The Perfect SEO Strategy For 2013

The Perfect SEO Strategy For 2013

When Creating An SEO Strategy Use Quality Information

When I first started doing search engine optimization a bit over four years ago I didn’t really have an SEO strategy.  And to be quite frank I really didn’t think I need one at the time.

SEO strategy

But as I grew within in the industry I learned that mapping out the processes I am going to implement with my SEO techniques was just as important as the techniques themselves.  Because without a plan we are just spinning our wheels and getting lucky.  And we don’t want to depend on luck, we want to depend on skill.

So you go out and buy a course or two on search marketing.  Or you talk to an SEO consultant in hopes of learning SEO basics.  And you notice something that all of them have in common.  They all tend to contradict each other.  And at the same time they all say the same thing.

  1. SEO strategyBuild a website
  2. Put content on it
  3. Get links
  4. Rankings increase
  5. Traffic builds
  6. Make money

If it was really that simple everyone would be doing it though right?

The fact of the matter is that Google and Bing are waging war on marketers online.  But not just any marketer.  They are targeting the lazy ones.  The ones that are looking for a payday by any means necessary.  And they are getting really good at it.

Take Google for example.  When they released the Panda and Penguin updates they manage to all but shut down thousands of websites.  Which in the eyes of someone who is trying to build a website based off high quality content is a good thing.  All of those sites that were able to build thousands of backlinks using automated tools are disappearing slowly.

And the content on a majority of those sites was really thin.  Borderline garbage in my opinion.

So The Guru’s Are Teaching A New SEO Strategy

What is happening now is that all the people who made all of those courses are changing their tune.

They are trying to tell you that content is the new SEO.  And to be quite frank that is a bunch of horse crap.

High quality content has always been at the cornerstone of search marketing and always will be.  But the courses of old were sold based on one promise.

To rank your site with the least amount of work possible.  They were marketing to Homer.  And he doesn’t want to work all that much.  After all making money online is supposed to be easy right?

But the fact of the matter is that high quality content coupled with a solid link building and social media presence have always worked.  And today they will continue to work.  And in the future, they will work as well.

Follow This SEO Strategy For 2013

  1. work smarter not harderPick a domain name:  If you already have one that is great but if not take a couple things into consideration.  First, what is your product?  What is your service? Are you trying to create a brand around a company or you?  Second, exact match domains still work.  Anyone that tells you different was building crappy sites that Google hated.  I and several other successful SEO’s are still using them with great results.
  2. Optimize your website for success.  Remember to use the meta tags properly.  The title tag is by far the most important.  The description tag should have your keyword in it as well, but use this as an ad to get the click.  The keyword tag is still used by Bing.  But they are looking at it to find spam sites.  So if you use it only add relevant keywords and not garbage.  Also, make sure you enter your site into Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.  I know, I know, the scary Google is watching your site and could be mean to you.  This is alarmist B.S. spewed out by those who are using spam techniques to promote their site.  Besides, if you site is made available to spider, they have all that data anyway.  So why not see how they view your site.
  3. Create high quality content.  This is the hardest part for lazy people.  So they pay for articles, or they use PLR content on their websites.  Guess what, it doesn’t work for the long term.  And even if you do get traffic it won’t be long before the search engines shut that off.  Take the time to write some good stuff.  Or if you like video, create a video blog.  Just make sure its yours and not some garbage you copied from the net.
  4. Syndicate your content on social media sites.  Now noticed I said syndicate and not spam.  You have to take the time to write a good description of what value your social media followers are going to get from your site.  Don’t just run around dropping your link like some idiot.  I hate those people.  And all they manage to do is wreck good traffic sources.  Just ask the folks over at Empower Network who have to cloak their links now to get their stuff onto Facebook.  Its not because the site is bad, or that the offer is bad (I am a member by the way).  Its because all the people that joined figured that spamming the net was a good way to go.  They didn’t bother listening to the training on how to properly market.  And if they did, they sure as hell didn’t implement it.  Thus they ruined the reputation of the product.  Don’t like them PLEASE!!!
  5. Build links to your content from other sites.  Ok, this is where your common sense is going to have to kick in.  You can still use blog comments to get backlinks to your site.  They do still work, but they are looked at in a different way.  You need to comment on sites that are actually related to your content.  Those that say it doesn’t work anymore were just leaving comments everywhere.  So leave your comments on related sites.  And do guest posts on sites that are looking for content.  Not just any ole blog or website will do though.  Chose some that are in your market.  And already have traffic.  This will help increase your branding, your traffic, and your rankings.
  6. Rinse and Repeat.  Stick to the basics and what is working.  Shiny objects are there for one thing.  To get your money.  Keep it in your wallet unless you are ready to move on to another marketing method.  Don’t buy something just to buy it.  Chasing magic buttons will never make you money.

