Title Tags Matter

Title Tags Are A Key Component To On Page SEO

Hopefully if your blogging using internet network marketing techniques to generate traffic you understand what On Page SEO is but if you were curious about some aspects of it then this post if for you.  Title tags are a key part of search engine optimization and they are actually the starting point of your content.

If your using a WordPress blog, which I hope you are because its the easiest content management system, then your pretty much taken care of when it comes to this.  But there are a couple additional things that you need to keep in mind.

First, by this point I assume that you have completed your keyword research.  So in your title tags you need to have your keyword first.  For example, this posts keywords are “title tags” hence the title of the post right.  But if you look at your browser up top you will see that the title tags are reading the same thing.

What does that on my particular blog is a built in SEO component that takes care of my title tags for me based on the title of the particular blog post.  I can change them of course and make them different then the title of the post itself.  But I like a little bit synergy between the actual title of my post and the title tags themselves so they are usually the same.

Plugins To Help With Title Tags

There are WordPress SEO plugins that let you alter your title tags as well if your theme doesn’t use them but your need to know what your doing when setting them up or you can create issues for yourself.  My suggested plugin is WordPress SEO by Yoast, which I use on all my sites with exception to this one, because it is positively the most versatile solution for on page optimization that I have tried.

But its a bit complicated and you’ll end up with title tags like this “Company Reviews | %home_title%” if you don’t know what to fill out and where to fill it out.  So if you get it I suggest that you look at this particular page where the author walks you through setup.

So in the end, title tags matter and they are what searchers see in the search engine results page.  Make sure that your keywords are the first words of the title tags and that they have some type of wording that encourages interest in clicking.


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