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No Result Caused by Seven Day Power Outage

So if you have been following along with the news these past few day you have no doubt heard about all the power outage issues that were taking place in the Pacific Northwest due to and unexpected ice storm.  Well during that whole period of time it just so happens that my home office was also one of those affected and I was sure that it was going to slow down my business.  And like most people I was sure that all my marketing efforts would produce no result unless I was online doing my thing.  Well maybe not so much sure, but a little worried I would get no result.

But you see here is the thing.  I really didn’t have to worry about getting no result because I had done all the right things to ensure that my systems were in place to let me step away from the computer everything would be alright.  My autoresponder was doing its job, by blog was doing its job, and so was my merchant account.

But why was I worried?  You see I learned early on in my network marketing career that I needed to be consistent in everything I do in order to see results.  So when I started my first site I developed a little system that kept me focused on the topic at hand.  I knew that nothing else that I did for my site mattered unless there was good quality content on it.  Content that was unique and posted with a regularity that showed the search engines that my site was (or going to be) an authority site with a level of quality that both the search engines and people would enjoy.

In order to accomplish that and ensure that I wasn’t going to be like 95% of the people who try online network marketing and end up with no result.  I gave myself a few small manageable daily tasks that had to get done before I did anything else.  The first task that I created to ensure that I avoided no result was to do a blog post every day.

The blog post didn’t have to special.  Heck a simple company review is easy enough to knock out in an hour to ensure that it was unique enough to stand out from the crowd.  And after a while I go to where it took more time to complete my on-page SEO stuff then it did to actually produce the anti no result content that I was looking for.

The second anti no result task that I created for myself was dealing with Facebook.  Yep, like most people I was using the social media site everyday orginally with no result.  I mean I was dropping my link everywhere I could on the site and I quickly learned that method provided no result whatsoever.  People were just doing the same right back to me and I though I was marketing on a big social safelist.

So to ensure that I corrected the no result from Facebook issue I looked for a mentor and found one that could guide me to doing the right things.  My mentor, Michelle Pescosolido, took me under her wing and guided me even though I wasn’t a member of her downline.  Heck to this day I don’t think I have actually paid her a dime.  But she told me what I was doing wrong with Facebook and why I was getting no result from my efforts.

My new daily plan started with engaging people with my profile.  Going out and talking to people on the site.  Offering advice where I could or just chatting it up increased my relationships very quickly.  And the best part was that I didn’t need to be on that task for more than ten minutes.  I just took part in just five conversations a day.

Michelle also taught me that I needed a Facebook fan page, and if I wanted no result with that all I had to do was put it up and leave it.  But I knew that no result was clearly not what I was looking for so I added the third daily task to my schedule.  It was simple really, all I had to do was post on other people’s fan pages as my fan page.  I provide some good tips or help with a possible solution to someone’s problem and it was she wrote for my no result fan page.  People started coming and I was getting some love.

No Result Found For This Guy, Not A Chance

So that’s it, those are my three daily must do tasks if I wanted to concur the issue of no result.  But the power outage messed up my daily routine and it taught me a very powerful lesson as well.  You see during that time I couldn’t access my website at work.  Well I could, but for some reason the IT guys there have the oldest version of Internet Explorer possible and it won’t display all my tools that I have installed on my site to ensure everything is as good as I think it should be.  So I just didn’t do anything with my business.

I didn’t write unique blog content, no result.  I didn’t go onto Facebook and chat it up, no result.  I didn’t even read a personal development book, no result.  And this cost me a lot of momentum that I had gathered up the coming months prior.  Now I am not saying that the break was good.  I think I needed it as much as the next guy.  But the no result monster was climbing up my back and I needed to shake it off.

Sure my site was out making me money while I was gone.  But what if I had made that extra sacrifice of driving somewhere to one of the coffee shops with my laptop to get my content done.  Nothing stopped me really, other than laziness perhaps or the cold, but I could have done it and perhaps could have made more than I did.

The point is that if you get no result its all your fault.  You can’t blame your upline for no result.  You can’t blame your website for no result.  You can only look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself this question.  “How bad do I want it?”  I’m not talking about making a financial sacrifice here.

I’m sure this line as been tried on you more then enough times.  “What do you mean you don’t have the money?  You said you wanted to make $2000 a month.  How bad do you want that?  What can you sacrifice to get the money to join?”

I can’t tell you how many network marketers I have heard use that line and frankly I hate it.  Because ultimately all they are doing is selling their business to this person who is not going to succeed.  They say they don’t have the money.  Well I say cool, well when you can get the money and you your ready to really do this right give me a call and I will be more than willing to help you get started.  I don’t want to add to the 95% no result rate.  I want the rest who will achieve results.

So you need to shake the no result monster off your back.  You need to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how bad you want it.  Then you need to sit down and make yourself some daily tasks which will keep the no result monster at bay.  Nothing hard or complex, you have seen mine, heck my youngest son could do what I do on a daily basis.  And you need to stick to those daily tasks.  Then, and only then, will you truly succeed online and let everyone else see no result.


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