Why I Joined the 100 Day Challenge

Why I Joined the 100 Day Challenge

100 Day Challenge for Accountability and Training

Those of you are following me know that I am currently in the military serving as a Military Policeman on Fort Lewis, Washington and I am in the Biz Builder 100 Day Challenge.  I have been serving the last 20 years and am on the downward path to retirement and my network marketing business is my path to both fiscal and personal freedom.  But I have an issue, now I like regimens that keep me on task, without them my inner lazy bum comes out and I can watch American Chopper and Hell’s Kitchen all night long.

That is where the Biz Builder 100 Day Challenge comes in!!!

The challenge provided me with weekly assignments to achieve in order to take advantage of all the tools the MyLeadSystemPro provides.  It also provides a community of like minded people who motivate each other to succeed in their network marketing businesses.

I find the goals and targets each week helpful in my daily action plan, and the 100 day challenge coaches provide the “expert” guidance that all new users of MLSP should be provided beyond the weekly webinar training the creators of the system currently provide.

My 100 Day Challenge Goals

1) Establish a daily action plan, to include a checklist, to follow in order to create a “habit” of working on my business.

2) Establish and effective marketing strategy in order to take full advantange of MyLeadSystemPro

3) Effectively employ the attraction marketing principles taught in Magnetic Sponsoring in order to build my network marketing business.

4) Generate at least 20 leads per day using MLSP and get at least 2 sign ups a week in my primary business.

Everyone needs some help when trying to use internet marketing to build their business.  The 100 day challenge offers network marketers that needed push and guidance to not only learn how to build their business, but to actually do it while going throught he training.


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I have so much more to bring you in terms of marketing training over the coming days and weeks. I just know you’ll love all these micro-lessons…so make sure you jump on our mailing list if you already haven’t so you don’t miss any updates. Thanks for joining me!

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