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Facebook For Dummies

Facebook Marketing For Dummies

When I started getting heavily involved in Facebook marketing, and more specifically using it to market my business online to make money.

I understood that Facebook being a social network is not conducive to spam, link building or all of that other search engine marketing that I am more familiar with.

But I also understood that any website with over 1 billion users cannot be ignored and should be taken advantage of in every way possible.

With that goal in mind I purchased or obtains several courses on how to use Facebook in a way that was both repeatable and effective.

I didn’t want to become one of those so called marketers who are repeated posting their affiliate link in the various groups around the site.

I wanted my face and more importantly my brand to become a source of leadership and knowledge from people just starting out as well as experienced marketers.

Now, before I get too deep into what I am doing on Facebook I need to give you a little disclaimer.

I am not a billionaire, millionaire, or even a thousandaire (if such a label exists).

Sure I make money online, but like most people in online marketing or network marketing I found myself spending more that I was bringing in to my business.

While this all turned into a very good tax break, I would rather have to worry about paying more taxes on my income then how much I was going to get back cause I was “investing” in my business.

So, I learned and now I apply, and that is what you need to do.

Sure learning from me is great, and learning from the so called ‘guru’s’ is great, but if your not taking action then your just wasting your time.

Hopefully you found my post way before you spent too much money, but if your like me and went on for a year or two ‘learning’ and not applying then its time to get off the fence, take a risk, and just do it.

Now with that out of the way lets get into Facebook.

First is your profile, remember that your profile is for you not your business.

This is by Facebook TOS and its only meant for a person,  T\this is where you communicate with your friends and family.

This isn’t to say that you can’t communicate your business stuff, but just remember your family and close friends might not appreciate it in the same way your business friends will.

A Facebook page however is used to market your business, build relationships with clients, build relationships with prospective clients, and tell people what your business is about.

You can mesh the profile and the page together, but remember the golden rule, profile personal stuff, page business stuff.

Now, there is no possible way I can describe how to create a Facebook page via a written blog post, so I will be creating a video in due time on how to get one set up.

But one thing I want to encourage you to do is to learn how to create a welcome tab so that you can get some people to ‘like’ your Fanpage, as more people like it, more people are exposed to it.

Also, if you are a part of a team that is managing a page that has multiple admins create a tab that introduces each of your team members.

A lot of people will look at that tab when they come to your page.

Another thing you need to use is the upcoming events tabs, it works great to promote your webinars, hotel meetings, or seminars etc. etc.

And finally, lets say that you are one of those people who like to give out free training in order to gain leads, i.e. weekly webinars.

Create a Free training’s tab and take advantage of all that this tab has to offer, oh one more point, don’t forget your optin form.

One cool strategy a Facebook page now allows you to do it to post on different walls and pages as your page versus your profile.

This will get your page name out there.

If your using Facebook as your page your news feed, friend requests, messages and a bunch of other stuff comes up as it relates solely to your page.

A pretty cool feature you need to check out.

One last thing I want to point out is the featured likes on your page.

If you look to the left of your page profile you will see a list of pages your page liked (confused yet lol), anyway click on the more button and you will be given the option to create featured likes and tell Facebook which pages you want to show to your visitors.

This comes in handy if you have a page for your different products, you can use this feature to highlight each of those pages.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook page engagement strategies.

If you are diligent about creating relevant up to date content to your page you will naturally be able to  create a large amount of followers to your page.

You have to keep this in mind when your creating content, because if your fans are not engaging with your page, i.e. commenting on your page, then you need to fix that issue.

Remember, anything posted on Facebook is considered an object and to get on peoples walls you need to consider three things.

1.  How often the user is checking you out.  Are they coming to your page everyday and interacting with your page.

2.  Type of interaction.  This is important as well, are your visitors just coming to your page and clicking like or are they commenting on your posts.  Think about your news feed, have you ever noticed that people that you interact with, and leave comments with are always on your new feed, this is by design

3.  If you content is recent and has a lot of activity.  Just like your blog, don’t expect to post something just once a week and think that your post will pop up on somebodies wall, you need to be consistent with Facebook as with any other form of marketing.

Finally, I want you to definitely make sure that you pay attention to your demographics.

Because when you understand the audience on your Facebook page — who they are, if they’re male or female, their age, where they’re coming from — and if you really understand your demographics, you can craft your messages to be laser focused to that audience so that you can engage with that audience more by piquing their interest with the types of posts that you are putting on your page.

Understanding your audience is key.

I know this information has left you with more questions then answers, and ultimately it was designed to, I want you to think outside the norm, step out of your comfort zone an really start thinking for yourself rather than waiting for a guru to lead you down a path.

Sure you need leadership, everyone does, and I will provide that to you as I go along here to truly help you become a force for you business, but you need to rid yourself of the thinking that everything will be done for you.

This is your business, own it, love it, nurture it, then Facebook about it and make money.


Clint Butler

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Marketing for Dummies For Social Media Marketing

  1. Love It!

    Facebook (well all social media), seems to be a challenge for many small business owners.

    The two most common complaints I hear from my clients are: (1) Social Media takes too long and (2) No one is commenting on my posts.

    Thanks for the tabs reminder. I recently re-branded my company and have not gotten around to redoing my FB Tabs.
    Dr. Linette Montae recently posted..Want to know what I outsource?My Profile

  2. This is great. I have an assistant helping me out with Facebook but she knows just as much about Facebook marketing as I do… even so she has helped me grow the page slightly with only 3 hours/week. At least now I have a better idea of what to focus on so that I can double or triple that number.
    Thank you!