How To Find Your Tribe Who Will Invest In Your Products

What Is A Tribe?

Ever since Seth Godin published his book Tribes marketers have been developing how to find your tribe methods that people have been buying into for years.  The problem is that people are finding that the whole process is a lot more complicated then is sounds.  After all when your learning how to make a tribe doesn’t seem kinda daunting?

But don’t worry too much about the details because as you go through this process you going to find that the tribes are already there.  You just have to position yourself as a leader within them.  And knowing that you’ll understand that you don’t have to know how to create a tribe, you have to learn how to lead one.

So first of all we need to identify the definition of a tribe.

Well to put it simply a tribe is a group of people that are connected together by an idea, a leader, and to each other.

But don’t let that scare you.

finding your tribe

An idea can be something as broad as the desire to “make money online”.  Or something as specific as “make money online blogging about real estate ventures”.  The point is that your tribe believes, or rather knows, that you can achieve that specific idea.

A leader is just that, someone who believes in the idea as well.  But not only that, someone who has a solution to a problem that your tribe is facing right now.  You can be that leader, even if your new to marketing, because there are definitely people out there just like you getting started today.  Think about what you didn’t know when you first got started.  Now think about all that you have learned thus far, don’t you think people would love to here solutions to the same problems that you faced?

And to each other.  People are doing this everyday on Facebook.  I bet your a member of a group or two that discusses specific subjects in relation to your idea.  I know I am.   I even have my own Facebook group branded to my name, Clint Butler.  Or how about this, what if your tribe was focused around your Facebook page.  There your tribe could comment on specific issues or even interact with each other.

Watch this TED talk by Seth Godin on The Tribes We Lead


Difference Between A Tribe And A Niche

People get so focused on how to make money that they start looking for little corners that they can paint themselves into.

And this really is not your fault.

Let me explain.

Many of you know that I come from a strong seo background.  And in seo you have to first identify your niche.  Your target market.  Otherwise what are you building your site for.

Your niche could be something as broad a internet marketing.

Or as narrow as weight loss for new mothers.

But when it comes to your tribe you need to change your thinking a bit to really open up the amount of people who might be relevant to you.

For example, lets take the subject of email marketing.

If your marketing online one of the first things that you hear is that you need to start building a solid list.  Whether your using email or direct mail that list is where your money is going to come from.

And if your marketing online email marketing is your method of keeping in touch with your prospective customers and customers who have already purchased your products or services.

So you have to know that there are a lot of people out there who are trying to do the same thing.

One group who is just starting out.

One group who has a small list and wants it bigger.

One group who has a large list but can not seem to make it more responsive.

Each of those different groups can make a great tribe for you to be involved in depending on your current level of knowledge on the subject.

And you can do that with any topic your talking about.

How Does A Tribe Help Your Business Grow

I really can’t explain to you how important this is to your business better than these two video’s do.

Finding Your Tribe

There are a few key things that you need to keep in mind while building your own tribe.

1.  Seek to alienate people who don’t connect with you.  Instead of trying to be a person who blends in.  Be completely ok with make people mad at you.  I can’t tell you how many times I have deleted a comment or article I have written because I thought it might offend someone.  It wasn’t until I understood that if I offended them.  Then I probably didn’t want to do business with them anyway.  That relationship between us would never have been a good one.  So its best they leave offended early on, versus offended after they purchased something from me.

2.  Seek to connect deeply with people who do connect with you.  This is how your tribe will be strong.  This is how you get and keep repeat buyers.  The people whom you connect with strongly will go out of their way to hear what you have to say.

3.  Figure out if your tribe is hungry.  Drive, commitment to success, level of integrity.  If they are not truly hungry then it isn’t a tribe that you can serve.

4.  Are these people that are willing to get out of their comfort zone and make some bigger strides to move things forward?

5.  Is this a group that I can see expanding and growing?  Are there more and more people there?

How To Find Your Tribe?

1. Define who are you.  Resonate with values. Your personal approach to your business.  Why you started your business.  Your tribe is like you, they are just one step behind in some area.

2. Define the very specific problems that your tribe is facing.

3.  Develop a solution to those problems.

4.  Develop content that provides that solution.  I do this in many forms.  Blog content, video content, and audio content are the best ways for me.

5.  Promote your content daily.  I really can’t stress enough how important it is to promote your content.  How can you be a leader if people can’t find your stuff?

Can Someone Have Multiple Tribes?

There is a common misconception that you have to maintain one tribe and that’s it.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

As a matter of fact you can actually create a tribe for each of your products.

Lets dive down deeper into marketing topics.

