You Want to Make Money Right? Stop Wasting Your Time And Do It Right

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What are you doing to kill your efforts to make money online?

The crazy thing is, and I see this a LOT, is that there are people out there who actually AVOID doing the things that make money…

I hope you’re not one of them, but in case you are

Let me give you some examples…

*Posting links in Facebook groups

*Trying to make your blog look “good”
 rather then creating content.

*Adding people you don’t know as friends on Facebook (I did this one too until I realized it was a huge waste of my time)

*Posting affiliate links on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.

Ok, so I hope you’re getting the picture I am trying to paint for you here.

We as marketers tend to do a lot of stuff that just plain doesn’t work.

I know.

I have done it all and I can freely admit that I never made a dime by dropping my blog link into a hundred different groups.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t even receive more then 20 clicks to my site doing that.

Now, I know why people do these things, I’ve also wasted hours trying to make my blog look cool (before switching to the most plain one ever)…

Why do they do the things that don’t make money…

1.  They are stuck in the ’employee’ mindset.

Doing stuff = Success.

It’s SO easy to get sucked in to that mode, heck, I did it today for about 30 minutes!

Luckily, I recognize it easily now and snapped out of it.

It usually involves checking email too much, Facebooking and messing around with stuff that doesn’t make me money fast.

I hope that if you have been sucked into ‘busy mode’ in your home business you can recognize it now.

Doing Stuff Does NOT = Money

Doing the RIGHT stuff = Money and LOTS of it (usually in a lot less ‘hours’ of work that you would think)

2. They simply don’t know WHAT to do…

Now this is a big one, and possibly why so many people remain stuck in the ’employee mindset’.

Once they realize that what they are doing each day is NOT a money making activity, they don’t know WHAT to do.

They try some stuff, don’t really get results and go back to just putting in hours, telling themselves that SOMEDAY it will take off, they will hit the millions.

3.  There are marketers out there who take advantage of newbies.

Obama - Used Car Salesman

I can’t tell you how many products that I have bought that were complete crap once common sense took over.

And the sad thing is that today there still people teaching the techniques that I have listed above.

And people new to the digital marketing space don’t know any better.

So they follow along and ultimately quit because they just don’t work.

This isn’t to say that all people selling techniques are used car salesman selling outdated techniques.

But if it doesn’t pass your natural common sense test, don’t bother with it.


Fact is….making money online is SIMPLE when you know what to do to make money.

Clint Butler

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One thought on “You Want to Make Money Right? Stop Wasting Your Time And Do It Right

  1. Another really awesome post.

    It is sooooo easy to get caught up in “busy work”. I think we are all guilty – at some point or another. Often it is from the reasons you suggest. Sometimes it is simply procrastination.

    I hope your post gives many some serious food for thought.
    My mantra is Stop the Madness – One Size Does Not Fit All!
    Dr. Linette Montae recently posted..Want to know what I outsource?My Profile