RYS Reloaded Review: Why It’s Exciting To See Plus A Bonus

rys reloaded

RYS Reloaded Ready For The World

There have been hints around the interwebs that a new version of RYS Academy (Rank Your Shit) would be coming out one of these days and Semantic Mastery has announced that RYS Reloaded will be available in the coming weeks.

RYS Reloaded: What's In It

Some things I expect to see:

  • Better use of Google properties
  • Integration of Cloud hosting platforms
  • iFrame uses
  • Javascript techniques

RYS Reloaded Review

I'll have to wait and see until launch day, they are not giving out review copies to anyone.

RYS Reloaded Bonus

I was thinking of offering two live webinars to help with the implementation of the concepts taught in the training.  Or I can just buy a bunch of PLR e-books, value them at 35,000 and give you that crap for your harddrive.

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