You main focus for example may be marketing online.

You could have a tribe for email marketing.   And then a second on Facebook marketing.  A third on video marketing.

Don’t limit yourself to one tribe, because in the end your going to limit you business.

That doesn’t mean though that you want to try to everyone in either.  If your marketing is for real estate professionals, then tailor your topics to those people.

In Conclusion

You found this post because you wanted to learn how to find your tribe.  And I hope that I was able to provide you with a more definitive way to do that.  I could have course gone step by step on how to build your tribe using various methods but in truth you already know how to do that in your market.

The real point of this finding your tribe article is that you need to learn that you can’t please everyone.  But you can over deliver for a few.  And its those few that will make or break your business.

Comment down below and tell me if your building your own tribe.  Or perhaps your a member a great tribe that you would like to share.

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60 thoughts on “How To Find Your Tribe Who Will Invest In Your Products

  1. Thank you for this excellent description of tribes and how they can work for us in internet marketing, Clint. I was familiar with the concept, but you have helped clarify several issues that have bothered me in the past, such as whether you can have more than one tribe.


  2. Hi Clint,
    thank you for supplying this great information and the videos.
    There are great benefits in being part of a tribe.
    I probably never would have come across your interesting post if I didn’t belong to a tribe you belong to.
    The tribe I am part of is supportive and we share each other’s content.
    It is also nice to get comments and read the blogs of the members and leave comments.


  3. Well, you certainly have a different angle. I don’t know about alienating people. I understand that there are some people that you may never do business with, but alienate them. I’ve got to think about that.

    • A lot of people are nervous about doing that. Think of it this way. If you work hard to please everyone, you will satisfy no one. I am not saying that you should go out of your way to make people mad. But I am saying that you shouldn’t adjust your values or beliefs to make people happy either. Don’t pick your words, just be yourself.

      • Clint,

        I see what you are talking about. Sometimes on FB I just delete people that offend me instead of trying to be friends with them. If they show themselves to be negative in certain areas of their lives, I would rather get them out of my life now, because in the end we will never have a close connection anyway. I do the same thing on my blog. If someone leaves a useless, thoughtless comment just to get a backlink — DELETE! And in your article you made a great point — delete them before they become an unhappy customer. No one needs unhappy customers badmouthing their products!

        Great post with lots of great videos and ideas on tribes and finding the right one, Thanks!

        ~ Jupiter Jim

  4. Hi Clint, I did get an invite to a Google Hangout last week and it was to join this tribe. Well since I didn’t have a clue to what he was even talking about, I just deleted this e-mail. I didn’t even know what a tribe was?? you did a great job here with this post as well as the video’s. Now when you say how to find your tribe, I believe this goes for anything in business, why would you want to chase someone who has no interest in what you are doing. This only makes sense you want to to work with people who want to work with you.. Right? Thanks for sharing Clint… Chery :)

  5. Clint,
    I really enjoyed your article and the videos really explained how a tribe functions together to uplift and support one another. I am a part of several tribes and it really makes such a difference to have the support, encouragement, and help from so many wonderful members. I have learned a lot from being a part of a tribe and I am glad I’ve had the opportunity.
    Thanks for sharing all the benefits.

    • Shelley ~

      What tribes are you associated with? I’m really new to this concept, though intriguing, and it’s cool to know this is really working so well. Let me know if you would, thanks!


  6. Clint –
    I LOVED this post and the videos were great too. The best thing I got out of this – well there were many, was permission to delete someone, or not build a relationship with someone you do not connent with. It’s okay not to be linked and it’s okay not to like someone else that don’t fit with your values… very interesting discussion in the TED videos.. Thank you Clint!

  7. Clint,
    THANK YOU… first for coming back to life (well, I mean to write haha :-) second, THANKS for sharing your knowledge about tribes and what it takes to create one and how to find one and all the other great stuff..

    I never read anything similar… this is my first time.

    As you, I belong to B3 and in the beginning I believe it was called a tribe.. at the time I had no idea what a tribe way or was not… but since I was asked to join, I joined… and guess what? since then as you already know, many changes have been evolving with B3.. and in my understanding, everything that you wrote above have been happening in the group and that is healthy because each one who participate is aware what he or she is doing there.

    Thanks for your research i finding great Ted videos on the subject.. I do watch many Ted videos.. but never seen these so THANKS once again and welcome back to where you belong :-)

  8. Hi Clint
    Very helpful post – especially resonated to this “Instead of trying to be a person who blends in. Be completely ok with make people mad at you. ” Even though intellectually I know this works – I still tend to edit myself too much – glad to read that you struggled too and have overcome it – I’ll keep working at it – Marty

  9. Excellent article on how to develop our tribes and our sphere of influence.
    I liked the suggestion of promoting our content daily especially if it gives solutions to our market.
    ( Just like you did here)…
    Thanks Clint for the good share and best wishes!

