12 Ways To Get More Fans

Raving Fans

If you are like me you are trying to get more fans to visit your Facebook fan page.

And if you are also like me, when you just started out you had no real clue what you were doing.

You just knew that all the people out there who were making tons of money said you had to have a page.

But a fan page is not a “if you build it, they will come” endeavor and they actually take a little work.

But not too much so don’t freak out.

Let me show you the best ways I was able to figure out to get more fans.

To Get More Fans Use Your Email First

First thing you should do it to get a neat little plug-in for your email signature.

If your using GMail or any of the other major mail services, the plugin is called WiseStamp.

What WiseStamp does is give you an attractive email signature that will catch the readers eye, as well as keep your readers up to date on your company’s social updates.

With it you can simply insert a quick link or icon to all of your social media sites.  Use it to get your email readers to go to your fan page, and that will generate a large amount of likes pretty quickly.

Eleven Other Methods (these take a little work)

1) Use short updates on your page.

Very much like Twitter, keep your posts short and sweet.

I know that sometimes its easy to ramble on about something your passionate about, but to get more fans your content needs to be a little shorter.

More people reading equals more shares equals more fans.

2) Comment/like your own posts.

Yes, this does seem a little self centered, but hey your are the greatest person anyway so why not right.

Plus, you have to remember how Facebook works, the more interaction a post gets, the higher a post will appear in your friend’s news feeds.

3) Call to action.

To get more fans you have to encourage your fans to comment and share your content.

Every time that a fan does that, that action will show on THEIR friends news feed, thus increasing the visibility of your page.

4) Link to your page EVERYWHERE.

Everywhere you ask, EEVVVERRRYYWWHHHEERRRREEE!!!!!!!

Imagine me yelling that in your ear, you need, no you have to do this to get more Facebook likes.

Blogs, your website, in your comments on other people’s blogs, in forums, EVERYWHERE!!!

5) Add a Facebook like box to your website.

Your like box is a mini fan page that your going to put on your website or blog.

Its purpose is to show a few recent posts on the page and the number of fans your page has.

To get the most out of it, post some exclusive content on Facebook and people on your blog will see it.

This ends up resulting in traffic going to your fan page, and you will get Facebook likes.

6) Suggest to Friends.

Another cool way to get more fans is to encourage the fans you already have to suggest your page to their friends.

7) Exclusivity.

This tie’s in with the fan box concept.

All you need to do is put special offer announcements, or exclusive images, posts, or other forms of content on your page.

8.) Get more fans by sharing.

Share other  peoples content on your page and tag the authors.

At the very least they will come to your page and like the post.

That not only increases the awareness of the page, but the engagement of each post as well.

9) Keep your content fresh, post everyday!!!

I know it can be a pain to do this.  Especially if your busy.

So use the Facebook scheduler that is available on every page.

You can take one day and write out three posts for each day of that week.

Now all you have to do it go back and interact with people who have liked or commented on your posts.

10) Target the right people.

Don’t create a fan page about social security and market it to 18 year olds, its not gonna get more fans.

Your going to have to know your market before you try to promote your page.

Just think of it like this.

Who is the most likely to buy your product?

That is your pages target audience.

11) Facebook Ads.

You have two options here for advertising you page.

One is sponsored stories.  This option is pretty cool because it will show up on the sidebar while people are surfing the site.  It displays your message, as well as people’s friends who have already liked the page.  Its like social proof and can work better and better as your fan base grows.

The other is an ad in the news feed of your target audience.  This is more cold traffic and you shouldn’t have to do this type of ad very long after you start getting regular likes.

In the end you need to remember that Facebook fan pages will only grow with resources, time, and dedication.

Your pages growth won’t happen overnight.  Encourage participation, post quality content that’s easy to share, and promote your fan page and the likes will come.

So what are you waiting for, go get more fans!!!!

Clint Butler


P.S.  Leave a comment below and tell us what your doing to get more fan page likes!

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8 thoughts on “12 Ways To Get More Fans

  1. Ive been using fb pages and hadn’t realize that you could schedule posts, thanks, that’ll come in handy and save time during the week .

  2. Hey Clint,
    so much to learn and so much great contents.. how in the world I get to all this?

    I knew some things (basics) but boy, now that I read this article, I reliesed I know nothing haha :-)

    Your style fo writing and detailed information make me think if I even be able to teach anyone anything… you doing a wonderful job, you know what you are doing and you love to share it with others… a GREAT combination and love it.

    I thank you very much as always and as you may already know, I made notes to go through all of this in my own time and hope get ahead of the game a little more.
    nick catricala recently posted..Overcoming Pressure… the how-toMy Profile

  3. Hi Clint

    A list of tiny little things we all know we need to do…..

    Almost a pointless post – except – we actually do not do these things, do we?

    Why, when we know what it will take, do we not do it…. Not update our status – you can leave out what you had for breakfast though, perhaps!

    Can you think of a reason we all know (ok, maybe the odd newbie here and there has not heard these….) this stuff, then not do…. this stuff?

    What do we need to drive us through any obstacle – instead of hiding behind a very logical sounding reason….. for why we did not?

    Posted By Jon Barry of JOnbarry.co.uk

    Jon Barry recently posted..Finding The Value In Yourself – The Monday Motivational PlaqueMy Profile