Social Media Karma Really Effects Your Search Engine Rankings

Social Media Cannot Be Ignored!

Ever since the launch of Google+ I have been telling people that they need to build links to their sites on the social media networks.  As a matter of fact I created a whole search engine optimization strategy around the big social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Stumbleupon.  My strategy was designed to really read between the lines and know that Google was going to take the opinions of real people into account when ranking your websites on the search engines.

But since I am not a big named “guru” a lot of my cry’s went unheard.  But those who did listen were able to whether the Panda and Penguin storms without too much trouble.

The reason I suggested building these links were actually two fold.  One, you can get a lot of traffic from sites like Facebook and StumbleUpon.  Heck, with a bit of creativity you can get thousands of visitors from these sites.  And you don’t have to pay a dime, which is nice.

Second, the social media websites are popular on the net and your more likely to get a better link value in Google’s eyes when your linking on the social media sites responsibly.  Oh yeah, and third if you get people to share you links on them as well it increases your reach that much more.

Social Media Search Engine Optimization Hits The Mainstream

These days you can go to a site like the Warrior Forum or some Facebook mastermind groups and not here about someone selling methods on how to use social media websites as a search engine optimization tool.  As a matter of fact I think there are over a hundred different products in the Warrior Special Offers section on the subject.

And that is not to infer that they are bad, as a matter of fact a lot of them are pretty good.  But lets face the fact, there are some really smart people working for Google who can figure out the ins and outs of these “tricks” and plug the loopholes that were there.

But everyday there is a new product launch or free ebook that is waved in front of you trying to get you to buy the latest thing when really all you need to do is apply a bit of common sense in your marketing on the social media websites.

Social Media And Its True Impact

Ok, let me first apologize for the low quality of the appearance of the infographic below.  Its original size was much small and when I stretched it out to make it more readable it fuzzed it up a bit.  But you can read it now, so that’s a good thing.

Don’t let the fuzzy however, hinder your grasp of the valuable information it contains.  Social media websites are now, and will always be, a valuable part of the search engine landscape.  So don’t be too lazy to sign up for at least Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and StumbleUpon.

And don’t use the excuse that you can not manage all of them.  Once you get them set up you can have a really good presence on all of them with only ten minutes of time invested a day.

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