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Facebook vs Google Plus Inforgraphic

Why Facebook And Google+ Matter

Over the course of a couple years, interest in Facebook has increased by a thousand times. With the site claiming that it has well over 1 billion users (most of which are people who use tools like the like button on other sites) there have been a lot of questions raised concerning its ability to compete with Google+.

Moreover the questions are concerning whether Google+ will be able to compete with the social media giant for users. Personally, however, I think that a lot of marketers and social media advocates are really missing the point of the site.

If you noticed before Google+ was launched there were rumors that social signals would become way more important in the search engines. And, as a matter of fact, this has been proven to be very true. In fact, even Matt Cutt’s has come out and said that social signal’s are becoming key to the search giants system in order to provide the highest quality search to the user as possible.

Another sign that this is coming, and will significantly effect your search rankings, is the advent of the new Google Now tool. Being built with relatively low fan far, this tool is beginning to really figure you the user out. By offering personalize information that they have learned from all you combined services. Remember when they did that, there was actually a bigger purpose to it.

Comparing The Two

So with all that said, here is great infographic that actually compares Google+ and Facebook.  When your looking at this graphic keep one thing in mind.  These two sites are not trying to be the same.  And they are designed to be that different because they are targeting different people.

Now I am not suggesting your dump Facebook. What I am saying is that if you love free traffic from search engines you better not ignore either of them. Really, at a minimum take the time to fill out our profile and add a picture.


Clint Butler

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