Top 10 Totally Free Traffic Tips

Tellman Knudson Provides Some Great Free Traffic Tips

I have been involved in internet marketing for quite some time and have learned a really hard lesson that I want to share with you.

90% of the people involved in internet marketing don’t have any clue what they are doing.  I know it sounds harsh, but it’s a truth that you need to realize before you waste your hard earned money or valuable time by following the wrong people.

Of course there is the other side of that spectrum as well, the 5% who are considered “guru’s” and most of them tend to provide a great deal of value.  They also are able to sell courses from $1000 and higher without too much trouble.  This tends to leave the little guy out in the cold because they simply cannot afford that price tag.

Now we get to the other 5%, people like me, who are making an income with internet marketing but have not reached the “guru” status. Or people like Tellman Knudson who have reached that status but have no problem whatsoever providing free, and more importantly, valuable information to those who are trying to make it.

These are the people whose mailing lists you need to be on.  Get off the mailing lists that are always promoting to you and providing you with absolutely no value.  They are simply wasting you time and don’t you have enough stuff in your life doing that?

Ok so I got that off my chest.  And what brought that little rampage on what that I was getting fed up with my inbox a while back.  I was getting well over 100 emails a day and ended up deleting over 99% of them.  But I was smart enough to stay on some pretty good ones.  But I learned that little trick from people like my buddy Tellman who have taken the time to teach rather than profit from new internet marketers.

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with selling your information.  I do it all the time.  But there should be a touch of compassion where you actually want to help people out before you stick your hand into someone’s wallet.

Which brings me to the number one thing that you need to have for your online network marketing or pure internet marketing business.  Website Traffic, or more specifically, free traffic.  If you can generate free traffic for your offers you will make money on the internet.  So take a look at these 10 great blog traffic tips and see how you can implement them into your business.

Website Traffic Tip #1: Everything Is Practice

It’s important that you get into the mindset that everything is practice. You’ll screw up all the time and do stupid things. You’ll even be embarrassed sometimes, but you must still practice, practice, practice. Practice generating free traffic. Write a blog post and publish it; edit it later. Write an article and submit it; write a better one later. Do a YouTube video and email your list about it; make a better one later.

Understand that you’re going to screw up and do stuff wrong. In fact, your early stuff is going to suck. The idea is to have it suck publicly so at least you can permanently be getting free traffic from it.

Blog Traffic Tip #2: Practice Publicly

Screw up publicly. Doing it publicly accelerates the learning curve exponentially. It will also give you tough skin, which is critical in business, especially online. A lot of people are either embarrassed or afraid to practice using their own story to generate free traffic – or they’ve never heard of this idea. They try to be very factual.

The fact is that people don’t make their decisions based on facts. They make their decisions based on emotion. If you focus your attention on communicating to people in a way that makes them feel something, you’ll automatically have an incredible edge. Not only short-term, but long-term because you’ll bond with your prospects in a way that is absolutely positively, unquestionably indestructible.

That is why I want you to use your story in every form of free traffic that you generate.

So what happens if you fail at this, if your story isn’t a success? Don’t worry about it. Most of your stories won’t be a success. You’re going to fail – a lot, probably; but remember everyone screws stuff up. If you’ve ever watched a basketball game, you’ve seen it. People miss the basket all the time. Plan on it.

It is all about practice and practicing in public.  Practice is good, but practice in public is better. You put more juice into it. You’re going to screw it up several times. It might take ten tries before you get something that really locks in with people. It’s okay.

Traffic Tip #3: Get A Tough Skin

Once you start generating free traffic, sooner or later someone is going to think you’re the devil, someone is going to hate you, someone is going to call you a jerk, someone will say you’re trying to scam people. If you’re getting enough free traffic, it’s inevitable. The more successful you become, the more criticism you’ll get.

Nobody likes to be criticized, but it will happen – and you need to get used to it. If you get 100 positive testimonials, and one person who says you’re a jerk, you’ll probably go to bed thinking about the one who said you’re a jerk; it’s just human nature. We don’t like to have people tell us that they hate us, which is totally understandable.

You’ll only ever develop thick skin by practicing getting criticized. If you’re doing good work, over time you’ll also get hundreds, if not thousands of people who applaud and commend you for the tremendous work that you’re doing. Focus on that as much as possible.

With the first 20-30 times that people call you the devil, you feel it. You want to get that out of the way as soon as possible so that you can stay focused on really making a positive difference in as many people’s lives as humanly possible. When you’re touching people emotionally you’ll get a rise out of them – either positive or negative.

