7 Minute Workout Review

7 Minute Workout – Yeah Right!

If you have been on the internet for more than a year or so then you know about the boys over at GVO who started a little website hosting company that promised to give you all the tools that you need to build a successful internet business.  And a lot of people bought into that program and some even  made a lot of money by promoting it.

Well those some folks are the one’s that created the network marketing company 7 Minute Workout.  Their initial promotion strategy was to actually get the people that were using their other systems like GVO and a couple other things to join their network marketing opportunity.  But they didn’t approach it from a money making method, they actually used the get in shape and healthy way.

They appeared to have genuine concerns for the health of their membership and as such showed them 7 Minute Workout way before it was actually launched to the rest of the world.  I am pretty sure the fact that its founder Joel is a health nut had something to do with its marketing models but you can’t fight the results people are claiming to have.

7 Minute Workout, launched in June 2011, offers a package of fitness and weight-loss products for people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels, which it sells through a multi-tier affiliate system.

The 7 Minute Workout is a workout regimen which claims that it can be completed in 7 minutes a day.  And is only needed to be gone through 2-3 days per week.

All 7 Minute Workout members do have online access to a tracking system for weight and body measurements.  They are also provided with a food tracker based on their proprietary weight loss formula which is covered more on the site.  The founders also created  a cool social media system that is focused on health and fitness for it members to enjoy.

7 Minute Workout Enrollment Options and Compensation Plan

The 7 Minute Workout Fitness Program costs $24.97 per month to join as a customer. Those wishing to become an Affiliate and earn commissions on sales and referrals may do so for a one-time fee of $149.97, plus $24.97 per month.  I am pretty sure that the added fee pays for websites and other things.

7 Minute Workout has a binary multi-tier compensation plan. Affiliates are paid fast start bonuses for personal referrals and the referrals of their downline. Team cycle bonuses are paid on a 4/2 split. 7 Minute Workout Affiliates must maintain their 7 Minute Workout membership at $24.97 in order to remain active and earn commissions.


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