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Online Network Marketing Is All The Rage

So you joined a network marketing company and your all excited.  Right until your upline tells you that you in order for there “plan” to work and put you in the money you need to buy leads and cold call them.  They throw in a few scripts and make sure your autoship is turned on properly.  Of course you also need their team website, contact management, and an assorted amount of other tools which also cost you a ton of money.  But don’t worry their plan works,  for them.  You can see the writing on the wall that your new business is going to cost you a lot of money, especially if you have to buy leads all the time.  So you say to yourself, “Self, what about online network marketing?”

So you begin your journey of trying to make your millions on the internet using online network marketing techniques that you found on Clickbank or some cool guy software that offers an easy button.  Only to find out that online network marketing isn’t as easy as all those big time network marketers are tell you.  Sure its a great method to use for your business, but man its hard work.  I know, I do something for my online network marketing business everyday and it can get overwhelming.

The true key to becoming successful with your online network marketing ventures it to learn about the different methods that you can leverage the internet in order to generate traffic and leads to your site.  Now notice that is used the word “your” there because it really is important.

You see that company site that you were most likely given really isn’t going to do much for you or your business.  They are cookie cutter sites that don’t really do a good job of recruiting for you and that is why the most successful online network marketing campaigns all start out with the creation of a website centered around you.  Mike Dillard calls the concept attraction marketing and the site is the beginning of “You, Inc.” (read his Magnetic Sponsoring ebook if you want to understand the attraction marketing model)

How To Use Your Blog For Online Network Marketing

I could probably write a 200 page ebook on this particular online network marketing subject but I figure your here for the short version so here we go.

First is the site itself.  There are a lot of people who get hung up on the design for their online network marketing blog.  “I have to make this site look good before anything else.” And frankly that thinking can be nothing further from the truth.  There are ugly sites out there, and they have followings that generate them millions of hits a day.  So don’t let design slow your online network marketing down.  Just get the site up.  Use a WordPress blog with a free template at first, there are some good ones out there.

Second it the content.  That’s right, your going to have to write stuff.  But all in all its not really all that hard.  More than likely you already have tons of information on your hard drive which you can summarize and add to your online network marketing site. Open up one of those free ebooks you sign up to someone’s list for and write about what’s inside.  If that ebook has a bunch of chapters then you have tons of articles you create.  Summarize each chapter, ten chapters equals ten articles.

Finally, you need to get the search engine’s looking at your online network marketing website in order to get people to see it.  There are tons of websites out there that show you how to do it.  Mine is one.  This information can however be a bit much so lets cover some different types of online network marketing techniques you can use.  Its important that you start off with just one or two methods at the most.  Do anymore and your done.  There is no way to keep it up for the long term.

Big Three Online Network Marketing Techniques

Social media online network marketing is using sites like Facebook and Twitter to get your message out there.  You can post your online network marketing content on those sites and people who follow you will come read your stuff.  It really is as simple as that with these two tools.  In Facebook alone I use their groups to show off my content and I generate a lot of traffic to every post that I write.  These people come in, see what I am writing about.  They leave comments, suggestions, and share my stuff on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.  You can’t buy the social recognition that this gets you. (Make sure you +1 or Like this post please :) )

Video marketing is a powerful online network marketing tool.  Do you know how many people view everyday? 3 billion people watch a video on YouTube everyday, and that isn’t even the only video website out there.  You can generate tons of leads using video.  You will just have to overcome any camera shyness that you may be suffering from.  But if your a great talker then this online network marketing  method is perfect for you.  I know online network marketing sites that use nothing but video’s.  And you don’t need a professional video like the one below either.  Make a video using powerpoint or of you talking to your webcam.

Article marketing is still working for a lot of people trying out the online network marketing model too.  This one is a bit time consuming though, at least for me anyway.  Some people however love to write and have tons to say about a subject.  If your one of those, use this method.  All it really entails is writing a short , clear and concise article about a topic of your choosing.  Then you put a link to your site in your resource box and submit that to some article directories.  Sure there is a bit more to it, but you get the idea.

There are a quite a few more online network marketing methods that you can employ but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with tons of different things.  The online network marketing methods that I listed above really only scratch the surface.  But they are all free methods and they are all very effective when you take the time to master each one.  Like I said earlier though, pick only one, buy a good course on how to employ them, them implement.  Implementation is the key with online network marketing, there isn’t a course out there that will do you any good if you don’t put the work in.


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