Those negative comments often shut people down. My biggest recommendation to you is don’t worry about it. Keep moving and do what you know in your heart that you’re here to do.

Free Traffic Tip #4: Be Extremely Prolific

Say something to the world every single day, no matter what. Whether it is a Twitter post, a YouTube video, an article that you release, or a teleseminar that you’re doing – be extremely prolific. Have more to say than anyone else out there. You’ll capture more eyeballs, and more people will be involved with you and want to hear what you have to say.  Say whatever is on your mind. Just talk about stuff, like you’re doing a journal.

Remember, ‘blog’ is short for a web log. Basically, early blogs, and some of the most popular ones today, are simply public online journals about what is going on in people’s lives. Say something interesting and relevant in all of your emails, articles, videos, in everything that you do.  Say something interesting first, and relevant to your topic second. Keep it interesting and relevant.

It could be about an idea that you had while you were eating breakfast this morning. Talk to them about your breakfast for a little bit and then talk about the idea.  Half of the day of everyone who works for my company is spent doing free traffic generation. We are just starting to do this. The results are not yet in; however, the most important thing, in my opinion, for an Internet-based business is traffic. Without traffic there are no customers. Period.

We used to spend about an hour a day generating free traffic, but now we divided up into teams and we are spending, literally, about 3 hours every day doing it.  People sometimes say, “Well, now you’re big enough to do that.” But even when I was a one-man operation I still spent half of my time driving free traffic. I had to!

Choose one or two types of free traffic that really, really resonate with you. Focus on telling your story over and over again throughout those types of free traffic. The more you do it, the easier it will become. You’ll get into the habit of doing it, which is important. The more free traffic you drive, the bigger your list will become. Then you can generate as much free traffic as you want on demand. That is really the name of the game.

Video Traffic Tip #5: Get A Flip Video Camera and Use It Everyday

Get one and use it once a day, even if you don’t use every video (see Use your flip video to record once a day so that you can get used to talking to the camera and doing things in one take, so you can really get out there and start teaching people, talking about your story, getting information, and getting cool facts out there as they come to you.

People ask whether they should script their videos, use an outline, or just kind of wing it. I always wing it – every time. Get an idea and just go with it.  There are a few key elements you’ll want to include on your videos. Make sure to include a URL. If you link to your blog, tell people to click on the comments link and tell you what they think. Always have some kind of call to action at the end of your video.

Get them to add comments by asking their opinion.


Blog Traffic Tip #6: Do a Teleseminar or Webinar With At Least Four People

If you do this, you’ll add several hundred, probably several thousand people, to your list in a very short period of time. That makes it much easier to do email cross-promotions with people. With any less than four, you’ll have a hard time getting much momentum. The goal is to reach new people to add to your list, and the best way to do that is to get in front of a new audience.

When you’re just starting out, you should probably start with just four people, but ultimately it’s a lot more powerful if you can do a teleseminar with 10-12 people. More than that and it’s almost overwhelming.  The best way is to do one teleseminar a week for as many weeks as you’ve got presenters.

Make sure all of your speakers have a minimum list size of 10,000 or more and that they all agree to mail them at least three times for your big event. You let them know the date that you’re going to launch it. It is kind of like a micro-launch with about ten or twelve joint-venture partners.

Obviously, the fewer people you have to deal with the easier it is to organize.

Everybody promotes the event and sells their stuff at the end of their calls. They’re putting themselves in front of a brand new, highly responsive list of people who, for the most part, haven’t heard of them before.  They are also creating the same situation with you because they are all mailing out to their lists. So you actually build a list that you keep, that are bonded with you, because you’re doing the interviews on each one of these teleseminars.

Start by telling the story of why you did the teleseminar series, what you’re looking to learn.  Really take on the role of the interviewer. Don’t ever try to be expert if you’re the interviewer. Try to be a knowledge sponge instead. Implement what you learn in that teleseminar series as quickly as possible. That creates a whole new story for you to start telling your audience based on the results you get from implementing what you learned from interviewing all these brilliant folks.

The teleseminar series model works like crazy. Whenever I want a fresh, new list of highly responsive subscribers that will buy tons of stuff, I do a teleseminar series. It takes some work. It is kind of like a launch in terms of the work leading up to it, but it works very well.

When I learned about teleseminars, I went from $10,000 a month to earning $100,000 a month from same size list. That was a massive jump, obviously.  Interviewing people who know more than you do is the quickest shortcut to success. If you’re trying to serve a market that involves improvement in anyway, which is most markets, then you can very easily interview people.

