Google Privacy Policy Changes

Google Privacy Policy Is Following You!

Unless you have been living under a rock you probably have heard about the Google privacy policy changes that are coming. You also have no doubt heard all the complaints that have come along with the upcoming Google privacy policy changes. I personally think that its a good thing and there are a couple important reason’s why.

First let me start off by saying this one obvious point. Google started out with the intention of making money, it is a business afterall right? They currently are using a different Google privacy policy for each of their service and sites, including YouTube.

How did that happen you ask? Well for every service they created they had to adapt a Google privacy policy in order to ensure that the people using them understood what they could and could not do with their information. This is just smart business, and I think there is a law requiring it but don’t qoute me on that.

So while each of their divsions was creating a new service or as in buying a new website to add to their business over time there were several different Google privacy policy standards on each of these different properties.

Well, first I doubt not many people even pay attention to them, much less read them. As a matter of fact I doubt that a majority of people even give it a thought until Fox news or someother agency talks about it on the news. Irregardless that is what is currently in place.

Now if you have ever used Google services to do anything on the net you also know that they have pretty much integrated your Google sign-in for all its sites. You go to YouTube and you sign in with your Google ID, and its the same. So your information is already integrated into these different services as a matter of convience to you the user. After all do you want to remember ten different user id’s and passwords, or just use the one for everything. Me, I like that I can sign in to my Google+ account and go to the other sites and I am already signed in.  So it actually makes sense for the Google Privacy Policy to follow you around as well.

So What Does the New Google Privacy Policy Say?

Well I am not going to pretend that I am lawyer (but I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express once) so I will try to break the Google Privacy Policy down just a bit in my own words to help you feel more comfortable about the Google Privacy Policy.

The new Google Privacy policy says that it will use your personal information, your IP address, and other computer information in order to ensure that the stuff you are seeing on its services actually applies to you and what your looking at.  So if you looking at YouTube and watching a video on basketball, the geo-targeting feature will trigger ads from people in your local area that are offering what you looking for.

Really its makes sense for the Google Privacy Policy to be implemented and eliminate the tons of other version that are running out there right now.  Don’t let the Google Privacy Policy scare you, its not going to give out your credit card information to world, and they aren’t going to give your phone number to advertisers, they are simply making your life better as a user and as a marketer by getting their Google Privacy Policy all in one place.


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