Live The Dream 3 – Michelle And Bill Pescosolido Talk Facebook

Facebook and Prospecting

The first leader that I ever started following online what Michelle Pescosolido.  I even took everything that I learned from her and created my first information product (don’t sell it anymore) and made a ton of money.  Michelle is considered an authority on Facebook marketing in the online network marketing world.

Due to her success she was able to convert her husband, who hated the network marketing model, to a true believer.  He was able to quit his job and become one of the top recruter’s on phone.

Their discussion was on how to attract a flood of prospect and then convert them into cash.

Here are the notes from the presentation

Throughout the course of their talk they went over how to build a presence on Facebook and 5 easy to implement strategies to build any business.

1) What is Facebook marketing?  Marketing Facebook is about leveraging the site to attract fans into your business.  This will lead to more leads into your business and more money into your pocket.  There are 1 billion users on Facebook and its a great place to build an online authoritative presence.  And the traffic is cheap.  So you can get highly qualified and targeted leads.

2) Prospecting those leads is important (calling) because you have to establish a relationship with your prospects.  You competition is calling their leads, if your not doing it your dead in the water.  Prospecting (calling) your leads is also important because people join people not companies.  Get over your fear of picking up the phone.

Six Steps To Success

Step 1) Identify target market – Define who is your target marketing.  What is their pain? Lack of leads, sales, strategies.  Once you’ve identified that, create a compelling over to solve their problem

Step 2) Provide value – Don’t lead with your wallet.  People are attracted to you, if you have something of value them people are going to be attracted to you.  Get on Facebook and post two to three times a day to attract fans.  Engage with your fans, never leave them hanging.  Don’t be lazy, get back on your page and follow up with your visitors.  Interact with them, ask them questions.  In your status updates as questions.  Have fun with your fans.

Step 3) Get Traffic – There are various ways you can get traffic on Facebook.  Paid traffic is great, you can start with 10 dollars a day.  Write a status update, add an image to it, and then use the promote feature.  This is will increase your exposure, especially when your targeting your fans and people in your niche. Organic traffic is built by interacting with other people in your niche.  By posting on other peoples fan page, people will come and check out yours.  Consistency it key.  The difference that will make you stand out over everybody else is your consistency on Facebook.

Step 4) Prospect your leads – Overcome your fear.  Your leaving money on the table if your not calling your leads.  The fear of rejection keeps a lot of marketers broke.  Establish rapport with you leads.  Know what time it is where your prospect lives.  This will allow you to know where the person lives will give you tons of information to establish rapport.  If you have their email address, plug their email address into Facebook.  You can find out what they are doing for a business if they have one.

Ask questions.  They are the most important tool you have.  A couple questions are “So how are you currently marketing yourself,”  “Up until now how have you typically generated leads?,” “What kind of things have you struggled with in the past?”.

Maintain your power when your calling your leads.  Some people are a pain to talk to.  So instead of being nervous, establish yourself as an authority.  Be authoritative with them and they will look up to you.

Lead the prospect along the process based upon your business model.  Its your job to lead them along the process.  They want to be lead step by step and its your job to share with them what they will experience next.  Walk them through step by step to ensure your available to answer any questions they may have.  Act like you have done it a thousand times before, this shows confidence.

Don’t ask for permission.  A lot of marketers tend to do this which hurts their conversions.  Make statements, don’t give them a choice to say yes or no.  Give them a choice, but not one that will end your call.

Step 5) Convert your leads into sales – Use a trial closing method.  This will allow you to gauge if your prospect is going to buy or not. “Do you think that generating 10 – 20 leads will make your life easier?” is a great trial closing question.  Use assumptive closing questions,”Sounds to me like your are ready to move forward”.

Step 6) Make money – The first five steps will get you to freedom.  Making money allows you to take vacations, spend more time with your family, and most importantly quit your job.

As always these two provided some great value.  These six steps to creating a business using Facebook are great.  Especially if you take the time to implement them.  If you want to know more about these steps you can check out a Michelle Pescololido product here.

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  1. Great post Clint! I liked the Use a trial closing method and Use assumptive closing questions thing. Keep up the great work.