What Document Sharing Sites Rank Best In Google?

Are Document Sharing Sites A Good Source Of Backlinks And Traffic?

Since the release of Google Panda and Google Penguin there are more and more people looking for legitimate ways to spread their content around the internet.  But that spreading has to be a bit more thought out now and document sharing sites let us do that.  Gone are the days of dumping your content with back links to your website all over the internet.  We need to think things through a bit more to ensure that 1) we are getting quality back links to our website to increase  rankings and 2) those back links are also getting quality traffic themselves.  Document sharing sites allow us to do both.

What are Document Sharing Sites?

Truth be told this really isn’t a hard question to answer, that’s why is great for me lol, but all these sites are is a place to share.  Not unlike the social media sites where you can share your video’s or links to your sites.  But with document sharing sites your able to share PDF’s files, word documents, and even full powerpoint presentations.  And there are people who spend tons of time on document sharing sites looking for content ideas or just plain answers on how to do something.  Most document sharing sites cater to people like me who don’t like to reinvent something that is already done.

Wouldn’t you prefer to check out some documents sharing sites to find a huge powerpoint presentation on the movement of the tectonic plates across the earth’s surface or create one all by yourself to include the research.  I know I didn’t get through four years of college by working harder.

And you can find tons of marketer’s or would be entrepreneur’s on document sharing sites as well thanks to the search engine’s.

Top 10 Document Sharing Sites

1) Scribd.com: Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing company.  They have made it easy to share and discover informative, entertaining, and original written content across the web.  This document sharing sites vision is to liberate the written word, to connect people with the information and ideas that matter most to them.  This site holds a PageRank of 8 which means the Google is there all the time and the stuff you put on this document sharing site will be indexed quickly.

2) Slideshare.net:  Slideshare is actually a pretty cool site for those of you looking to spread your powerpoint stuff all over the net.  The content on this document sharing site tends to spread virally though blogs and social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  One other cool feature of this site is that you can host your powerpoint video’s on the site then embed them on your blog to some great cross traffic between your channels without really losing a visitor either way.  This site holds a PageRank of 8.

3) Sendspace.com:  This is a service designed to share you big files.  For example, your trying to get a video to someone but you don’t want it on YouTube, well you can upload it here and your receiver can watch it.  This is a backup service but the documents on the site can be made public by default and thus get indexed on the web.  This site holds a PageRank of 6.

4) Box.com:  Very similar so SendSpace, Box.com lets you upload stuff.  The cool part of this service is that you have the ability to have your team come to your documents and edit them.  Or if you want you can get them integrated with your Google Documents and your off to the races.  This site holds a PageRank of 7.

5) Crocko.com:  The entire purpose of this site it to give people a place to download documents or other things for a fee.  Which is cool for us because anything we share on the site is going to have a backlink to our blogs anyway.  Uploading is free and this site holds a PageRank of 3.

6) IFile.it:  Just like all the other document sharing sites.  This site holds a PageRank of 5.

7) Crocodoc.com:  This is one of those document sharing sites that are designed for you to upload a big document onto then use this service to embed that document onto your website.  Very cool feature especially if your thinking of creating a huge PDF file to help your team through a problem and you don’t want the hassle of having it on your own server.  This site holds a PageRank of 5.

8) Issuu.com:  Have you ever wanted to publish your own magazine?  There aren’t too many document sharing sites out there that can boast the claim that Issuu.com does.  Their mission statement is to empower individuals, companies, and institutions to publish their documents in the form of magazines, catalogs, and newspapers.  I know your creative juices just kicked in.  This site holds a PageRank of 8.

9) A.nnotate.com:  Most document sharing sites have a free option that allow you to upload small amounts of stuff.  I like this method because I can delete the stuff that isn’t getting traffic and replace it with new content.  This website however charges on a credit basis so depending on how much you plan on uploading your costs could be anywhere from $5.95 to $199.95 (to reach that price point you have to be a uploading fool, I’m just saying.  But all in all its a pretty good service.  This site holds a PageRank of 5.

10) 4Shared.com:  Some document sharing sites have integrated sync capabilities with other tools like mobile devices.  4Shared.com has the same thing going for it.  This holds a PageRank of 6.

The Downside of Document Sharing Sites

Now, remember early on when I told you that document sharing sites off a great opportunity to capture traffic and back links to your sites?  I know you do it wasn’t that long ago :) .  Anyway there is a significant downside to all this uploading and sharing.  And that quite frankly is the process of doing it all.Lets face it, document sharing sites are cool, but who wants to spend the hours its going to take to upload all your stuff to each one.  Maybe a sadist might, but I don’t qualify.  I want an easy and fast way to knock it out in the fast amount of time.

Watch this cool guy video I created on just how I do it.



You can check out the plugin for yourself here: CLICK HERE HOMESLICE

Ok, in closing, don’t let Google updates get in your way.  There are tons of ways to get people to see your content and offers, document sharing sites are just a means to an end.  That end is making money and helping people one business at a time.


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