that you love and start social bookmarking my site below, please

(saying that please Roger Rabbit style Sweet Kiss )


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8 thoughts on “Social Bookmarking for Marketers Made Fast And Easy

  1. Very helpful post , Your article contain a package of very useful information about importance of social bookmarking in seo field. I also agree with you that social bookmarking is a good way to bring traffic to a website if it is done in a proper way.But there are a lot of link building firms which offer like buy social bookmarking submission in exchange of money.Should we rely on them or do it ourselves. What is your opinion about this fact?

    • Holy cow I must be slipping Fahad I didn’t even see your comment. Snuck in under the radar on me!! Ok, should you buy social bookmarks? Well I say yes and no. Confusing you yet? LOL I don’t buy 1000 bookmark links or anything like that from, its really not worth it in the long run to pay for them when the accounts they most likely use are just junk accounts that nobody reads. I suggest if your going to buy them, get them from a provider who is using TribePro. That way you know that the accounts that are sharing your links are real. Otherwise check out SociSynd, pretty cool that I am currently using, although the jury is still out on its effectiveness beyond getting more social signals for the big Google machine.

  2. Hi Clint,
    you have explained Social bookmarking better than I read it before.

    I wasn’t aware of the ‘tagging’ side of it.
    Does it count as tagging when you say write a short comment with the FB update containing the link of the persons post. I usually, when possible ‘tag’ their name to give them credit for their post.

    Thank you for this indepth information!
    Yorinda recently posted..Ketones Coconut Oil Superfuel for the BrainMy Profile

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  4. Neat infographic.
    I wasn’t aware that tags were converted into links either.
    Your description clarifies a lot of the questions around social bookmarking Clint.

  5. I’ve always felt that social bookmarking is one of the more effective ways to not only keep track of your links, but to increase in SEO value.

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