SEO Trends In 2012

What Is Happening To SEO?

There have been many changes to search engine optimization this year.  Bing has been integrating Facebook into their search results.  And the search powerhouse Google is changing its rankings monthly now.

This is causing great concern to those that are trying to get free referral traffic.  And there are many seo company businesses that are failing because they cannot adapt.

But that doesn’t mean that you should try to find some other way to market online.  As a matter of fact, its a good thing.

Its good because now your high quality content will not have to compete as much with low quality sites.  But there in lies the key.  Your content has to be of high quality and your going to still need back links.  But now, your backlinks need to be more diverse and of higher quality.

Why So Many Changes?

Ever since the advent of search engines and online marketing there have been people who learned how to game the system.  There was everything from keyword stuffing to massive backlinking programs.  These wwere all designed for the sole purpose of gaining a greater ranking in the search results.  More specifically, to get a site on page one.

Unfortunatley in the early days it was really easy to do.  And it didn’t matter if the site was even worth a darn.  As long as it was on page one for a great search term people could make money hand over fist.  But that left a bad search result for the consumer.  And people were beginning to get frustrated over the fact that they had to filter through these bad sites in order to get the right information.

So engines like Bing and Google began optimizing their programs in order to do one thing.  End search.

Meaning they wanted to be able to provide a service that resulted in the user finding what they wanted the first time.  After all if a search engine couldn’t do this then what good are they?

Thus updates like Panda and Penguin are needed in order to combat the marketers.

So What Now?

This infographic helps to detail the major trends in the industry that have taken place.

It would do you well to pay attention to the different aspects of search that are changing.  If only to be able to adapt as new changes are rolled out by Google.  This will make your online marketing efforts more effective.

SEO Trends in 2012

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One thought on “SEO Trends In 2012

  1. Hi Clint,
    thanks for the great review of the latest trends.

    It is good to know that the changes means that quality content will have a priority now and it is not so easy for people to ‘fake it’.

    I would have loved to see the infographic, unfortunately the image did not show up.

    To Success!