In conclusion….

I know that I was a little in your face on this post.  And quite frankly its because sometimes we need it.  I know I do.  There is nothing better then having someone care enough about your success to forgo worrying about your feeling.  Straight talk is where its at.  This is your business after all.

I hope you enjoyed the content and if you have any questions, like always, leave a comment and ask.  And be sure to opt-in to my mailing list and get more content that can help you along.

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45 thoughts on “The Perfect SEO Strategy For 2013

  1. Great post Clint, and it just makes common sense. Honestly, I don’t think this business is really all that much different that what I do with personal growth – people are always looking for the quick fix, magic formula – and there are plenty of people out there who are willing to put a variety of spins on this business to accommodate that need. Fortunately there are a few people, such as yourself, who keep bringing us back to reality.

  2. Hey, Clint…AWESOME article. I completely agree with the spam concern, and I think that was the part of your article that hit home for me the most. I cannot stand for people to spam their work, even if they do happen to really, really believe in it.

    Some have said that SEO is dead – which is a LIE – and there are others who say that it’s all social now…and that is also untrue. It’s a blend, and you articulated it well in this article. Great work!

  3. Hi Clint,

    Again, you’ve created one of the best SEO articles I’ve read. Everything you mentioned is the best approach to ensuring success online, even for the “evil marketers.” The key point is, “High quality content has always been at the cornerstone of search marketing and always will be.” I admit, I’ve tried different SEO methods, and quality content is the best way to go. I learned the “get as many back-links as possible” when I started, so I checked it out. Personally, it didn’t make sense to me so I continued to blog and post relevant content. Panda and Penguin didn’t scare me and I stand strong on saying that the search engines are moving in the right direction. Stick to the basics and don’t be lazy. Your steps to ensure quality, organic SEO is worth repeating:

    Pick a domain name
    Optimize your website for success.
    Create high quality content.
    Syndicate your content on social media sites.
    Build links to your content from other sites.
    Rinse and Repeat.

    Thanks Clint for an excellent post. Stay away from the magic buttons!

    Raena Lynn

  4. Clint,
    Funny thing about short cuts. Back to basics always works, always has, always will.
    Wonderful post and a good refresher on good old standard Internet marketing. I’m fortunate as I love to write and create content. I trust that it’s of value to others. I’m going to reference this post regularly for it’s clarity.

  5. Hi Clint!

    Thanks for the review. I never was an SEO crazy person. Just wrote good content, a bit aware of SEO words, syndicated others that came to my blog, and most of all spend time on the social sites. Not too much time, but enough. Especially now on Google+ Communities and Hangouts.

    Somehow, it just works!


  6. Nice summary of SEO, Clint.

    I think Raena hit on one of the big reasons people overcomplicate SEO, and that’s because they are “lazy”… like Homer.

    SEO is not a difficult thing to understand, but it is difficult to APPLY on a daily, consistent basis. If you don’t have a system to do that, using the steps you outline in this post, AND if you don’t stick with that system… then you’ll just have to keep buying courses and listening to gurus all banter about how to do it.

    But the real problem is, you still gotta DO IT.

    • Exactly David and doing it is the part where people mess it up. That’s why I love having a Daily blogging plan. Stick to it and stuff just gets that much easier.

      • Clint, I loved your article. It encompasses most of what I’m already doing on my sites. I’m curious about what your daily blogging plan is. I know you don’t post on a daily basis, so what is your daily blogging routine? (Sounds like a great future article, by the way :)

        • Well, I focus way more on promoting my content now. Especially if I write an “epic” post like this one. I want to be able to leverage my work to the best of my ability. Also, I don’t write anymore just for the sake of writing. If I try I usually burn out pretty quick and quite frankly don’t make all that much sense. That being said, now I am working toward posting three times a week. A good balance between providing the best content, promotion, and keeping my sanity.

