Using Your Favorite Colors In Marketing Could Be Killing Your Business

Using Your Favorite Colors In Marketing Could Be Killing Your Business
Colors of Napali

Colors of Napali

Colors in Marketing and Branding

When you first started online you knew that your website needed to be the highlight of your business  and  brand. Did you wonder about your design?  I know when I started marketing I wanted the perfect web design.

I really didn’t know how colors in marketing effected everything about how my site was perceived.  I figure if the site looked pretty and did cool things then its bound to convert for me.

It took a lot of research for me to understand that colors in marketing are used as a way to affect emotion in your potential buyer.

Especially when your talking about branding.

Think about this for a minute.

What color’s do you associate with your favorite brands?

Red online makes me think of YouTube for instance.

How about Facebook blue, or Twitter blue if you use that more often.

Colors in Marketing Psychology

Different colors invoke different things in people.

Did you know that…..


Now take the design of my website here.

I chose the blue wrap on everything for a very specific reason.  I want you to trust my content.

Heck I would have used a blue font color if it actually displayed correctly on the net.

I also chose the white intentionally.  I wanted to get you, the visitor, to respect my brand for its professionalism and purity of the content.

I wanted you to know that I am not just another blogger.

Colors Meaning in Marketing

Here is a different look at colors in marketing and how you can apply them when designing your site or landing pages.

Colors in Marketing and Advertising

The key to properly picking the best colors in marketing is to know your target market.

You see, based on where you were raised, your culture, the conditions in which you grew up all vary the psychological effect of color.  So you have to generalize where your perfect customer is coming from.

Is it children, adults, male, female, a particular ethnic group, the corporate world, families, Mom’s at home, teenagers, the elderly?

Who is buying your product and who are they buying for?  Is it wives buying for their husbands, grandparents buying for their grandchildren, teenagers buying for their parents, or bosses buying for their business?

Sometimes the user of your product or service will not be the one buying it. Therefore you need to use the appropriate colors on your products or services to attract the user, and use the appropriate colors in your advertising and promotions to attract the purchasers.

Using Color’s For Branding

I am not a design expert, if I was I’m sure this site would be a bit more “flashy”

But when branding yourself the colors your chose say a lot about you.

Take for instance.

That blog belongs to a person I met some time ago.

If you look at the site can you determine her personality? color scheme

I can tell you from my interactions she’s a fireball.  Energetic, yet very no nonsense when it comes to her work.  She’s exciting and entertaining.  Everything her website displays represents her.  So when you work with her, you already know what to expect.

That is the power of what colors in marketing and branding can do for you.

What colors are you using in your marketing efforts and why?

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22 thoughts on “Using Your Favorite Colors In Marketing Could Be Killing Your Business

  1. Hey Clint.

    Well this is something that is very interesting to me. Color plays a big role! I chose turquoise because it is sort of a bluish tone. Representing me as a “Intuitive Coach” I think it matches up fine.

    But lately I kinda sick of it he he. When things start settling down and I have the time to reposition my blog I’m going white all the way! I know many that have and to me I like the clarity of it.

    I enjoyed this so much because colors also have vibrations. And I’m so into that!


    • Hi Donna! Your teal could use some variation… perhaps some darker teal, and perhaps an complement accent color. A lot of times when you use one color uniformly throughout the site, it can be too much.

      I like the base color you use… you can always keep it and build more to it.

  2. Hi Clint

    This is really interesting, another post full to bursting with great content.

    I built a website for a bouncy castle company.

    it was a friends, so perhaps we worked on it a little more than I would for anyone else….. Getting the navigation to work in a way that really worked, for the customers not just the clients, took us, litterally all night.

    We were in teh datacentre – their kids were being baby sat, and they got there about 6pm on a Friday Night – we left around 12 the next day.

    we had a white website, and the only colours used, were the primary colours.

    It was very plain, and basic.

    That was teh design. It worked stunningly well. They became the No.1 company for the whole of South Wales.

    The navigation, we cracked around 3 in the morning…..

    No industry terms, not difficult choices…..

    All teh kit available were put into age ranges….

    So if you were 6 – or your kid was 6 – you could get anything in the 6-9 year age range.

    Simple, so even teh parents could get it right (some of the time) – but enabled the owners to guide people on teh phone better….

    No soft play versus inflatable… whatever…. Simple, if you kid is nine, they can have x.

    I think that is the best design, and design process we have ever done!

    And the results from that were stunning.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

    Posted by Jon Barry of

  3. Hi Clint! Thank you for using my site as an example. I always lean toward being flamboyant with my designs. It is not just the colors, but also depth and texture. This is what my clients often look for…. even when asking for a more minimalist job.

    Although I do a lot of simplistic work as well, my touch is still very apparent.

    My advice for marketing is go with what suits you….. AND taking a look at to put together a good palette. After that you need a pattern, gradient, or texture… or a taste of all or two of them to create depth.

