Hey how are you doing and welcome to my humble website ClintButler.net!  I would first like to start off by saying THANK YOU for granting me the privilege of your time.  If your anything like me your busy and I know that even a short 3 minute visit is asking a lot, so again thank you for everything!.

Note:  If you are coming from a workwithclintbutler.com link know that I recently moved the domain over to this one.  Its shorter and easier to remember.  Plus it doesn’t sound so, self centered, at least in my opinion.  If you are looking for a specific piece of content just use the search bar.  All of the original content is still there for your viewing!

This Is Who I Am:

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m not a real big talker.  And to be more specific, I really hate talking about myself, much less writing about me. But I’m going to give it a shot.

Recently I retired from the United States Army after 21 years as a Military Police Soldier.

Clint Butler

Afghanistan looking happy (as I could be)


It was a great time for the most part and to tell you the truth I doubt I would be the man that I am today had I not joined.

me younger

I came a long way from the tall skinny kid in the family who was raised by a single mother.  I have to tell you don’t think she did all that bad.

Ever since I could remember I knew that I wanted to be a police officer.  But in Phoenix you needed to be 21 to apply and since I also enjoyed the idea of being in the Army I signed up.

Like most career Soldiers, it was only supposed to be for five years so I could then move on.  But as fate would have it I met my beautiful wife Kimberly one year into my enlistment.  And the rest is history.

Two great kids and 21 years later we couldn’t be more happy together.

I learned a lot about people and myself and one of the ever lasting lessons was that we all just needed to take care of each other.

Me and the guys

Sure it wasn’t as fun as it could have been all the time.  But as a team we could do anything, and we did.

But six deployments later I was burned out.  I needed more time with my family.

I love riding motorcycles and horses too but the Army life wasn’t conducive to that, especially as you mature and move up in the ranks.

But what I love the most is being able to change someones life forever because I helped then succeed.  There is nothing more satisfying then taking in a young Solider and molding him or her to be the best possible person that they can be.  And I knew it was something I could continue even when I left the ranks.

Marketing gave me that opportunity to continue my mission by helping other people with their small businesses.

Over the last five years (I started while still serving) I have been involved with search engine optimization and social marketing, and have learned to blend internet marketing into business plans.

What Is Marketing?

First you need the answer the most important question of all:  What is Marketing?

Marketing is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as:

 mar·ket·ing  noun \ˈmär-kə-tiŋ\

: the activities that are involved in making people aware of a company’s products, making sure that the products are available to be bought, etc.

As you can see the definition of marketing is really not all that complicated.

But there are many, both online and offline, that try to make is sound like it’s rocket science.

Don’t get me wrong, marketing does take skill.

But it is really a skill that anyone can learn to apply when giving the right training and mentoring.

A bit of experience does not hurt either.

That is why I chose to use the headline “Marketing Lessons Learned The Hard Way”.

I even create a snazzy graphic for my video’s and such.


I have been studying the “art” of marketing.

Yes marketing is an art.

I have been learning the ins and outs of both internet marketing and direct response marketing through mail.

And after all this time I am here to tell you that I have been able to answer that all important question, what is marketing?

I have been able to do it by taking on a mission statement that sums up what I do in my business.

 I connect people who have problems to the best solution, usually via the internet

That really is what marketing is all about.

Once you start to understand and apply that very simple mission statement in your business your going to succeed.


Marketing is not something that you should get into in order to change your lifestyle.  The fact of the matter is that your probably going to have to work harder and longer than you did for any j.o.b. (just over broke) I know I have and continue to every day.

I don’t give you this warning to scare you off.

As a matter of fact, it should pump you up.

Knowing that your undertaking an adventure that 99% of the people in world are too afraid to start, much less stick with.

This should make you very proud of yourself indeed.

Now that a better understanding about marketing.  And you have the answer to the question, what is marketing?

Are you ready to take the challenge for a better life?

Are you ready to take your existing business to the next level?

Are you ready to work hard, so you and your family can play even harder?

This Is What I Do:

I teach lead generation for small business via search engine optimization, social media marketing and video marketing.

Lead generation through these mediums is a requirement these days if you looking to get your business in front of more people.

Sure cold calling still works, but lets face it nobody really loves doing it.

We would all rather call people who are at the very least familiar with who we are and that is where search engine marketing and social media marketing come in.

The optimal result, however, is to be so available that you end up having people call you!

With that goal in mind, for the last three years I have also ignored my personal marketing and learned the ins and outs of SEO.

From on-page to off-page, I learned it all.

The hard part was figuring out what works in the easiest and fastest way possible without spending tons of money.

Its not easy to say the least.  With the search engine’s changing the rules on a daily basis you have to always be on your game.

But by using SEO and social media together I have learned how to bring a brand to the forefront of the internet where potential clients are already.

By using these methods you too can be positioned as an authority.  The go-to person who seems to have the all the right answers, at the right time, when people are asking them.

This Is How I Help Small Business Owners With Marketing Made Easy:

I have partnered with some of the top digital marketing professionals who have created a system that will allow you to generate leads.

Then take those leads and monetize them, even if those people chose not to buy from your business.

To get started all you have to do is message me and let me know!

You can contact me on Skype: clint.a.butler
Phone at (253) 592-4476 or sign up using the opt-in form in the sidebar.

Using this tried and tested system will allow you to not only improve your own business through digital marketing.
But it will allow you to position yourself and your company online with residual income streams that will literally pay for the rest of your marketing.  So go here to learn more about lead generation and then sign up, your future is waiting for you!

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  2. It’s nice to know that from being a retired soldier and now being a blogger and a marketer. And now you are sharing some tips and knowledge about marketing. Useful and very helpful to those who are new to marketing world? Thanks for sharing this article. I will share this post with my friends. They will certainly love to read this. I’ll definitely give these 5 stars.