Avon Review How To Create A Profitable Avon Business

A Little Avon History

When writing an Avon review there are so many different things that could be addressed.  But there is really only one place that you should start and that is with the history of this wonderful company.

Not many people know this unless they are directly involved with the company, but Avon was actually founded in 1886 by a bookseller.  David H. McConnell was a traveling salesman selling books but he also gave away free perfume samples at the same time.  He learned quickly that people were far more interested in receiving the samples than they were in the books that he was trying to sell.

He also noticed that a majority of his female customers were the stay at home moms.  This drove him to recruit them as sales representatives.  Back then employment opportunities for women were limited so this helped him build a sales for that was able to network with and market to other women.  It also helped to create a passionate workforce that he could count on.  Thus the Avon lady was born.

Actually the very first Avon lady was a woman by the name of Mrs. Persis Foster Eames Albee.  McConnell actually nicknamed her the “Mother of the California Perfume Company”.  She was 50 when she starting selling perfume, traveling by buggy and train selling perfume throughout the Northeast.  She is to this day, credited with creating the company’s system of distributing products.

Since then there have been many wonderful woman who have used Avon to build a profitable business.  Some examples are Soledad Lacson Pena who became an Avon representative in 1978 in the Philippines.  Today at 70 years old she is using text messaging and the Internet to build her business.

There is also several shining examples of young people who are building their businesses as well.  Starting in 2005 as just a way to earn money, Irina MInca of Romania now has a team of over 600 people.  Crediting Avon with helping her find herself and become more responsible, Irina uses the Internet to build her business.  Through savvy social media marketing campaigns and by collecting orders online she as become one of Avon’s rising stars.

Today the company has become a champion for several causes as well.  Focusing on supporting different woman’s issue causes like the fight against breast cancer and violence against woman.  They also have an emergency relief program to help women and their families after natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake.  And finally, in 1995 they established the largest corporate affiliate philanthropy foundation, Avon Foundation for Women which has thus far donated more that $910 million in more that 50 countries for causes important to women.


How Avon Sells Its Products

The use of other people to sell your product or services isn’t a new concept.  The method goes by many names but direct selling is the most common today.  Direct selling comes in many forms and can be conducted through one-on-one sales, in a group, or even in a party format.

Avon ReviewAll of these methods really are designed to bring in a personal touch to marketing.  It’s all about building relationships with people and then offering them the highest levels of customer service and personal attention.  And it works because direct sellers around the world are responsible for $137 billion in sales annually.

There are two primary concepts of selling in a direct selling model.  One is called prospecting, and its probably the most well known.  The act of contacting friends and family is where most people start out in this model.  The reason people teach to contact these people about your products is that you already have established relationships with them.  They already know, like, and trust you and are more likely to buy.  The problem is that you then need to get those same people to introduce you to their friends in order to expand you business.  Not very many people are interested in doing that and it results in slow business growth.

The second method is called attraction marketing.  This is the concept of creating a brand or name for yourself in your community.  Then people will seek you out as a way of getting a product that they already know about.  This is the best method for building your business because most people who will seek you out already know what you are selling and will buy.  Or they know that you have a business of your own and are more likely to join with you to have their own.

With the advent of the Internet, however, new and wonderful ways of direct selling allow people to reach out to people they otherwise would not have met.  Social media and content marketing are allowing people to build their businesses at a much faster level than ever before.

Social media alone is becoming one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your name and information out to the world and its also a great way to build relationships with people who are not only looking for products.  But are also looking for ways to supplement their incomes from home.  With the downturn in the world economy, there are no signs that this will slow down any time soon.  As a matter of fact, there is a rise in people who are looking to get away from traditional ways to make money from jobs, and they are searching for home-based businesses.


Attraction Marketing Online

Attraction marketing works surprising well online.  Through the creation of video’s that detail your product and its uses.  Through constant contact on social media channels people can observe your progress as you build.  People will also be able to find you during searches, they will read or watch your content, and contact you.

