Not Just Another Visi Review

Not Just Another Visi Review

What Is Visi Anyway?

Over the course of the years I have been involved with several different companies.  There are some that offer a bunch of great products.  And there are some companies that focus solely on one.  There are companies whose members do more selling then building down lines.  And there are companies who distributors tend to pitch a business opportunity rather than the product they sell.   Visi is not one of them, and I think that is a wonderful thing.  This tells us their business is about helping people through a product.

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When I started writing this I did a bit of research into the other Visi reviews that were out there.  But when the original article was done Visi was the relative new kid on the block in the direct selling industry and there really wasn’t all the much talk going on about them in those early days.  Which is unfortunate because it really is a competitive market.

You see the health and wellness market is the most profitable one out there.  Rich or poor people are always looking for a way to make their bodies better.  Its an evergreen marketing for a reason and having people talk about in that world is better than money in the bank.

I have no doubt that some of the products are as good as some of their distributors are claiming.  This company has proven that it did have the potential to really succeed.

With its ever growing popularity, there continues to be an increase in the amount of people looking for quality a Visi weight loss review.

And hopefully there will be enough people out there who have tried the product themselves by now to add to the overall picture of the company and its products.  After all, the proof is in the pictures, and numbers, when dealing with weight loss products.

So what do you say I get to what you came here for and tell you about the company?

Visi Is Alive!

The company launched in April of 2012.

Under the direction of Kent Lewis, their CEO and President. He has been involved in direct selling for well over twenty years.  Serving as a corporate executive, consultant, and a distributor.

It’s that experience as a distributor that will allow the company to fully support those who join.  Hopefully they will be able to provide some outstanding training and marketing tools for years to come.

These are built off of his past experience at making sales.  To the tune of over a billion dollars with several different companies.  So, they might be new in the market, but Mr. Lewis won’t let them stay that way for long.

The other man involved in this company is Mr. Bill Perry who is a leader of an investment group that finances Visi.

As a real estate investor and developer he has been able to create several multimillion dollar companies. With his financial backing and business experience Visi is in very capable hands well into the future.

The company’s popularity in Canada was amazing.

Whatever the company did to get a foothold in the weight loss tablets market there worked because it was clear people there were using Google a lot to find them.

The Visi Product

As I said before, the company is in the health and wellness market.  Their products are broken down into three simple categories.

  • Wellness
  • Energy
  • Weight Loss

All of their products are based on their main ingredient, the Arctic Cloudberry.  The actual name of the berry is Rubus chamaemorus and it’s grown in the extreme northern hemisphere parts of the world.  The berry itself is very similar to raspberries or blackberries.

They are widely considered a great source of vitamin A, C, E, and B.  There are also indications that it is a good source of calcium, magnesium, and benzoic acid.  Which is pretty cool, considering another use of the berry is to create a Nordic alcoholic drink.

Visi’s wellness offering comes in a powder form that you mix with water.  I am sure you could add it to something else, like milk, if you wanted too ($99.00 for a one month supply).  Their energy product offering is in the same form and claims to not only help increase your energy.  But also to help protect your cells and increase your metabolism ($99.00 for a one month supply).

Their last product comes in the form of weight loss tablets.  They claim that here are no side effects.  I.E. jitters, hunger, or other such things that people complain about when using other dietary supplements.  They are saying that this product is designed to increase thermogenesis, convert body fat, and suppress your appetite.  That is a tall order for one little pill ($64.99 for 30 Caps).

Starting A Visi Based Business

The company is using a direct selling model.  And for good reason.

According to the Direct Selling Association.  Direct sales increased by 4.6 percent to $29.87 billion in 2011.  There are currently 15.6 million sellers in the United States alone.  And the direct selling market is actually outpacing the gross domestic product by 0.7 percent.

Visi is using a binary compensation plan.

This plan is very popular with companies these days.

The concept is that regardless of how many people you recruit into the business.  You can only have two people under you.  Everyone else is moved under your down line.  This creates a great way to build your business.  But also help those who have joined under you build theirs as well.