  7. I guess I need the “straight from the shoulder stuff.” I don’t think about SEO very much (beyond on-page issues), and that’s the biggest problem. To some extent I have a mental block. Probably because it seems like “one more thing” to absorb time. So much to do, so little time!

    • It can be Richard, but it can also be really simple if you create an easy daily plan for each time you post. I have a suggested plan that you could follow to help kick start your traffic and reach more people with less work.

  8. Clint once again you have hit a homerun with this article! When I started blogging last year I didn’t know much about SEO or how to do it properly. I did know that I wanted to write content that was from the heart and could help my target audience improve their health with healing foods and holistic lifestyle principals. Being true to myself and doing what you talked about in this article has really helped my business and I’m glad I never had to do anything questionable. Thanks for your insights!

  9. Hello Clint Butler,
    Hope you are in great health. Wow what a great article it is I am enjoying all the points of your post and I would like to say that I really love to read these types of post.
    I like some points which I want to mention here i.e.
    Create high quality content- we know that in blogging content is king, no need to write those words in an article just need to write quality and interesting post which will attract your readers. And,
    Link building- link building is very important.
    thanks for sharing Butler :)

  10. Wise words Clint, a magic button never works for anyone, let alone marketers.
    I love how you call it the Homer marketing method, it’s spot on :), bone idle, lazy marketing filled with duff beer and donuts!

  11. Yeah, these are all great strategies that everyone can use to build up their blog. However, I see a lot of people get discouraged in the middle of this process and quit because it does take a lot of time.

  12. Hi Clint,
    Great SEO list for anyone whether new or reasonably established. I would add that picking a niche is really important. I have had some trouble with this online because I am involved in two and I have been combining both niches on one blog. Finally, for 2013 I decided that I need to run two websites – one for my health consultancy and keep my current blog for mindset, network marketing and online marketing. They are different audiences. This is going to make it easier for my readers and no doubt more successful.

    best wishes

  13. Clint, thanks for the easy to understand yet comprehensive tutorial you’ve laid out here! In addition to the above, it really helps to get clear on Why we exist as a business, What our product is, and Who we want to serve. If we can stay laser focused on those three things, it will help us as we create excellent content for our readers and customers.

  14. Hi Clint, the truth is, SEO hasn’t changed very much in a number of years. Sure, back in the day you could hide and stuff keywords everywhere and get away with it, and it worked. But it’s been a long time since that worked. Google has preached content and quality for a long time. It’s the SEO “experts” who sell the misinformation who have made it anything but. There are basic optimization practices – like titles and keywords – that we must adhere to, but then it’s more about the marketing than about the optimization. Sadly, there are still many “lazy people” and that includes SEOs who would rather sell the illusion of a quick fix for a cheap enough price that nobody minds being lied to very much. You shared some practical tips here that anyone can use and nobody has to worry about getting banned or penalized.

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  16. Clint again a great post very informative. This profession has never been easy but continues to be advertised that way. I was so glad when I read 1st year in network marketing and realized it isn’t me there are more out there like me than I am unique. So I stopped looking for the shiny object because I realized there is no quick fix and I did not mind working harder just wanted real results. Love you post really sets aside those SEO fears.

  17. Hay Clint!

    Good to see another wonderful post giving informative knowledge and strategies for SEO.
    Last 2 years was tough for many webmaster and internet marketers as well as a good experience as Google changed many things making its services better. Which forced many marketers to change the strategies they were implementing to get their targets.