Some people however have a hard time finding the fine line between traditional online marketing and attraction marketing.  And most will not have the technical or process knowledge that they need initially to get started.

There are several training programs available online for a nominal cost that will help you get the most out of the Internet.   And lead generation programs that will give you a way to build those personal relationships that you will need.

The real key to online marketing is that you need to stay consistent with what you are doing.  If you choose to create videos about your product, you need to make one everyday.  If you choose to use social media, you have to be on there everyday.  And if you choose to create a blog, which I highly suggest that you do, you need to write everyday.

But don’t let that discourage you.  It really doesn’t take that much time at all and you can do it in just a hour or two a day.  Once you get into the daily habit of doing it, it become second nature and gets easier and easier everyday.

The other thing that you need to do is keep in mind is that direct selling is about relationships.  And just because your online does not mean that you don’t have to build them.  But it’s not as hard as the prospecting model that we went over above.

People know right away online if they are interested in what you have to say and typically keep coming back more often as they begin to like and trust the information that you are presenting.  Eventually, through that constant interaction, they will come to know you more and more.

This is where having a good lead generation funnel comes in.  Now I won’t go into too much detail about them here, but I did write an article about them if you’re interested.

What I will say is that a lead generation funnel allows you to gather information about people online.  Anything from email addresses, all the way to their phone number and home address if you want it.  This allows you to build your list of potential customers or business partners.

With this information you can email them your specials or call them up on the phone and find out more about them.  Build that relationship.  And this puts a voice to you now.  Shows that your exactly who you say you are online.  And people will defiantly love you for it provided you did it right.


Can Attraction Marketing Work With Avon?

In a word, absolutely!!  The fact of the matter is that Avon has taken very good care of its brand name.  I know you can think back in time and remember a conversation where you have talked about the company or referenced an Avon lady.  And it’s this brand recognition that will really help you online.

Now you have to understand that many companies don’t allow you to actively promote online using their brands.  And that’s ok, you don’t want to do that anyway.  But you can talk about their products as long as you’re not doing it in a sales way.

For example, (keep in mind I am a guy ok) lets say that Avon comes out with a perfume that you absolutely love.  And when you wear it you get tons of compliments from the people you meet throughout the day.  What’s to say that you can’t pop out a cell phone and make a quick three-minute video telling the world that fact.  Or having one of those people talk to you on camera about how great it smells.  Then people will contact you about where to get some for them.

You see how attraction marketing works?  You don’t sell anything but yourself.  Its takes all the pressure off of you and makes things a lot easier for you.  I know that example was a bit simplistic, but you understand where I am going with it.  Attraction is all about using your imagination to present information in a way that gets people interested in you.  Regardless of what you’re selling you can apply marketing to it and create a great business online or offline.  It’s really up to you.

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25 thoughts on “Avon Review How To Create A Profitable Avon Business

  1. I really think that attraction marketing is what it boils down to!! I think though that we have to make sure that we attract rather than repel.. Sometimes it’s the receiver that misinterprets our communication or perhaps we ( I in particular) have to change how I think about the marketing part. It really isn’t about ‘selling’ no, its about attraction marketing!! Fantastic post, Clint.. Thanks for the history of Avon lesson.

  2. I definitely believe that attraction marketing can work to build any business, however we must remember the word – marketing.

    That’s what it is all about because at the end of the day, if we have made a lots of friends and fans, but we have never sold anything, we are not doing attraction marketing. That’s where a lot of us make our mistakes. We have to market. We have to make a sale.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

  3. Well, well, well … where to begin. I suppose with a disclaimer – ten years as a district manager with Avon. One element you’ve glossed over in your review Clint is the multi level marketing aspect of the business.