One of the complaints about this compensation plan however is the way it pays out.

Let’s say that you have a left leg who is creating 1000 points in sales volume.  But your right leg is only creating 800 in sales volume.  Companies typically will only pay that 800 pay volume level.

This upset a lot of people when this model came out.  So now organizations are allowing a carryover of the additional 200 points in volume to the next commission payout.  That way you never lose any of the sales volume that you have acquired.

I will admit the compensation plans are really the crux of network marketing based business models and sometimes they can be really confusing.  Binary this, sales volume that, down line this, power line that.

It no wonder there are some Visi complaints about the way they are set up are starting to arise.  It’s just so hard to get that compensation model down and be able to explain it correctly to people who are new to the industry.

Only Time Will Tell

With this company being so new to the direct selling industry.  Only time will tell if they will succeed.  It’s really up to the support that they provide to their distributors.  And the effectiveness of their products.

Undoubtedly there will be a few people writing on the topics of a Visi weight loss scam because they didn’t lose the weight they thought they would.  Or had some type of side effect caused by the product.  But those are to be expected within an industry like health and weigh loss.  Some things just don’t work for some people, and other things work great.

Or you are going to start seeing more in the way of complaints from the business side.  This is also unfortunate for companies because there are some people in the network marketing industry that prefer to sell dreams rather than reality.  Visi scam claims, and scam claims for all companies, really start out from the recruiting for down line.

There are just some real jerks in the industry who sell a dream of financial freedom in 90 days or less.  We’ll do the work for you they say.

So people sign up and they realize that “they” we full of it.

But if early indications are correct, this company will have a great future.  Getting in early would be a good idea for anyone looking to create a part time supplemental income.  And by leveraging the internet to generate leads, you could potentially grow this business quickly.

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9 thoughts on “Not Just Another Visi Review

  1. Hey Clint – I would think the first hurdle a new dealer will have to address is the price. Do they offer materials with solid testimonials on the effectiveness of the products? Also, just wondering if they’re a member of DSA (Direct Selling Association)? DSA has a pretty stringent list of critia members must meet in order to join so the validation that comes with that membership alone can help to offset their newbie status. Thanks for this informative review!

  2. Hi Clint,

    Thanks for the overview on Visi. I have heard a bit about it, but really didn’t know exactly what it was. Here I found out! Another tempting shiny object!
    There is one thing I do like about new companies and that is if you get in early, you will be more likely to be on top.
    Thanks for the explanation,

  3. Great title. I wanted to read just because I didn’t know what you were talking about….lol. You know what is true about affiliate marketing health, finances, and self improvements will always be a lucrative niche in affiliate market. Very corrective writing Clint. I love energy drinks especially when working :). I used to use thermogenic pills before working. Talking about allowing you to write forever and get a lot done! Health and fitness has always been apart of my life.

  4. Well, ViSi has been around for 8 months now and this review is so accurate – it’s growing strong, and I and many others are having great success based on one simple thing – people who try the products, like the products, and are willing to buy the products!
    I personally am having the best success I’ve ever had, and my super-complicated marketing plan is to share samples of the weight loss with others! Pays like clockwork, and after launching in 3 countries (USA, Canada and Australia) we’ve added Japan with some European countries coming soon!
    This has that special potential you get once every 8 years or so – great leadership, great products, and a great launch!

    • Jon, its great when people who are active in company’s I review stop by and leave their insights. Thank you very much

  5. Hi Clint, thanks for this detailed profile of Visi. Is the Cloudberry something that I have to watch out for? Is it the next best superfood? Like Garen, I’ve used thermogenics to get things done, and I’d like to know if this is something that I need to add to my mad writing days :)

    • You know Sarah I am in the same boat. Seems like it gets harder and harder to focus everyday. I haven’t order any of the product yet though. I still have tons of other stuff I bought that I need to go through LOL

  6. Hi Clint, thanks for the review, I hadn’t heard of them yet. It must be very challenging for a new nutritional company to compete, with so many others around. And, it mostly depends on whether the company can inspire good leaders to join.