How To Invite Your Friends To Facebook Events At Once

Here is how to invite your friends:

If you’re planning to create an event in Facebook and you want to invite your friends, it’s really time-consuming and very tiring if you’re going to click each and every one of them.  Especially if you have over a thousand or more.

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Since Facebook doesn’t have “select all friends” feature, Plumbo decided to create a javascript that will let you select all your Facebook friends in just one-click!

And since I was looking for a way to do it,  I figure you would be as well and thought I would share it with you.



The ability to do this must be used sparingly.

You may have over a thousand friends now, but I guarantee that if you abuse this you won’t for long.

When you are creating events make sure that your actually promoting an event.  i.e. webinars or live Hangouts.


I can not tell you how many people I know who have used this feature to promote landing pages.  But I can tell you that when people do it to me the first time, its the last time.

I love that you can invite your friends to and event, but come on!!  To a landing page, really!

If you want to be labeled a spammer then knock yourself out.

You want to be known as the go to authority in your market, be smart, create real events that people would really want to attend.

Let’s Promote Your Facebook Event

Go to your Event, Group or Page (hehe yes this works to promote a page or group as well) and click  “Suggest To Friends” or “Invite People”

Once the page has loaded you should see all of your friends, but they are not selected, YOU HAVE TO SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF YOUR FRIENDS LIST

At this point, copy and paste the javascript code below into your Web browser’s address bar, then hit “Enter”


javascript:var x=document.getElementsByTagName(“input”);for(var i=0;i<x.length;i++) {if (x[i].type == ‘checkbox’) {x[i].click();}}; alert(‘Done, all your friends have been selected’);

You will be able to tell when its done selecting everyone and you then you just click “ok”.

Facebook will give you a captcha code to fill out.

Then once you click enter you will only see your first 50 firends that were invited on the list.

Don’t worry all of your friends have been added, don’t try adding them again.

Leave your event then come back.

All your friends will be listed as invited.

Tada work done.

If The Above Does Not Work, Follow The Steps Below

Step 1) You need to get the GreaseMonkey Firefox Add-On/Extension: Get GreaseMonkey

Step 2) You need to get the “Select-All-Friends Script” for Greasemonkey. Get Script Here

Step 3) You will need to restart your Firefox browser. You need to do this after adding any add-on.

Facebook Shortcut!

With this Add-on, you see when you invite friends, there is an option to select the amount of people to invite.

As I am writing this, Facebook is allowing up to 999 people to be selected, but this could change.

The tool will select your friends in alphabetical order.

I suggest that you start at 0, and end at 999 the first time.

After your friends are selected, send your invitations.

You need to wait a few minutes before inviting more friends.

Also, you need to refresh your Facebook page after each time you use this.

To invite more friends, the second time you will need to start at 1,000 and end at 1,999, or the amount of friends you have.

For example, if you have 1724 friends, start at 1,000 and end at 1,724.

Just keep repeating this process until all your peeps have been invited to your event or whatever else your inviting them to.

I know this is a pain, but WAY faster than manually selecting all your Facebook friends.

UPDATE:  Check out the comments section, one of my wonderful readers shared a Google Chrome extension that works as well.

Again please don’t use this code to invite people to groups, or worse yet add them, without their knowledge.  Most people are getting pretty tired of that happening to them without their permission.  And once enough people complain that feature will get removed from Facebook.  Which will hurt you in the long run when you create your own and are trying to promote it.

Invite your friends to things they would be interested in as well.  Random inviting is a sure way to reduce the amount of people to any of your events over time.


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