    Externally Avon promotes the image of the individual Representative building her own business through relationships with customers. Internally Avon is all about leadership and recruiting. In fact Avon has a wonderful promotional video featuring some of the most successful Representatives of all time – what you discover when you look into the background of these successful Reprs is that every one of them actually built their businesses – not on their own sales to customers – but by building huge downlines of successful Representatives. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, except that a lot of people join Avon under the mistaken assumption that they can become successful on the level of those Reprs Avon holds up as examples by simply selling to customers – in otherwords, without having to deal with recruiting other people. In my ten years with the company I never saw that happen.

    Otherwise, I completely agree with you as far as Avon’s commitment to social causes and the value of attraction marketing when it comes to this or any other people related business.

  4. hi Clint,
    I agree that Brand recognition is great with Avon but I believe that Avon is not a brand representative of doing business the way online attraction marketers work today. The Avon representatives that I have met along my way don’t represent the type of attraction marketers that I work with. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Avon is very successful with a home party type of business and that doesn’t translate well online. In the end, success is dependent on our own internal compass and personal growth – whether Avon or any company.


  5. My grandmother has been an Avon rep for over 45 years now. She is not as active as she use to be, but she still has some long time loyal customers that she has come to know as very good friends. I do like a lot of the products that the company sells and the fact that they also sell their products at a decent price. I am more often to buy Avon for my makeup than at the store itself.

  6. I’m not exactly sure what is meant by others when they use the term “attraction marketing”. But what I think of when I see the term is attracting others who might be interested, to what I have to offer. Branding is important, but I think it’s better to brand yourself rather than a particular company or product. When others know, like and trust you, they will be more likely to look into buying your product or service. ~ Willena

  7. Avon is a household name for years. I believe that it’s brand is already trusted. But when it comes to attraction marketing, it surely would work well. Two reasons: One Avon is well known and trusted and Two that engaging with people will help build relationships and help YOU be trusted.

    Great review!


  8. I feel that when we learn to listen more to people we can find how to resolve all challenges they face on a daily bases. I would not endorse any company or products and just have to say, this is an article that I found great based on the history lesson.

    I know that Avon is one of the biggest companies that use people to attract people. More companies are jumping into this model. It is the oldest way to produce huge results and allow people who have the resources to create a real virtual business.

    Thanks Clint for opening our minds to the right way in interacting with others.

  9. Hey Clint,
    wow, this post (if I may use this humble word) is austanding, so much research and so much care to list teh proper steps to arrive to the “attraction Marketing”, great work Clint and I also must congratulate you for inspiring me to become a better person while doing what I do in our industry.

    Yes, what you wrote (which I was not aware) got me thinking that people from as far back as we can think, have always used the best of what was working to bring happiness to otehrs… yes, that is teh way I interpreted it all…

    WOWWW, thanks so much for yoru inspiration to improve and do better in what we do best, knowing that the benefits shared will go a long way even after the time coem to retire for good..

    All the best in every way and thanks again for being so devoted to what you do for otehrs to benefit.

  10. Thanks, Clint, for another fascinating article. I found the history of Avon particularly interesting, and had no idea that the original concept goes back to the 19th. century!

    Attraction marketing has been a buzzword (or “buzzphrase”?) for a while now. Your summary clarified a rather cloudy concept for me. I look forward to your next article. I’m impressed that you can blog daily in just an hour or two per day: I find it tough to keep blogging weekly, and it generally takes more than an hour or two for each post.


  11. Hi Clint. It was great to meet you on the hangout last week. The first Avon lady I knew was a next-door neighbor when I was growing up. I loved to play dress up with all the tiny lipstick samples that she gave me. I actually was an Avon lady during the 1970’s when my daughter was in kindergarten. It was an ideal way to work while she was in school. I loved getting the box of orders delivered and putting everything in bags. It was like Christmas.

    Avon is an amazing company. They just keep reinventing themselves and trying new things. It’s a testament to their business model that they are still in business after all these years.

    Yours is the first article I’ve seen on how to use attraction marketing to sell Avon. Very good!

