Get Traffic To Your Blog By Learning How To Syndicate On Facebook

Get More traffic to your blog

Why Should You Syndicate Your Blog?

In order to understand why you should syndicate your blog you need to understand the power of back links and social media as they relate to SEO for your marketing website these days.   Using these powerful tips will get traffic to your blog quickly and easily

Since Google completed the Panda and Penguin updates and then created their own social network with Google+ there has been a lot of talk about how social media plays a role in the search engine results.

There are more than a few professional SEO’s who say that back linking on social media sites via sharing is going to be the wave of future.

Time will tell if this is correct, but I will say that social media linking is proving to work very effectively within Google and Bing search results right now.

This blog alone generates over 1500 social back links a post and its rankings within the search engines are increasing everyday, and its traffic with it. 

Is Facebook A Good Way To Get Traffic To Your Blog?

Facebook has many good points and bad points when in comes to you using it to syndicate your blog.

Bad it that there are several thousand groups on the site that allow you to place your link and “share” it with others.

This makes you look like a panhandler on the street.

Truth be told, the groups do work to provide some traffic but they do little in the way of back linking.

Google does not index Facebook groups.

So in short you might manage to get traffic to your blog by posting in groups.

But you will have to be selective on where you post.

When I say selective use this criteria to decide if your going to get traffic from the group or not.

  1. Are there posts everyday?
  2. If there are posts everyday, is it so much that people won’t see your links without scrolling down?
  3. Are there people commenting within the group? (This is the most important thing to look for.  If you just joining the noise created what’s the point)
  4. Are there people liking posts in the group?  (A great way to measure interaction, and you posts will get more likes as well)

Using Facebook Pages

The good thing about syndicating on Facebook is that Google does index pages.

If you can join a page where you can syndicate your blog that is not covered with spam links then you have may have hit the mother load.

The bad here is that unless that particular page has moderators watching it like a hawk, spammers can run wild all over it.

What I have done is create a Facebook page that does just that.

This is a place where you can syndicate your blog content with like minded people who will comment on yours blog and share it with the world.

The unified tribe will start to syndicate your blog via places like Digg,StumbleUpon, Onlywire, and Google+ just to name a few.


Watch This Video On My Blogging Syndication Tribe

Ok, so I hope that the video increased your understanding of how to syndicate your blog on Facebook and you can join the Bloggers Syndication Tribe Now and get started following our simple social connect blueprint.

There is an important point that I need to make concerning the new page layout.

When you post on a page owned by someone else your content is generally hidden from public view.

This change has caused a drop in the amount of traffic the I am seeing from the pages themselves.

But there is a way you can leverage your page for the betterment your community.

Simply create your own page.  Then weekly make a post on the page where people can share their blog links.

I know a lot of people who are adding the requirement to like two other posts on the page as well.

This will increase your engagement and help your page generate more traffic for your site, your page, and your communities content.

Pretty cool..

So I hope I have given you just a small bit of insight on how to use Facebook to get more traffic to your blog.  If you have any other suggestions please comment below!!

Clint Butler

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5 thoughts on “Get Traffic To Your Blog By Learning How To Syndicate On Facebook

  1. Hi Clint,
    thank you for this great information!

    Now I know why it is good to post content on a facebook page since it is indexed by Google.
    I am glad to know you, since I am always learning something when I read your posts.

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  3. Hey Clint great post I have a few questions though…

    1. Can u dig a little deeper in the intro to syndicating your blog content..

    • Great question Mason. I am actually creating a spreadsheet to cover this very thing. More than just putting your links on Facebook. I am talking about properly promoting your content around the web to get backlinks, but more importantly traffic!