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So I listened to another Search Engine Marketing “expert” give his webinar and the presenter recommended using the Google Keyword Tool as a way to research network marketing keywords in order to help you decide which keywords you were going to target.  Personally I don’t have any issue with using the Google Keyword Tool, as a matter of fact I actually highly encourage it.  But where I do have fault in is how so called experts love to scare the crap out of new people when it comes to internet network marketing and applying keyword research.

First off let me start by saying that this isn’t my first keyword research post explaining the Google Keyword Tool and its place in your arsenal that you need to succeed.  But I get pretty motivated about this particular topic because there are so many people out there telling new people how to use the Google Keyword Tool incorrectly.

So let me make this statement and hopefully it’s clear enough.




I judge how good an search engine marketer is based off of this little nugget of knowledge that I have just given you and you should too.  The Google Keyword Tool’s only use in search engine rankings should be to pick keywords based off their Global Monthly searches and their Local Monthly searches.  Anytime I hear someone teaching that the Google Keyword Tool has anything to do with SEO rankings then I am done.

I am done because at one point I believed the same thing.  And I heard all the rehashed trainings from people over and over saying the same thing.  But the fact of the matter is its simply not true.

The competition column in the Google Keyword Tool is for Adwords competition.  Meaning that price per click number you see is how much you have to pay.  The competition column is an indication as to how many advertisers are trying to get their ads seen for that particular keyword.

Also these so called experts are telling the people that they can use the broad/exact/phrase match options  to determine SEO competion, they have nothing to do with search engine rankings.  Lets say you want to have a PPC campaign for the words “Internet Network Marketing.”  Well if you have the Google Keyword Tool set to broad and you will see how many people are searching for that keyword, and any variation of it.  So when it comes to PPC your campaign is going to bring you traffic from that keyword and its variations.  But if you have it set to exact, and you set up your PPC campaign for exact, your ad will only show when “Internet Network Marketing” is typed into the search bar.

So what value does that have for SEO?  A lot really, it tells you if your looking at a buyer keyword.  Think about it, your not going to pay a ton of money for a Pay Per Click ad if the people who click on your ad aren’t buyers.  You need to see a profit from your campaign right?  So the Google Keyword Tool is designed to help PPC advertisers focus their campaigns on the right words to keep their costs low, while building high converting campaigns.

So you as a marketer who is looking for word to rank for can use the Google Keyword Tool to find some really good buyer keywords.  As well as words that have a good deal of monthly traffic.  The Google Keyword Tool should be used to find keywords that are getting over 100 global searches a month for new sites. As your site gains age and traction as a trusted site in the search engines go after words with more monthly searches.

But the Google Keyword Tool is only the beginning of your keyword research and if you depend on it solely to pick which words your going to target I guarantee you might get lucky once or twice.  But overall your rankings will not be where you expect them to be because your competition for ranking on the search engines may be very strong.

Your going to need a tool other than the Google Keyword Tool to examine your competition on page one if you ever expect to get traffic from the search engines.  In my How To Do Keyword Research for SEO post I recommend a couple options to support the Google Keyword Tool for you so make sure you check that out.


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