    All the best,

  12. Fact filled post Clive, crazy as it is I didn’t realise that Avon we’re still going strong. I remember the brand from living in England when I was younger a couple of my school friend’s mothers were agents and they used to bring a pick from catalogue into school when we were teenager. Now I’m going to have to check them out online as they are today!

    Wow though Nile’s grandmother has shown the company incredible service 45 years! Is she there longest trading agent I wonder?!

  13. Hi Clint, what a review :) and wow, 45 years service from Nile’s grandmother -that’s amazing.
    We do some work with Avon on Birds on the Blog, they are committed to women, and they have great female ambassadors.
    It’s a great starter business that can be grown into a significant business very quickly, and one that does so much good.

  14. Hi Clint,

    Interestingly, I bet everybody know someone who was or is in Avon. Actually my sister was. I think she was her own best customer.

    I commend Avon for the philanthropy work with women.

    Interesting post.


  15. Hello Clint…Interesting post. I have known a number of Avon reps over the years, but had no idea it was such a pioneer. Also appreciated your points about attraction marketing…which of course are important for any kind of online marketing. Thanks.

  16. Reading about Avon brings back memories, my grandmother loved their products and I’ll forever associate Honey Suckle with her :)

    It’s wonderful how the Direct Sales industry gave women the opportunity to make money while staying home with their children. I didn’t realize that Avon used the network marketing model until I began searching for ways to participate in the industry. I agree, attraction marketing as we use it online as well as offline is a powerful way to build any business. Great info Clint and thanks for the memories!


  17. Hello Clint,

    I would have to say that offline and online methods will both work.

    Online attraction marketing is an art that many will never master, it
    does have a longer learning curve than the offline methods.

    Which ever method someone would choose, learning how to deal with
    people is key to success, because in the end it is all about relationships.


  18. I remember my mother selling Avon when I was a lot younger and the internet was a dream. It was cool to get all the samples and stuff in for the new products. If the internet had existed back then she probably could have made a killing at it instead of selling products to the same people over and over again.

  19. Hi Clint,

    I’ve been in quite a few direct sales marketing companies. When I think back on those years, almost all of my friends were in some type of direct sales. The ones that come to mind besides Avon is Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Party Lights etc. My shining star was Creative Memories. I became a representative because I’m an avid memory book creator and it was away to generate income and improve my life socially. Don’t forget there are many woman who are raising their children and direct sales was a great way to decrease isolation and build new relationships with other women.

    I was a representative for Creative Memories for eight years and some of the women who were my customers have become lifetime friends. Direct sales can be a very lucrative business for the stay at home moms, or any woman wanting a home based business. These companies give woman (and an occasional man) an opportunity to build a business and do something they are passionate about. The attraction of the business model is hosting home parties, developing relationships, and making sales. However, to generate wealth, recruiting and building leaders is the only way to do it. As most companies with this business model, the focus has to be on building your downline of leaders…sound familiar? Creative Memories has it’s share of millionaires and billionaires! Representatives reaching those levels did not do it merely by selling products at their home parties.

    The business structure that Avon started offline has expanded to the online world and they are masters at branding…I grew up with “The Avon Lady” and I have been a customer and Avon has been among the giants in direct sales companies. I have one of those weird thoughts that come to my mind every time I see the Avon brand. If you saw the movie, “Edward Scissorhands” and the “Avon Lady” went door to door introducing her products to the neighborhood. She was so dedicated! The word “Avon” was never mentioned, but implied and everyone knew what company she represented. That proves the strength Avon’s branding. It’s almost like an inferenced brand! Very powerful.

    I commend Avon for their contributions to women and being one of the original pioneers of direct sales, and today, an ultimate model in attraction marketing. Thanks Clint. Another excellent review!

    Raena Lynn

  20. This is very interesting Clint. I didn’t realize all of the history regarding Avon. I find it very resourceful and appreciate your insight. Hope you have a great day!

  21. I think that Avon is doing a great job in supporting the fight against breast cancer. I really love how things evolved since their first campaign. I found the article very helpful! Thank you so much!