Google+ Cheatsheet: The Complete Guide For The Newbie

Google+ Is Ramping Up To Cater To those Tired Of Facebook

I know, I know, you can’t really compare Facebook and Google+ to each other because they are two completely different types of social networks.  But lets face the facts here, Google needs to harness social media and social networking in order to remain relevant in today’s world.   And to do that they have created a couple different services in the past that attempted to do just that.

Unfortunately, services like Google Buzz not only sucked, they bombed.  Now I really don’t think they were horrible.  I just think that the user interface really couldn’t compete with what Facebook was doing.  And since people are more likely to be on Facebook then on searching for something, this was a big problem for Google.

But it really didn’t deter the search giant all that much because Google+ is quickly becoming my, and many others, social network of choice.

There are a couple reasons why.  First, Google+ is continuously evolving into something pretty cool.  The developers never let anything just sit around and grow old, and by adding new and exciting features they are making the service better every day.  Second, they are making the user interface easier to navigate every day as well.

Getting The Most Out Of Google+

But there really wasn’t any instruction booklet that let the new user know some of the capabilities of the service when they first joined, until now.  Yeah so its not a booklet, but who needs another pdf document on their hard drive anyway.  Below is great infographic the helps the new and old user take advantage of some of the great features in Google+.  More importantly, it makes the site that much easier to have fun on.

One of the best features that I like is the ability to tag others in your circles.  Now, picture this, you write a great post and you want to get a specific person’s attention.  Just tag them and Google+ not only sends them a notification, but if the feature is turned on it will email them too.  Think of the power of that.  Just remember to not be a jerk and spam people.  Google will shut down not only your Google+ account, but your whole user account ending your domination on YouTube and other such services that use your Google account to log in on.

Google+ Cheatsheet

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P.S.S Now get your butt over to Google+ and explore the site. I think your going to love it, and while your there add me to your circles. I would love to see what your doing with your Google+ account.

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