When someone says something that relates to something in your life, you can make a little comment about it. Referencing personal experience in an interview series is one of the most powerful ways to get people to feel like they know you. And that is really the whole point. It is to basically make friends with all your customers.

You want to make friends with all your customers so they will take your advice without a second thought. The more you can do that the easier it is for you to make money and the easier it is for you to be really, really successful. Even when you write emails to get people on the teleseminars you can talk about things in your story.

Here’s the exciting part, when you focus on asking questions to your interviewees that relate back to your story, you can focus on implementing what you learn and reporting back to your list about the results that you got. This immediately bonds you to all the people who listened to that interview because most of them never took any action on it. That is another very powerful, easy way to bring the interviews into your real life story – simply by implementing what you learned during a previous interview.

How to turn a teleseminar series into free traffic, and then into a lot of sales 

There are two ways of doing this. If you’re rank beginner then I recommend the first way. If you’re more advanced then I recommend you use the first way and the second way. The first way is to sell your interviewees’ products at the end of each of their calls, through their affiliate program.

That is another requirement to be involved in your teleseminar series.  They’ve got to have a list of 10,000 people or more.  They’ve got to have an opt-in box; preferably a squeeze page on the homepage of their website. That way you know they have a decent list that is growing rapidly.

And they need to have an affiliate program.  You really shouldn’t accept anyone who has an affiliate program that is giving you any less than 50% of the sale. If they are giving you less than 50%, turn them away. Say, “No. I am giving you free money.”

In many industries you’ll be turning a lot of people away because they are being cheap. You really don’t want to associate with people who are cheap. You want to associate with people who are like-minded and who want to share the wealth with people who are generating sales for them.

My recommendation is to sell another person’s product at the end of each one of the calls that you do. You want to have that product be a minimum of $500, preferably $1,000 or more, if you really want to turn this not only into sales but a huge amount of profit that you can immediately put in your pocket.

The second way is more advanced, but here’s the simple version. After people opt-in for your teleseminar series you immediately do a one-time offer where you sell the recordings and transcripts of all the calls, even if they are not done yet. This allows you to make immediate cash because people will buy the recordings and transcripts knowing they won’t be able to make all of the calls.

If you’re lucky, between 30-50% of the folks who sign up for your teleseminar series will actually be on the calls – most will never get on the calls. Selling the recordings and transcripts is beneficial to everyone. I recommend charging between $47-97 for a series of teleseminar recordings and transcripts. It all depends on your market – you should test it within your own marketplace.

How to find great teleseminar partners 

You need to be selective about who you’ll do teleseminars with. If they don’t have a list of 10,000 or more people that they are willing to mail three times to promote your teleseminar series, they are not eligible.  If they don’t have an affiliate program that pays 50% and is not already set up and ready to go, they are not eligible.  If they don’t have a product that costs at least $500, they are not eligible.

If they regularly speak in public or on teleseminars, they’re probably someone you want to be looking for. Finding seminar speakers to participate in your teleseminar series is great because they can do it from their home, or their hotel room if they’re traveling to speak somewhere else.

Most book authors are going to be a total waste of your time because they typically don’t know how to build a list and they very rarely have an expensive product to sell. Usually they don’t even know what an affiliate program is. Book authors have something to say, but they won’t meet your criteria 99% of time.  Some book authors became book authors after they learned good marketing; those are usually the guys you want to work with.

You want to deal with people who understand good marketing.

Please remember the world has billions of people running around on it. There are lots of people in your niche who know good marketing. It might take you a few days to track enough of them down to get them involved in your series, but be persistent. Don’t just spend an hour looking and then give up saying, “There’s nobody who knows what they are doing in my niche.”You need to be a more diligent than that.

Look up seminars on your topic and find the speakers and their websites. Usually you’ll be able to find their phone number and email on their site. When you’re starting out, you want to aim for people who have a list in the 10,000 range. Most of them are either going to have their contact information on their website or you can go to to search for their website.

The bigger someone becomes, the harder it is to get in touch with them. You’re not going to find their contact information on their websites. So you may want to go to some of these seminars to try to connect with them there.

If you’re just starting out…

People who are just starting out might be asking themselves, “If I don’t have a list why would people do a teleseminar with me?”

First of all, you want to admit you don’t have a list; be upfront and honest about that.  Say, “Listen, I am putting together a tele seminar series with ten experts. Here are the forty-five people that I am inviting but I can only accept the first ten to respond. You’ll notice that your name is on this list. I would love it if you would get involved.