    It does take work. I get clients who come back once a year for me to re-design their website and many of them stick with the same basic colors.

  4. Hi Clint! Green is actually my favorite color but I went with the blue with the white black ground as well! I did do a lot of checking around other sites and this was my choice. I did not know exactly why I guess now I do Thanks for sharing.. Chery :)

  5. Clint, I found your article very fascinating! It is rather mind boggling to dissect all this information and come up with the perfect end result. When creating I usually choose what is visually appealing to me and now I know why blues are my favorite color!
    Have a great day!

  6. Hi Clint,

    Again, another informative post! Recently I posted an infographic showing the impact of colors and marketing, but this one is much better. When I first started marketing, I chose white and blue for my blog and found out later what those color choices represented.

    I think the colors fit me but I’m not quite there yet. I want to portray professionalism and I prefer the clean look so my blog is

    predominately white. The key is knowing your target market and choosing the colors that appeals to them instead of “my favorite color.” I love color/s and I really don’t have a favorite. The infographic is proof that every color has it’s place and function.

    I’ve checked out using different colors for my blog but I couldn’t get myself to use dark colors. When the tone is so dark that the font has to be white for readability, white text is still difficult to read.

    Nile’s blog is a great example really shows her personality. I know Nile too and it represents her to a tee.

    I would really like to make a few changes on my blog and I think your infographic will come in handy. I have some work to do. Thanks.

    Clint :)

    Raena Lynn

    • Good luck on the changes Raena, come back and let us know when your done and why you chose the colors that you did!

  7. Hi Clint, I really appreciated this post on picking the right colors for marketing your blog to your target audience. I write a healing foods and holistic health blog so I picked light yellow, orange, green, and white to be my primary colors and after reading what you highlighted about what these colors represent, I made the right choices. Growth, harmony, stress relief, joy, energy, new beginning, creativity, encouragement, happiness, and success are all important messages that I want to share with my business and blog posts and these colors are helping me to accomplish this. Thanks for putting this fantastic info together!

    • My pleasure Shelley. When doing research for this post I found that there is actually quite a lot of information out there on the proper use of colors. And more to the point what those colors represent to people. I am so glad that you enjoyed reading my take on the subject.

  8. Hi Clint, Great topic, well covered. I agree, so often when I arrive at websites the color seems off, as if the owners chose their favorite colors instead of a color that matched their message.

    I chose a blue/green color scheme for my blog because of the message I wanted to deliver. I write about personal technology for everyday people and I want my color scheme and design to do two things: 1. Instill trust in people that I have the knowledge to guide them about tech and 2. To calm readers down about tech so they’re not stressed about it.

    So often people are frustrated with tech and want as little to do with tech as possible. Brilliant people can be put off by tech and I want my color scheme to calm them and open their minds so they can relax and learn.

    Many other tech blogs use black combined with bright colors to convey excitement and futurism. But according to your infographic, they may be sending the wrong message to their readers. I agree with you, black does make a website more difficult to read, especially on mobile devices.

    I’ll admit it, blues and greens are my favorite colors, but those are the colors that work best for my message.

    Thanks for this interesting and enlightening information, Clint!

  9. Well I love the info here. I didn’t know any of this I had a web designer help me out, gave them some choices and voila, my colors… ( red/pink/purplish). Interesting, that lately I have been thinking that I may interested in a change! I had no idea there was so much involved!!

  10. Hey Clint,

    Thats really interesting thank you, I never really thought about all the different feelings and meanings it could bring to somebody reading or visiting your website.
    Thank you Clint, Have a great weekend
    Kind Regards, Jessica

  11. My favourite colours (yes, Aussies and English spell like that:-) are yellow and orange, can you imagine those 2 colours together on a website LOL! Dazzling!

    I had a “branding specialist” decide on the colours for my website, based on all the answers I gave her to about a hundred questions. She came up with yellow and turquoise, which sounded horrible to me at first! I had seen sites with yellow on them and some looked terrible. However, she found a more subtle yellow colour, JUST for the banner, with the turquoise in most other places. I’m glad I had some help, because I’m not very good with things like that!

  12. Hi Clint. I love talking about colors. Actually, red is my favorite, but I decided to go with blue and gold on my site. I’ve had two sites designed by experts, but in the end I decided to go with my gut and create my site with the colors and look that reflected me. When I looked at the color description, I thought you were trying to project yourself as a pure-as-the-driven snow young virgin. Glad you explained LOL. Thanks for another terrific post.

    All the best,

  13. Hi Clint,
    thank you for your detailed information about colors!

    I like the way your blog has got the blue lines around it.
    A few years back I studied color in regards to health and found that fascinating.
    The Infographic looks great and seems to explain colors very similar to what I learn.
    Dark orange – deceit and distrust ??

    May the colors benefit and uplift us!

  14. I do use my favourite colour — blue — with a fair bit of white. From what I’ve learned in your post, it’s a good colour for what I’m doing. Thank you for the great info!


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