Time Vampires And How To Slay Them

The Time Vampires Are Everywhere!

Forget about the zombie apocalypse  for now, the United States military actually has a plan drawn up just in case it actually happens.  But there is a viable threat to you that I have to make you aware of.  And no its not Edward there, but something far more sinister.  Its the freaking time vampires that are in your life.

You know what I am talking about.  Its all those things that keep you from working on your business on a day to day basis.  This elusive little creature spreads like the plague all around you.  And more often then not you don’t realize that the time vampires have stuck you until its too late.  But there is a way to keep the time vampires safely away from so that you can accomplish some more important tasks, like making one million dollars (say it the Dr. Evil way)

In order to defeat the time vampires you have to understand what leads to them.  Overwhelm, Procrastination, Distractions all bring time vampires to your life.  All of these bring the the time vampires to your life and if you have the tools to defeat them, you will have the tools to avoid the big three above.

Time Vampires In Your Inbox

You all know this particular set of time vampires.  These time vampires go by the names Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Todd Falcone, David Wood, the list goes on and on.  Now don’t get me wrong all of these fine time vampires send out some great information on their lists.  That’s why we all signed up for them.  But over time you start following so many top producers in our industry and what happens is we end up with over 40 emails in our inbox before noon.  Yeck, when I wake up in the morning and I already have 40 emails.

Plus you add in all the emails from Facebook, LikedIn, and all the other sites that want to keep you coming back.  Of course that is when the time vampires strike.  You end up spending two or three hours a day reading your emails, checking out the latest product or service.  You may even buy a few things that you just have to have to succeed on the internet.

So to kill this particular set of time vampires your going to need to use a tool.  Its called the unsubscribe link.  I know, you spent all that time signing up for these lists and your getting some great information.  But how is it really helping you.  I bet you emails in your inbox right now that your going to read later.  From a month ago.  Go check, I’ll wait.

Unsubscribe or changing your notification settings is the key to keeping you focused on what really matters, working for your business.

Time VampiresTime Vampires In Your Skype

I still attacked by these time vampires from time to time.  I will be writing a post and someone will ask a question or make a statement in one of the eight groups that I belong and  I just can’t help myself.  I stop what I am doing and go read the comment.  Or worse yet, I end up chatting it up for a half hour really about nothing.  The thing just beeped at me while I was writing this, and yes I looked.

But if you just can’t live without having your Skype on that is ok.  There is this cool little feature in the status setting called Do Not Disturb.  Your messages will continue to come in but you won’t get distracted by the notification noise.  Optimally while your doing something for you business your going to want to just shut off Skype.  But I understand that Skype is an important business tool.  So you really can’t kill these particular time vampires, but you can put a muzzle on him when you need to.

Time Vampires On Your Phone

These time vampires are the most dangerous for a network marketer.  Have you ever called a prospect to interview them to see if they are right for you?  I hope the answer is yes.  But during this call, the time vampires start talking to you about their business.  Or worse yet, they ramble on about the latest and greatest thing they signed up for and why its going to make them rich.

I feel sorry for these particular time vampires because I know that 95% of them are going to fail at their business.  I also know that I have the tools that they need in order to succeed.  But they won’t take me up on my offer, because their are star struck.  I don’t kill these time vampires because I truly do want to help them.  I simply get their attention, make sure they are listening and tell them that “the purpose of my call is to interview you to see if they are the type of person that want to invest my time in.”  That usually puts these time vampires at rest and more open to an effective and short conversation.

There is of course another version of this particular breed of time vampires and they are the ones in your downline.  You have a team site with all the information they need to get started.  Its actually quite duplicatable and effect.  You know it works.  But like any good upline would you call to see how they are doing.  What happens next will cost you an hour.  They dump on you about how they couldn’t figure something out.  They ask you for your opinion on the latest and greatest shiny thing they just bought.  They talk to you about the compensation plan for something they just signed up for.  But never once do they mention what they have done today for their business.  The stupid time vampires got to them.

You can slay these time vampires by simply stopping them mid-conversation by say “like I said when I called, I am checking to see what your progress is in the training.  I can’t really talk long because I have some work for my own business to get done.  If you run into any issues please send me an email or Skype me and I will address your issue as soon as I can.”

Time Vampires On Your Browser

Time to kill the browser time vampires.  They are called Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIN, and forums.  Don’t get me wrong these places all have their purpose in life.  I love every one of them and the traffic that they can bring when used correctly.  But, if you let yourself slip you will be one of them for an hour reading stuff and chatting away before you even know it.

Use a timer when you get on these sites to keep the time vampires back.  Set it for 30 minutes, I like this amount of time because I have found I am both productive and can play at the same time.  Plus after 30 minutes a day what else do you really have to do for your business on them.  I know sometimes if I am not watching myself, I could end up spending two hours watching funny videos.   That’s two hours I could have used to write another blog post and call ten leads.

There are many obstacles in your way when your just starting out building your network marketing business.  Don’t let the time vampires add too that list of reasons of why people fail.  Don’t let them get in your way, because if you do you will end up being one of the 95%.  There is a way to get yourself motived

A 4 Step Way To Get The Time Vampires Out Of Your Head

Step 1

Be in a quite place by yourself with nothing else going on around you.

Step 2

Close your eyes and think back about past moments in your life that you were fired up, engaged, incredibly motived, or when you were taking massive action.  If you never have been in those states, just imagine if your were.

Step 3

Take yourself back to that place in time.  What were you seeing around you?  See the things that you saw at that time.  Turn on your ears and hear the sounds around you.  What were you hearing?  What were the smells around you at that time?  Feel those feelings of what it felt like to be really really motivated.

Step 4

Grab ahold of that feeling.  Use an “anchor,” meaning once your in that state gently pinch your earlobe.  Eventually your mind will associate that positive feeling with you pinching your earlobe and those feeling will rush back whenever you need it most.

Now that the time vampires are quite its time to get to work by taking massive action.  In know that the time vampires with show up again, they always do, but now you have tools to stop them.

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