  10. Clint, what an extensive, well written article! This resonates so well with where I want to take my own tribe. Thanks, as well, for saying what you did about different tribes. Do you think it’s possible to reach different tribes from the same site? For example, on my site, I am targeting Christian adults with autism. However, I also want to help providers and parents who are working with these adults.

  11. I keep coming back to this article, Clint, and find something new every time. This time, I found myself studying the process of finding a tribe in more detail: definitely something I need to work on!

    Thanks for providing so much valuable information.


  12. I do need to get a crystal clear picture about exactly who I am leading and who will pay me well for helping them. I guess if one does not know their tribe, not much else matters. Without a clear tribe our words do not strike the right chord.

  13. Clint,

    I cannot be reminded often enough about the value of finding my tribe and speaking to my tribe and becoming their natural leader – rather than preaching to people who may know, like and trust me but are not hungry for what I am offering. Great post with so much good insight.


    Dr. Erica

  14. Hi,
    Thank you for that post there is so much useful information there, i used to be really confused about this, and yes your right being told you need to make a tribe is very daunting!!
    Thank you again,
    Regards, Jessica.

  15. Hi Clint, when you describe a tribe the way you do, I guess I’m a member of many tribes. I hadn’t thought of a tribe with such a “broad” definition before. That means I’ve been part of a tribe for over a decade on the internet, I think of them more like a community, but they’re just words, doesn’t matter what it’s called!

  16. I haven’t read Seth Godin’s book but have heard about it.. I really like your explanation here and it does help it seem less daunting… Appreciate your detailed info and videos!

  17. Hey Clint, it sounds like you are the “irresistible force” and I’m the “immovable object”. It’s the difference between a direct person and an indirect person. I wouldn’t intentionally alienate someone who disagrees with me or causes problems for me. I’m far more likely to let the insistent or abrasive one think he’s got the better of me, and then go my way unconvinced and unchanged. The funny thing is, it ultimately gets the same result, because the offensive one will leave me alone.

    Thank you for the excellent, thought-provoking post and videos!


  18. This is a really indepth post – thanks Clint – and is so well written that even I understand it…LOL – have bookmarked it to come back to the videos. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Great post Clint. I think becoming a part of a tribe it has helped me as a blogger tremendously. It has given me the knowledge I need to know in order to progress and grow. In addition to that it helps with traffic 10 fold! I am currently a part of 2 tribes. One point a couple years ago when tribes for the internet was emerging i was a part of probably 8-10 and that was just to much. I couldn’t concentrate on all of the tribes let alone my own blog!

  20. Hey Clint……In belonging to a common Tribe with you I am exposed to some awesome blogs……If I hadn’t been with B3 I would have missed out on your post….This is full of great information that puts things in perspective for me on how to build a group or tribe that I have in my mind……now I have a direction and information I can process to use in my own tribe building endeavors…..I never realized it be for ……but we are continuously building tribes that fit with our interests. likes and dislikes……now you have shown how we can to the same things to build our businesses….. Fascinating…….Thanks Clint….Smokey

  21. Love love love this Clint. Birds of a feather, flock together as the saying goes and when you find this you’ll find that they are also your tribe :)

    There’s so much here to digest I’m gonna be visiting this post over and over, I can just tell :)

  22. Hi Clint,
    It is human nature to gather and tribes are gatherings of people with mutual interests. I studied Seth Godin’s book a couple of years ago and I am still working on putting it’s contents into action. I love your article here, and ultimately finding your tribe ( or many) will enable you to succeed in business. Look at Mari Smith, Michael Stelzner and Brandon Burchard – they have all created tribes that have driven them to huge success.
    And I love your blog – especially your opt-in at the top of page – excellent marketing!


  23. This is the first summary of what a real Tribe is. This tells us what to look for is consistency and support. We want to be in a place where there are global leaders from various industries all getting involved in giving their insight on a given subject.

    As we all know when writing an article you come to the end result. Others with experience will have a different way they come to the same end result. Thus, you start interaction on that article.

    That shows the different levels of experience within the Tribe. That is one I love to be a part of. Each doing their part in giving readers information that is usable and not pitching some program or other junk.

    Great article and you are one of our empowering leaders in our Tribe.

