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Outsource Kingpin Review

No BS Outsource Kingpin Review

Outsource Kingpin is a new digital marketing training created by the guys over at Semantic Mastery. This training course is actually another brand Mastery PR which is the flagship brand.  This is my Outsource Kingpin review that I completed after getting a review copy of the training because I am an active member in the Semantic Mastery Mastermind.

The overall purpose of this course is to help small business owners who are trying to outsource more of their work in order to scale their businesses. They do this by teaching how to seek out, interview, hire, train, and manage virtual assistants using free and paid platforms that combine to automate a majority of the training process and monitor their work.

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Module one is pretty much what you expect out of any outsourcing course.  It talks a lot about why you need an outsourcer and when you should actually begin looking to hire somebody for that purpose.

If you already have a business in place and understand outsourcing beyond the basic concept of what it is then you can probably skip the overview video and the first two videos in module one.

Of course, you can watch them if you just looking to hear a little bit about how where Bradley is coming from and why the course was developed, but you won't miss out on anything if you don't.

The “What you need before hiring” and “Resources” videos are actually pretty good if you've never been exposed to certain project management platforms.  Bradley Benner introduces some paid solutions that you can use to train your teams.

In my bonus, I actually augment this with some free solutions that I'm using with great success to actually do the same thing and I'll show you those in my during my bonus webinars.

Module two is all about creating a hiring funnel, this really is the core of what that Bradley is teaching.

This is actually the longest module but it did have the greatest impact for me.

Although I probably would have shortened it up, Bradley did cover a lot of the theory behind why he was doing what he was doing in order to ensure that newer people would be able to understand the process better.

A more advanced business owner will be able to get something out of each and every video.

If anything to better clarify their own processes or to develop/enhance a brand-new process of hiring people.

The section also provides a lot of templates for users including emails, hiring letters and rejection letters that anyone will get a great deal of use out of.

Module three actually covers the interview process. is pretty good looking at insights into giving you ideas on questions to ask your potential hires that perhaps you made not a thought about before.

It offers good insights into questions to ask your potential hires that perhaps you may not have thought about before.

Module four covers potential ways you can develop training systems that's will minimize your work.  Because it allows you to create SOP's and then develop a training system around that that you can inject your new hires into to go through at their own pace of learning the processes of your business.

Because the concepts covered here allow you to create SOP's and then develop a training system around that.  Then you can inject your new hires into your own training portal to go through at their own pace of learning.

I actually use a system just like this, that is free, that allows me to do step-by-step checklists for each process in my business and create a video each one of those steps. Then as my team goes through that checklist it shows me the progress of where they are for that particular client.

Then as my team goes through that checklist it shows me the progress of where they are for that particular client.  I'll show you that in my bonus webinars as well.

Modules five and six go over the same thing just from different perspectives including promoting and offering bonuses, pay schedules, managing your staff, offer critiques, and offer incentives for better performance.

All in all

I think this course is actually pretty good.

I was expecting perhaps a little bit more out of it, however, considering the way that it is formatted, the information provided is more than adequate for any small business owner.  Online or off-line business owners for that matter will be able to find a good virtual assistant using the hiring processes that are taught here.

The additional resources included the recommended tools, easy-to-follow templates, and examples.  All of which serve the course structure and enhance the learning as you go through it.

In the end, I highly recommend this course to anyone who's looking to hire a virtual assistant within the next 3 to 6 months.  I think this will give you a great guideline for what to do, who to look at, and how to sift through the thousands and thousands of different available workers on the freelancer sites.

Outsource Kingpin Review – Course Outline

note: Time to complete is based on using the speed up button on the videos.  I do this because I pay attention better when videos are run faster.


outsource kingpinPersonally, I believe that nobody should be writing an article entitle Outsource Kingpin Review if they have not had access to a course and actually gone through it.

Module One Topics

Time To Complete: 43 Minutes

  •  Overview
  •  Why You Should Be Outsourcing
  •  Best Time to Begin Outsourcing
  •  What You Need Before Hiring
  •  Minimize Risk as an Employer
  •  Resources

outsource kingpin reviewModule Two Topics

Time To Complete: 1 Hour 45 Minutes (I was distracted by client calls during this module as well so it might take you less time.)

Section 1 – Setup

  • Screencast software
  • Gmail Setup
  • Forms Phase 1
  • Forms Phase 2
  • YouTube and Goo.gl
  • Job Posting
  • Canned Responses
  • Screening

Section 2 – Example Funnel

outsource kingpin bonusModule Three Topics

Time To Complete: 44 Minutes

  • Interviewing
  • Presenting the Job Offering
  • Sending rejection email
  • Onboarding New Hires

buy outsource kingpinModule Four Topics

Time To Complete: 1 Hour

  • Overview
  • Working Procedures

Section One – Training New VA's Efficiently

  • Training VA’s Part 1
  • Training VA’s Part 2
  • Training VA’s Part 3
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Guidance and Constructive Criticism

Industrial 3D NumberModule Five Topics

Time To Complete: 30 Minutes

  • Best Practices
  • When To Promote
  • Workforce Management Apps

purchase outsource kingpinModule Six Topics

Time To Complete: 30 Minutes

  • Scaling
  • Project Managers and Team Leaders
  • Building an Organization


This section contains exactly what you think it does.

As a matter of fact, at the time I wrote this review, there was already an update in this section talking about using Upwork more efficiently.

This goes to show you that the product will be updated as needed and the creators will be around to answer your questions over the long term.

bonusBuy With Bonus

I don't like recommending products with ten bonuses of crap you really don't need.

Sure, I could no doubt do like everyone else in the marketplace and dig up ten PLR ebooks on outsourcing that you'll never read to create “value” as a bonus, but what's the point.  It will be nothing more that something for you to collect on your hard drive.

My bonus is actually something you will get a use from.

I am offering three webinars to start after the initial launch of the product.

You will get access to me for questions regarding the training, tips on setting up hiring funnels that I am using. You will also be introduced to some tools that I currently use to manage my outsources for multiple service offerings.

And if we are lucky, I'll get the Mastery PR folks on a couple as well to help outside of Facebook groups or support desks!

To claim your bonus, just email me with a copy of your receipt and I'll send you a subscription link for all three webinars.

Send your email to clint@clintbutler.net









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