What Is SEO? Part Six Link Building

One day some smart guy or gal figured out that the search engines were using backlinks as a very important factor to rank websites. The use of these links created a frenzy of link building services that even to this day continues to grow. The smart SEO’s however have evolved with the search engines and have developed SEO methods that are smarter. This smarter method results in less high quality links to rank versus more low quality spam links. In this final installment to my What Is SEO? Series I’ll discuss some old school backlinking methods that others have written off just because they are no longer as effective using the spamming model, but are rock stars when following mine.

link building

Why Link Building Is Important

I thought about how best to answer this question for quite some time.

I developed a couple long winded answers to help me look smarter in your eyes and bedazzle you with bull sh#t.

However if your reading this post (and hopefully the rest of the series) your beyond that at this point.

So the simple and straightforward answer it is. Besides its less to type out.

Backlinks are important because the more HIGH QUALITY backlinks you have to your web page, they higher your content will rank in the search results.

Plain and simple.

No getting around it really.

Matt Cutt’s even did a video addressing what Google would do without them. And pretty much why they are here to stay well into the future.

I know that you also took note that I bolded the words “high quality” there in my answer.

Now I won’t insult your intelligence and tell you that spam links don’t have a purpose in SEO these days. They still do work for certain purposes and applications.

However when it comes to your money site, you want to avoid them.

Quite simple because the search engines are getting better and better at sniffing them out and penalizing web pages who have them. Either through manual penalties or algorithmic signals that detect them.

For the purposes of this overview we are going to discuss a simple off page SEO link building plan that you can use today and well into the future that will keep your site respectable in the search engines eyes.

Ways To Get Links

The remainder of the content here will discuss some methods I use to this day to create links to my money web sites. These methods are all done with the focus on getting quality backlinks that bring traffic to my website.

Notice there that I didn’t say to rank, I really don’t care about where I am ranking as much as I do about the amount of traffic I am brining in.

Bring in a lot of traffic and the search engines will know more about my websites and rank it accordingly. Of course a page one ranking would be nice (and feed my ego) but the targeted traffic is what pays the bills.

So these link building methods are really all about website promotion and traffic generation. The link building is a by-product of that.

social networking

Social Media

Every small business needs to have a social media presence. Especially if you are using a website to build your brand while trying to capture new customers online.

That however doesn’t mean that your business has to be on ever social media network.

The fact of the matter is that there are just some businesses that may not get a return on their investment for being engaged on every social media site.

I do, however, always recommend the big four.


You need to set up a Facebook page for your business.

This page is going to be where you announce new content on your website.

You will also be using it to announce news related to your business, new offerings, and maybe even a place to highlight testimonials.

For the purposes of link building, Facebook pages are one of two areas that the search engines index on the site. Leveraging them is a smart way to instantly generate a very powerful link.


Twitter is being used very successfully by business owners across the country to keep in touch with their customers and community.

You also get a link to your website on your profile page so create an account for your business here. The links on your profiles and the ability to announce all you content is a great SEO tool.

Google plus one

Google Plus

Two things you need here.

One is your own profile.

That way you can add authorship to your website.

I won’t go into a lot of detail here about it, just to say it’s a good thing to have to help brand you as a subject matter expert. Authorship with Google is still a work in progress though so anything beyond that is all subjective to opinion.

The next thing you need to do it to create a Google+ page for your business.

Do this by going through the Google My Business setup process though rather than the normal create a page process.

Doing this will give you a great listing on Google Plus and the search engines up to and including a map in the search results to your business location.

Even if you’re a work from home type, this is great free exposure using the tools made available to you and a great source of natural links.


Unlike all the other social networks where you can read about someone’s cat named Fluffy, this particular social networking site caters to professionals.

So much so that the average income of a LinkedIN user is slightly about one hundred thousand per year.

Not bad if you’re looking to use the network to reach out to people in order to gain exposure for your business.

Plus is a great site to get links and traffic.

Use your profile here to make announcements about your services and to network with other people in your market.

Use the group’s area of the site to announce your new content and get a ton of traffic to your website.

Guest posting

There has been a lot of talk about guest posting being dead for link building and that is absolute horse crap.

Writing an article and posting on hundreds of different sites and calling that guest posting is a dead link building method.

However finding quality sites within your niche that accept guest author content is a great way to reach a new audience and leverage other people’s followers to build awareness of you and your business.

That has been and always will be what guest writing is about.

This method only take a little bit of work on your part and maybe an hour or two to create the content and reach out to other site owners.

blog comments

Blog Commenting

Back in the day you used to be able to fire up your favorite link building software and create a ton of these links to your money sites and actually rank very well.

Today however the search engines are getting smarter and can somehow figure out when a webmaster has gone a bit overboard.

That being said, they are still a great link building techniques that works well when done in moderation.

Here all you have to do after you write a new piece of content is find 10-15 authority blogs in your market and leave a comment on their site.

Now don’t go out and write some lame “Great content I’ll bookmark it and come back” comment like most people do.

Quite frankly it makes you look like a douche.

Put some thought into your comment.

The whole process shouldn’t take you more than maybe 30 minutes and you only need to do once for each piece of content.

As a side note, USE YOUR NAME NOT SOME KEYWORD IN THE NAME FIELD. This is all about building authority of your website. Once you get a high authority site you need even less links to rank.


Forum posting

This is another link building method that most people equate to spamming the internet. That’s because when they tried it that’s all they did.

And since they don’t get traffic anymore (or some guru scared them to death with man eating penguins) they wrote it off.

Which is good thing for you.

We all need content ideas and the using forums in your niche is a great way to find problems people are having that we may be able to solve.

You come across in the forum as a respectable source of information and thus build trust with the membership.

You get the link building method by having a link to your website in your profile, which get more and more powerful the more posts you do.

And you get a link to your website in your forum signature. All built naturally and without fear.

In Conclusion

I hope that you were not too disappointed by this post.

I know in the beginning of my journey to learn SEO I would have kind of been let down because there had to be some secret to getting rankings.

There had to be a tool, trick, or tip only the guru’s knew to building traffic through SEO.

However, the trick is that its not really tricky at all.

Building traffic and rankings to your money site should always be about promoting your website in the simplest way possible in order to generate traffic.

Don’t focus on rankings.

Focus on traffic and converting that traffic into sales and/or subscribers.

Of course you have to build links to your website. And you do that naturally though the promotion of your site on social media, other sites, and forums in your market as you naturally network with other people interested in your topic of choice.

Everyone is link building to promote their site, its really just matter of how much time and effort you put into it. And what the true goal of your SEO link building campaigns are.

P.S. I have some advanced stuff that will increase the power of the link building your already doing. They are advanced and use software. So subscribe and stay tuned because the next series is going to be killer.

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