Google+ For Your Business Is A Must

 Is Google+ Good For Your Business?

Since its launch a while ago there have really been two camps on the value of Google+.  One side loved the new social media site for the its format and how it was directly tied to the users Google account.  There was another camp out there that really expected more.

This second camp directly compared Google+ to Facebook and for some reason felt that Googles site should somehow be the same as Facebook.

But the real marketers of the world saw something else happening when it was launched, and that was the use of social sharing as a method of determining search engine rankings.

Ever since the launch of the +1 button I have been telling anyone that would listen that they need to embrace it if they had any chance of increasing their rankings in the near future.  Some listened, some didn’t.

Google+ is The Next Big Thing, Eventually

And after Panda and Penguin were launched those that didn’t really paid the price for it.  Their sites were smashed to little bits because they didn’t see the writing on the wall or they just didn’t take action.

Even my site here, which I really didn’t backlink all that much anyway, took a pounding.  I went from 300 unique visitors a day to around 30.  Not to mention for some reason spammers found my site and really targeted it which lowered my bounce rate.  This hurt my ability to rank as well.

With all that being said I eliminated almost all linking to my site with exception of social linking to help recover and it worked.  For awhile.

Now, I am doing a better linking campaign and working on bringing traffic from the social media sites rather than the search engines.  One way I do that is to create pages on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

In this infographic you’ll learn some ways that Google+ will help you build your brand and your business.

Google+ For Business

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