11 Best Places to Get Authoritative Links For Your Website

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Why Is An Authoritative Links Important?

There are tons of people involved in marketing and there a lot of those people telling you to get backlinks to your site.  I am going to add to that by telling you to get authoritative links to your site to maximize the minimal time required to actually get this done.

That way your only doing stuff you actually enjoy, unless you like tediously posting you links all over then net in hopes of increasing your rankings over and over again for hours on end. (not me man, that is all you :) )

But why authoritative links and more importantly what are they?

First I have to address, for those that don’t know, what I mean when I say link or more commonly known as backlink in the SEO world.

A backlink is nothing more than a link to your site from another.  For instance if you go to StumbleUpon you will find tons of backlinks to my site there.

The more backlinks you have the higher ranking your site gets in the search engines, the more traffic your site gets, the more leads you generate, the more money you make.

So backlinks are a very important part of any SEO campaign, and really the easiest thing to get started with.

But you can’t, well you can but you’ll be wasting your time, just go out and get 1000’s of backlinks from just any ole site and think that they are going to do you any good.

You need to get them from sites that are generally about what your site is about.

And they need to be trusted sites as well.

For instance, my site here is about marketing so I would get links from other marketing sites.  But I also do a lot of SEO posts, so a link from sites about SEO to my posts would be awesome too.

With that being said, when you look for the sources of your authoritative links, remember what your site is about, then search for those links and your traffic will rise.

I know that with the recent Google updates there are tons of people who say you don’t have to backlink.  Or they are telling you that you just promote your content and people will generate backlinks for you.  Well if your promoting your content on social media sites or press releases guess what your creating to get people back to your properties?  That’s right, your creating backlinks.

On other thing that I want to address is the new craze to create authority sites.

This is not something new.  You create a website about a specific topic and you position your website as the authority in your market.  The info-product marketers just turned that concept into a “new” thing and called them authority sites.

There are two ways to get one.  1) create the best damn content in your market hands down on your own and promote it.  2) Get others to create the best damn content in your market and promote it.  And that is where authoritative links come into play.

building authority backlinks

Authoritative Links Source #1 – WIKIs

The benefit of a wiki is obvious: most provide a section for external-links or additional-resources allowing contributors to link out to various sites that may enhance the value of the wiki entry currently being read or edited.

Others, like Google Knol, actually provide the ability to add in-content external links both within the article itself AND as resources at the end of the article.

Be careful though, don’t go in there and spam your business opportunity, it will get removed at the very least and at the worst you could get banned from the site all together.

Authoritative Links Source #2 – How To Sites

The Web is full of quality how-to sites that provide quick and easy-to-follow step-by-step guides on ordinary (and not so ordinary) problems.

These sites also provide the savvy site owner or marketer with an often overlooked reliable source of a new page-one Google rankings.

For example, lets say your into network marketing and Ann Sieg has a post on how to generate more leads online on her blog, post a comment on her page.

Or even better, eHow.com has tons of these types of posts, comment on them.

Can’t find one in your market, go to Squidoo or Hubpages and create one.

Authoritative Links Source #3 – Press Releases

Press releases are a great source of authoritative one-way links and have numerous benefits.

If you want to get the best bang for your buck with press releases, then PRWeb is the way to go.

For as little as $80 paid you get your release into Google News and Yahoo News and can target your release by industry and metro area.

Go up to $200 and add in all the SEO and SMO bells and whistles, including keyword-rich anchor text and trackback tracking.

This is hands-down the best value of all the options we reviewed.

But, for those of you who don’t have tons of money there is a way to get free press releases, but you have to keep coming to my blog cause I am going to write all about how to do it in another post <hahahahaha my evil hook :) )

Authoritative Links Source #4 – Your Own 404 Pages

An extremely underutilized way to get authoritative links to your site is by finding and fixing these 404 error pages.

This allows you to immediately improve your backlink profile by benefiting from links already pointing to your site.

You can get a plugin for your WordPress blog that will help you take care of this, and its also a good way to generate internal back links if you have it set up correctly, and yes this will be addressed in another post in the very near future. (Why won’t you tell me now you say?  Because I need something to write about later, and I like keeping you in suspense :) )

Authoritative Links Source #5 – .edu Alumni Pages

Did you go to college?

If so then your school’s Web site likely has a section devoted to alumni.

Most of these pages allow you to place a link back to your site.

If you’re successful or interesting enough you could also be featured in your school’s online alumni newsletter, generating a trusted .edu backlink.

