Use Google For Your Inbound Marketing

In are haste to rush to the internet’s top site, Facebook, we as marketers have forgotten about the inbound marketing tools that Google provides us.

Its not that we don’t know or about them (or maybe it is), its that at times we get tunnel vision and fail to realize that there are other games in town that we need to be prepared to explore when we have come to master the method we are currently employing.

inbound marketing

What is inbound marketing?

First, I believe that I owe you an explanation of what I mean by the term inbound marketing.

As you may or may not have been aware of, traditional marketing techniques have hit the back burner, thus resulting in the establishment of a stale and ineffective method of reaching consumers.   Newspaper ads, classified’s, even radio and television spots are seeing a diminishing return.

As a result of this change in the marketing environment, you need to shift your focus to to attract people who are actively searching for your product online.

This is where inbound marketing comes in to play.

Inbound marketing describes the challenges your customers are facing on a day to day basis, and what types of solutions to their problems that they are looking for.

I know you have heard this before from the “guru’s,” they have all told you that you need to solve people’s problems, provide them solutions.

Inbound marketing as a result takes advantage of the way people communicate on the internet and conduct research.

You as a business owner need to take advantage of this and tap into search engines, blogs, and social networks to provide solutions where your target audience is searching.

Google tools for marketing.

Google Products Infographic

1) Google Adwords:

So we all know that Google PPC is probably the one advertising system that can make you loose your shirt in about .03 seconds if you don’t know what your doing.

But, if you take the time to learn this tool, you can bank everyday.

To be simple in my description to those that are unclear, this tool allows you to create ads and target specific keywords.

As people search those keywords, the ads appear in the search results or on other people’s websites as part of their display services.

I want to warn you again, but not scare you off, Google Adwords costs can get out of control if you don’t know what your doing so buy a course and at the very least read their step-by-step guide.

2) Google Drive:

Using this tool for your marketing is awesome because you can use it to interact with your customers or prospects.

This service will provide you with free online documents that can be accessed from anywhere and the most powerful option is that they can be shared with your team and edited by them as well if you wish.

Think of the possibilities this presents if you working together to promote the same company or funded proposal, you can collaborate on ads, techniques etc. etc.

You can also create reports and use the service to deliver them.  Think of how easy it will be now to create something of value to give away for list building.

Saving you hosting costs along the way.

3) Google Keyword Tool:

I probably should have started off with this tool because keyword research is the most misunderstood aspect of marketing online, and it is the most important if your doing search engine marketing.

On a site like mine, this really isn’t a big deal for the site itself, but if I was targeting a company, the Numis Network for instance, then keyword research becomes very important.

I could do a whole training on keyword research so I won’t delve into it right now, but don’t ignore this tool.

As a note though, you going to need an Adwords account to be able to use it.  But since that is free, what’s the harm in making that a requirement.

4) Google Alerts:

A free tool used by marketers to monitor brand names, industry terms, or your competitors website.

Play with this one, I use it to monitor technology news to keep abreast on the latest news.

Plug in your companies name into a Google alerts and you can stay up to date on what other people are saying about your company.

Or if your more of an industry minded person, create an alert for keywords in your niche.

This will allow you not only to keep abreast of the latest trends, but your site can also be the place where you curate all that information.  Thus saving your readers tons of time in research and making you look like a genius.

5) YouTube:

I have written a whole post on how to use YouTube so I won’t rehash the whole concept here in the interest of your valuable time.

But let me say that if your not using video in some form for your business your really losing out.

Video has proven to convert higher than any other form of marketing.

And since YouTube is free to post on you really have no excuse.

6) Google Places:

Should be used by you to get your business found on local search results on both Google search results and Google Maps.

This will increase your visibility, get you more traffic and best of all its a free traffic source.

And once you learn how easy it really is to get this set up, you could also provide a setup service to your clients if local marketing is your thing.

8) And finally I am going to end with Google Plus:

Here is my Google Plus Profile.

This service is Google’s attempt to answer the popularity of Facebook.  Its a new social network that can drive traffic to your site via social media and search engine traffic.

Google+ has a business pages feature, which is similar to those of the other networks.

Here is a post I did on how to use this service.

Don’t underestimate the value of being on here.

There are a lot of people who are doing just that and one day (mark my words) they are going to regret it when it comes to getting traffic from Google as a whole.

Ok, so I know there a lot of tools that I detailed to you, but don’t get crazy and think that you need to get all of them employed right this very moment.

If your doing Facebook marketing are your primary method stick with it, don’t let your inbound marketing efforts get sidetracked.

But remember that Google is offering some great free inbound marketing tools that you can employ and overcome that number one objection we hear everyday and we ourselves use:

“I can’t afford to buy the tools to get started.”


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