  24. I belong in multiple tribes for different purposes which works out for my different needs. What I’m struggling to build is my own tribe or community. I have a number of people in my facebook page and a little in my opt-in list. I’m even finding it hard to make them interact or at least be responsive in my posts. I like one of your suggestions to build content that would solve their problems. I am wondering though how I could connect that with my existing products, like my children’s books. I am thinking of building content about my children’s books niche or topic. But how do I know if these people will find it valuable? Do I just hope that the right people will come to see the contents? I guess my struggle at this time is not just building my own tribe but also building one that is responsive and interactive, so that I don’t feel like I’m talking to a “wall”? lol.

    • I do feel your pain on this one Cherrie and its something that most tribe leaders face on a daily basis. One of things that I have found in both my Skype mastermind and in my own Facebook group is that eventually a topic is going to come up. The key is being able to have or know where to get the answers.

      Its a lot easier in the Internet Marketing niche because all it takes is a little time and research.

      In your case however your talking about a really specific niche.

      Your target market, and please correct me folks if you think I am wrong, is really parents and grandparents of younger kids. There will always be a market for selling them. But it sounds like what your trying to do is create raving fans who become repeat buyers. If that is the case I feel your going to have to start with the books first. Creating an exciting character and then using that character in a series of books.

      Within your books at the end offer parents a place to come and talk to you personally about some suggested topics or problems they would love to see your main character face and how to deal with those problems.

      Just a thought, what do you all think?

  25. I don’t belong to any particular tribes for marketing, just ones in tune with blog syndication. I really am not looking for anything because my clients are business owners and also many are bloggers.

    Perhaps in the future after I get done with my first MAJOR product, I may get into looking for a tribe.

  26. Hi Clint!

    I guess from my name: donnamerrilltribe, one can see that I am a fan of Seth Godin. I belong to many “tribes” in and out of my niche. I find it is the best way to really get to know people. To me, that’s what business is all about.
    You have done an excellent job on this article and fully explained the difference between a tribe and a niche.
    I am currently building a group for my email peeps which is more of a membership site that is free. It is a production in process, but will be a place where we can “tribe” together.
    Thanks for this awesome article.

  27. This is really the essence of online marketing, Clint.

    Position yourself as the leader of a small group of people who share your interests. That’s really what a tribe is, as you’ve presented it.

    The problem I’ve always found with my students and clients is that they think they need to develop something big, new or totally different, and then deliver it to the world. After all, this is the “word wide web”.

    But, as you point out, you only want to gather in a small, focused tribe of folks who have a common set of problems and want to follow someone who can help them find solutions to them. The solutions don’t need to be big, new or totally different. In fact, they just need to be good solutions to the problems your tribe has, and they will be happy to hang in there with you and become good customers and clients.

  28. Hi Clint,

    What an excellent article on how to develop our tribes and our sphere of influence in business. What Dave shared is of great value to Network Marketing in particular. We need to be able to communicate to people at THEIR stage. Being a leader attracts others to join the specific tribe. From the like-minded tribal members, amazing things happen. The impact is so beautifully expressed by Seth with his visual circle of influences.

    Awesome sharing, Clint. Thank you!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

  29. Clint, it is so true that people seem to want the longest marketing list they can get, while not thinking of the quality of those on it. Recognising and targeting a market is an important lesson to learn :)

  30. Its really hard to find a Tribe in India , people ask lot of question and keep on rejecting , even if anyone is ready then he/she wants to proceed like he want.

    • Oh that’s not limited to just India Vishnu, I think everyone had to deal with that. The key is really finding people that you enjoy begin around and talking to. Just because you may not agree with their ideas or opinions shouldn’t disqualify them completely. Remember, your going to learn something from everyone you meet. Its just that you might learn the right way to do something. Or you may learn a way not do it.

      • Yes , But here in India people are unaware of this type of deal , they love to spend in properties rather then ideas.They are not interested in ideas they are interested who else are funding this idea .

  31. Clint,

    This is such a great post about Tribes. I will have to come back and watch the video in full. I have been involved in various tribes over the last few years. It is so important to surround yourself with people that you can totally align with and that can also move you forward.

    I always think of it rightly or wrongly as what do I have that these people need and what can I get from these people. My ultimate goals is to advance in my business so it’s important to have the right people in any tribe you are part of.

    Beth :)

  32. Clint,
    You have really done your homework and written a thorough article on finding your tribe. I found it interesting your point about not being able to please everybody. That is so true because everyone is not interested in what you are interested in. So that being said if we just share what our passion is and do a decent job of getting ourselves out there, then those who like what we have to say will find us and read us. Right? I like being part of a tribe because it does expose my to subjects I wouldn’t ordinarily read. Then if it peaks my interest…I can pursue if further.
    Have a great day!