You can also create some .edu profile backlinks to your site.

These are great and pretty easy to do, just create a simple profile that you can use on all of them and save to a text file.  Then go to some .edu sites and create a profile there as a user.  Remember no spamming, they will delete you faster than you can imagine and all your hard work will go to waste.

Also, don’t mention your business on your profile beyond “I am a marketer” or “Search Engine Consultant,” .edu web masters are keen to profile backlinks and delete any that look like a marketing attempt.

Authoritative Links Source #6 – Blog Comments

Believe it or not, links from comments you leave on other people’s blogs still have considerable ranking juice, if that blog is not using the nofollow tag.

The trick is finding the right pages to leave comments on.

As a general rule, you want to find the highest PageRank pages you can that are loosely related to your site’s topic. One way to do that is to mine your competitors’ backlinks using Link Research Tools or similar products and see if you find any blog posts there.

Another way is to join a Skype or Facebook group where you share comments, likes, tweets etc etc on each others blog posts and comment on them.

Don’t listen to the “guru’s” or ameture seo’s who say blog comments don’t work.

Spamming blog comment platforms doesn’t work.

Getting into real conversations on other people’s blog however does.  And it builds your credentials as an authority in your market.

Authoritative Links Source #7 – Testimonials

This tactic involves sending emails to (or otherwise contacting) businesses whose products or services you use and like, and telling them in glowing terms what a big fan you are.

If you write it well enough, they will gladly post your testimonial on their site with a link to your site.

Product creators love this because they get a good recommendation.  You can also use this to get a few affiliate sales by using video to do the testimonial and putting an affiliate link in the description box.

Authoritative Links Source #8 – Existing News Mentions

Search for Web sites that already mention your business name, URL or your personal name, but haven’t linked to your site.

This works pretty well (not flawless) in Google News and Google Alerts. Contact the site owner and ask if it’s possible to add a link.

This also works on sites that are using your RSS feed to put your content on their site, ask ’em, more often then not they say yes.

Authoritative Links Source #9 – Membership Organizations

Community and professional organizations are often overlooked venues for relevant authoritative links. If you have a professional membership and that membership has a Web site, you need to ensure that you have a link back from them where appropriate.

Authoritative Links Source #10 – Profiles and Free Web Pages

Another kind of free link is from the profile page of many top social media and networking sites, as well as free blog and Web hosting sites. The trouble is they don’t mean much if they don’t have incoming links of their own.

So backlink these backlinks, I do it in my signature at the bottom of my posts.

One thing to remember is that forum profile links and profile links in general don’t have nearly the value that they used to have.  They still work but you better actually have a real profile in there.  Not just a link to your website like in the old days.  Google has picked up on that form of link spam and can pretty much figure out real from fake.

Authoritative Links Source #11 – dofollow Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the easiest and most effective ways to generate quality backlinks to your site or those of your clients.

The secret is knowing which sites permit dofollow links and pass both authority and PageRank so you can budget your time most effectively when submitting content for bookmarking.

If they don’t remember, these sites also send tons of traffic so make sure you use them either way.

Here is a list of the most popular.

top 10 social bookmarketing sites

Pretty easy to do, but a little tedious as well, if your doing it to a lot of social bookmarking sites you need a good software tool to do it.  I use SociSynd for that purpose as well as a plugin on my blog that does it all for me. <yeah work smarter not harder I always say>

Alright so I have given you 11 great places to get some authoritative links and now all you have to do is find them and get to work and your rankings will increase.


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  1. Hi Clint,First i think your article is fantastic and straight to the point, simple and easy but i must point out that Connotea discontinued service on March 12, 2013 a little after your fab post was posted xKeep up your good workRegardsHollyPassion Secrets

    • If I added them, I would need to change the title lol.

      I didn’t forget directories, I left them out intentionally. DMOZ is a great directory to be in. Unfortunately most small business owners and online marketer will have to submit their sites several times in order to get included. Blame spam SEO practitioners for that. Yahoo, yeah its great, as long as you have the money to pay for inclusion, if your site in included. Again, same thing, small business owners and online marketers will have a tough time getting their marketing websites included in those as well.

  2. Hi Clint,

    Personally I think the 404 section of this post is the most beneficial and strangely does not appear as much as the typical SEO style of posts. Since installing the 404 plugin into my wordpress site I have increased my traffic by around 15-20% as I find wordpress very good “sarcasm” at linking to old URLs / slugs before you are fully happy with a post.