  18. Hey Clint,
    Great post. Google certainly shifted the game, but I think for the better. I also agree comments are still important too. But the best tip is actually TALKING to people! Making connections are so valuable… I have made the best connections just by talking to people …
    Lesly Federici recently posted..Got FriendsMy Profile

  19. Hey Clint,
    Great post!
    Google certainly shifted the game, but I think it was a good thing. You make SEO sound so easy! I have always shyed away from it but I think I do it anyway! Thanks for a great video and I was watching how you did your presentation! LOL! Look forward to talking with you again soon
    Lesly Federici recently posted..Got FriendsMy Profile

  20. Hi Clint you did a great job here with this post. I don’t mind anyone getting in my face, especially if I can learn a thing or tow from it :) I am going to use your strategy for 2013.. Thanks for sharing Chery :)

  21. Hi Clint,

    You explanation of SEO was excellent. So true good quality content is so important . Also having a posting schedule that we can keep to and it is important to remember in wordpress we can schedule posts which is very handy when we are away for example.

    Take care Rosemary

  22. I am diving into the training in the 15K & EN Masters Course to get over my allergy to SEO. I break out in hives. LOL I’ve been viral blogging since I started and not really caring about ranking on Google but this year I plan to dive into SEO. Thanks for the great information, I’ve bookmarked it and shared it so others can benefit too :-)

    Thanks Clint!

    • That’s great Marisol, good luck with the training. Rob Fore did the SEO training in the new version of the 15K formula and it was ok. I am going to be doing more of these types of post to help people get SEO much easier.

  23. Great content still requires marketing unless you already have a large audience to put the word out, but even then social syndication would be foolish to overlook. The real challenge is identifying big ideas that become magnetic, share able, and linkable. Incorporating a PR mindset to a content strategy is becoming more common. Tying to current events, holidays, national interests and similar can add value. But it’s a 3 pronged approach – strategy, development, marketing. The marketing being to get the word out, and it’s not just an after fact. Proper planning would include all 3 before starting.

  24. Hi, Clint. This is the second time I’m reading your article. I appreciate your point about commenting on related sites. I don’t always do this, and I’m probably hurting myself in the process.

    The other thing I think I’m seeing (correct me if I’m wrong) is the priority placed on multiple formats, like video and podcasting. That’s why I’m planning to add podcasting to my blog.

  25. Excellent tips, Clint! I wonder how this approach can work for Amazon pages, like in my case, I have children’s kindle books. Would it help get my books ranked higher in Amazon if I do link building as well? I’m guessing I would need to research on appropriate keywords and do link building based on those keywords. That’s actually my struggle right now as I am at a loss on how to get my books pages rank higher in Amazon.

    • That’s actually a very good question Cherrie. One of things that you need to do it get more reviews for your book. The more reviews and downloads you get the higher ranking in Amazon you’ll get in your market. Check out how many reviews the top listed books of your competition and work to beat them out a bit. Do it slowly though, if you use fake reviews that will set off red flags.

  26. Great post! Makes total sense but I think a lot of people don’t think about the basics. Well done for this great advice :)

  27. Great advice, Clint! I particularly like your emphasis on content: if your content is dismal you can’t expect sparkling results.
    I used to spend as much time on keyword analysis and selection as on writing the article, but have changed my focus after the recent changes in Google. Thanks for reminding me to review my SEO strategy.

  28. Great advice that anyone can follow. All steps that you can do yourself and that if done as you advise will keep you out of Google’s crosshairs. Thanks for breaking it down into logical steps. and providing enough detail to get going.

  29. Very helpful post that anyone can follow to improve their search rankings. Great that you gave the list of steps to follow and a brief discussion of each to get people going.

  30. Your title really created a buzz. Well I’m not against but I think there’s no perfect seo formula because of real-time Algorithm updates.

  31. Hi Clint,

    This is an awesome post ! The information given here is a lot. I thank you for it :-)

    I like the part you mentioned about pick a domain name which I personally think it is still working very strongly. I found out that those who have already stopped posting new articles for years or months still stay on the top 2 or 3 on google first page compared to those who put up new articles weekly. What I always see is that the domain name match.

    The question I still have now is to what extent the domain is helpful in the ranking. Many people told me, domain name which match is not as important as the keywords in your title, contents etc but in my opinion it is still working very well especially on the first 3 positions on first page of google.

    Look forward to learn more about domain name :-)

    Thanks and Cheers ! :-)
    Pearly Quah

  32. I don’t usually comment on blog articles but when I see a fellow blogger that knows his onions, it naturally feels good to comment and show some appreciations.

    This is a well-written SEO tip, keep it up!

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