    • Thanks for stopping by Lynn and leaving such a great comment!

      I agree with being exposed to different topics. It really allows you to get the creative juices flowing and learn new concepts to apply to your business.

  33. Hi Clint,

    Hi Clint,

    I could call this article “Everything you ever needed to know about tribes.” You covered a lot of ground. I watched all the videos and they are intriguing. You have to love Seth!

    I was especially interested in David Logan’s presentation about the 5 stages of tribes. He gives guidelines of how to move from one stage to the next. It is interesting that most people are in stage 3, and only 2% are in stage 5! If we want to change the world, we need to move to stage 5.

    When he said, “Tribes can only hear one stage above and below where they are. Leaders nudge people within their tribes to the next level” gives a clear purpose to leadership.

    His final thoughts:

    We all form tribes.
    What kind of an impact are the tribes you are in are making?
    Listen for how people actually communicate in the tribes that you are in.
    Don’t leave them. Nudge them forward. Talk all 5 culture stages because we have people in all 5 around us.
    Will your tribes change the world?

    Thanks for sharing how we can find our tribes. Your post and videos have given me a lot to think about.

    Raena Lynn

  34. Clint, amazing and still had to put some more insight of my that was gained re-reading this article.

    When you find a tribe like your church. You are always stating it as your home. So when things need support step up. It is always nice to introduce yourself to all new members and contact all members of the tribe just for interaction.

    Keep your pitches out and really provide useful information for challenges we are going through in the present. That is contributing to a tribe.

    There is no need to overthink finding one and seeing what will happen. If you have made it here, there is no better place to connect than with Clint.

    Thanks for your years of dedication and hands on support without hype.

  35. Hey Clint..
    Some people don’t like the term “Tribe” but when you read Seth Godin’s book “Tribes” we are all in one when you think about it – a group of people who like the same thing, work for the same cause, or promote the same business or product, or person! And it IS a community. I have read somewhere that “Tribes Don’t Work” I disagree. Tribes/communities do work especially on the internet. A group of people coming together with goals in common. Online “Tribes” are a great way to get traffic to your blog, and so many other benefits – like connecting with others and building relationshipd and friends. Love this post …

    • I think a lot of people don’t like it because it means there is work involved. But in reality, the work that some put in place is just a by product. The real value is the relationships and connections we make.

  36. Hi Clint,
    actually it’s my first visit here and Wow! This is very interesting post. I like the way you express yourself on this particular topics.
    There is so many people out there on this internet world… So if where are leader enough to gather people all together and work on a particular interest that related to everyone, we will be not just a Tribe but become and army….And then this will be powerful. Just because we have gather people around the same idea…..Thank Clint for sharing .
    I will surely come back here often I love the way you write and i mean it.

  37. I so enjoyed reading this article Clint. Very timely for me.
    My take away is your statement….the tribe is already there, and all I have to do is position myself as the leader.
    Thanks so much for this nugget. I promise you it will go with me from now on.

  38. Hi Clint.

    This one that I will have to come back to again, there is so much here to learn from.

    Interesting your comparison between the Niche and the tribe – not sure if I have seen anyone do that before, and indeed, these two can be quite opposite, or, if you are building multiple tribes, you could be a bit closer to your niches.

    Certainly gives you plenty to think of!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Posted By Jon Barry of

      • Hi Clint….

        Well, you maybe surprised about this – but there will be some newer people to internet marketing etc, who have not heard his name….

        I know he wrote a book, lots of people like it…… but haven’t gotten around to getting it – and perhaps it is because everyone thinks everyone has it, or has read it, so they don’t really push it much anymore…..

        I thought someone once said, it was quite big, so an eBook on tribes….. An Easy Tribe starter Kit – perhaps, and at the end, you can say, to find out more, get the classic Tribes… using this Amazon (affiliate) link….

        And you can place it in the market as a first step guide…… for people who have not heard of Seth at all……



  39. Thank you for this post , I am part of a tribe and maybe even more than one and did not yet realize it ?
    I think tribes of like minded are very beneficial .
    It is something we have been missing a long time ,in the past we had tribes working together and now we can build tribes in a new way .We are not bound anymore on a certain place or community,
    The new tribes can be build with people from all over the world.
    And yes, we can be part of more than one tribe. It is something people have to get used to it .
    With a supporting tribe things are easier,better than struggling alone.
    Will come back to see the videos.
    Thank you Clint ,lets build tribes :)