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Content Syndication On For Traffic

While other big name marketers are preaching about how much high quality content will help your site bring traffic, I continue to preach content syndication.  And I will always contend that no matter how great your content is, if your not marketing your content your wasting your time.

Top 20 Marketing Topics

What is

In order to being I need to add a little context to help you understand why this site is valuable to you.

Back in the day when content curation was all the rage in the online marketing space people were looking for a way to do it better.

That’s when was born.

This site works similar to bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon in that you can use a bookmarklet on your browser and save pages to your topic.

The topic will have a web page all its own which highlights content that you found covered under that particular topic.

So in our case today the topic will be Marketing, however for the purposes of this list I am choosing to use the term in the broad sense.

Which is why there are only 20 on this list, because most of the topics I do a lot of content syndication are more narrow in topic choice.

Content Syndication For Traffic Not Backlinks

Let me help to make a distinction between what I am doing with the site versus what other people are doing with it.

There are a lot of people who have figured out that has earned a lot of authority in the way of PageRank and domain authority over the short time that it has been active.

These people submit their links to hundreds of topics in an effort to build links and gain rankings.

They don’t particularly care if they get traffic from the site since they are depending solely on a good ranking to bring in traffic.

Our purpose is to find great topic pages that are well moderated by their owners to leverage their website traffic.

By targeting specific topics as they are highly related to an individual piece of content that you are writing, you can expect to see some actual visits from rather than backlinks alone.

We as content syndication practitioners are building backlinks, it just the way the internet works, however are focus is not improved rankings, its increased traffic.

Are you going to hundreds upon thousands of visitors, probably not, before you’ll have a few more than you had when you started which is better than working for nothing right?

Top 20 Marketing Topics On

Without further ado lets get to this list. I am keeping this simple so you have an idea on how I picked them.

Also as a bit of a note they are in no particular order.

1.   Marketing Revolution – PageRank 3; Page Authority 49 11.7K views

2.  Digital Marketing Pharma – Pagerank 3; Page Authority 45; 10.9K views

3.  Digital Marketing Strategy – PageRank 0; Page Authority 47; 129.4K views

4.  Marketing Tips – PageRank 0; Page Authority 44; 2.2K views

5.  Online Marketing Resources – PageRank 0; Page Authority 56; 11.5K views

6.  Content Marketing, Curation, Social Media & SEO – PageRank 0; Page Authority 59; 27K views

7.  Marketing in Motion – PageRank 3; Page Authority 46; 14.1K views

8.  Marketing Technology Alert – PageRank 4; Page Authority 55; 106.5K views

9.  Hotel Marketing – PageRank 2; Page Authority 43; 16.8K views

10.  Social Media, SEO, Mobile, Digital Marketing – PageRank 0; Page Authority 57; 30.3K views

11.   Marketing Hits – PageRank 6; Page Authority 58; 307.2K views

12.  Content Marketing & Content Strategy – PageRank 0; Page Authority 45; 20.2K views

13.  Content Marketing and Curation for Small Business – PageRank 3; Page Authority 37; 5.1K views

14.  Restaurant Marketing – PageRank 0; Page Authority 1; 3.1K views

15.  Digital & Social Marketing – PageRank 4; Page Authority 48; 60.8 views

16.  Healthcare Digital Marketing – PageRank 0; Page Authority 48; 5.6K views

17.  Entrepreneurship & Startups Innovative Marketing and Crowdfunding – PageRank 0; Page Authority 46; 46.9K views

18.  Hospitality Digital Marketing & Beyond – PageRank 0; Page Authority 44; 7.1K views  

19.  Internet Branding Marketing Mix – PageRank 0; Page Authority 50; 1.6K views And last but not least

20.  Marketing with Search, Social, and Video Marketing – This one is actually mine.  I had an older one with more on the topic however when I realized the whole thing sort of got off track I actually deleted my old topics and started this one.   However you can’t fault a guy for wanting to be listed in with the Top 20 topics right?

Tips About Content Syndication on

  1. Make your own topic, start building a reputation on the site for sharing all types of content not just your own.
  2. You have to be following a topic in order to submit to it, so limit the amount of topics you subscribe to.  If you write about a lot of different topics keep a spreadsheet with each one listed in its niche.  That way your only submitting to relevant topics.
  3. Make sure your not always submitting just your articles to the topics.  Moderators will be more likely to keep approving your stuff if you share relevant articles from other sites once in a while as well.
  4. Promote the topics that your submitting to on your site or others.  Its all about giving back to people who are giving to you.
  5. Don’t let this take up more than 30 mins of your day.  It shouldn’t even take that long to submit to 40-50 different topic pages, just plan ahead and set a timer.  If its taking longer than that your either not using the copy/paste function or you have selected too many topics to submit to.

In Conclusion

The fact of the matter is that was designed specifically for what we are using it for, content syndication.

By establishing yourself as someone who suggests great content to these topic moderators you are giving yourself a terrific opportunity to increase your website traffic without coming across as link builder on social networks.  The topic owners will thank you, and their reader will thank you.

Are you using for content syndication?  If so what are your favorite topic pages?

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  1. This is a nice curators list of people. I’ve got most of these Scoopiteers in my feed, but I added a few new ones to add to my feed. Content Curation and Syndication is a technique most business bloggers should consider to expand their online visibility. Nice work Clint!

  2. A great list Clint, and no you can’t blame a guy for being on his own list. I used to use a lot but now not so much. I think I need to get back to it, and your list is a great starting point. Thanks for sharing it. I’m just going to