If you’re interested in getting involved in my teleseminar series, so we can help promote your products and services (be specific about what they offer), I would love you to get involved, but in all seriousness, I only have ten spots.  I am contacting the following 45-50 people in the next 24 hours. The first ten people who are the best matches to respond can get involved. We are putting this together pretty quickly, we’d love to have you.”

It is all about momentum. You want to contact 50 people in a day rather than doing it one person at a time over several weeks. Get it done fast, because all of these guys know each other. Immediately when they see each other’s names on the list, they’ll call each other to ask whether they’re getting involved.  You want to make sure that you hit everyone on the same day. It is not hard to send 50 emails with some personalization in a day; you can do in an hour.

You’re creating an event they will all ultimately be mailing out for. That is where the new exposure is going to come from. Let them know that you’ll be doing press releases, articles, blog posts, and YouTube videos about each of their calls, and that you’ll drive free traffic from additional sources, but the big spike is going to come when everybody mails to their lists.

Free Traffic Tip #7: Do A Cross-Promotion At Least Once A Week

Doing an email cross-promotion weekly will consistently generate fresh blood, more people who are interested in what you’re doing. Once you have a list it is very easy to do email cross-promotions, or joint ventures. If I have a list of 10,000 people and you have a list of 10,000 people we might send two or three emails out for each other’s stuff two or three days in a row and generate a whole bunch of new subscribers and customers for each other.

Again those emails that go out are telling part of your story about how you got started and perhaps giving away something or driving to a sales page. The email going out to someone else’s list is their first introduction to you. If you can bond with them emotionally right out of the gate, it can be hugely profitable.

You can easily do cross-promotions with the same people in your teleseminar series.  Then do a press release for each of the calls.  Press releases are great because you can turn around and get free traffic from people who are interested in you or your speaker.  You’ll get more opt-ins because they have to opt-in in order to get on the call.

You should also be looking for people you can do Golden Rule cross-promotions with. It’s really simple because it’s just a matter of adding an email into your autoresponder, and having them do the same.  Anyone who joins your list will see their email and anyone who joins their list will see your email because it is in their series. It’s very easy and totally free, if you have an autoresponder.

If you don’t have an auto responder, you need one. That is how you build your list.

Turning email cross-promotions into free traffic, and then into sales.  An email cross-promotion is really simple.  You have a list and they have a list, and you send emails to each other’s lists that get people to go to your websites and buy stuff. It doesn’t cost you anything to do it.

All you have to do is pay someone a percentage of the sales made through your affiliate program. You both build your lists, you both generate customers, and you build a stronger bond with that person in a business environment. It’s a very quick and easy way to tell your story and immediately start generating cash.

Free Traffic Tip #8: Never Do Free Traffic Sources That You Hate Doing

Do stuff that you like doing – not stuff that you hate doing. Some people hate doing PPC. If you don’t like looking at numbers, if it seems like drudgery, you don’t want to spend time doing it. Work on the kinds of free traffic generation that excites you, that you look forward to working on.

Try a whole bunch of different free traffic techniques, and try them more than once – try them five or six times. If you find that it is total drudgery and you hate doing it, don’t do it!  You don’t want to take up time in your life doing stuff you hate. If you want to pay somebody else to do them and they generate profitable free traffic, that’s great. But when you try to do stuff you hate, you probably won’t do it consistently. In order for free traffic to work, no matter what it is, you have to do it consistently.

Free Traffic Tip #9: Record Everything And Turn It Into Free Traffic

You should record every teleseminar you do. Take all of your videos and get them transcribed – they all become blog posts and articles. Do it yourself, or hire a ghostwriter. Every time a word comes out of your mouth that is in any way, shape, or form related to your topic, you’ve got to record it, transcribe it, and get it out there driving free traffic to your opt-in page.

Free traffic is all about having something to say and putting it out there. If you’re interviewing people with a big list and you have a reason you’re doing the interview, tell your story to their list so they can get people to opt-in and get involved in your tele seminar series. If you put out a press release about an interview you’re about to do, or an interview you just did, that’s free traffic.

If you do a blog post, Twitter Tweet, a YouTube video, or an article about something you’re about to do, or you’re doing, or you just finished doing, that’s more free traffic.  The goal is to have something valid, relevant, and interesting to talk about rather than making up something lame and boring.

Free Traffic Tip #10: Drive ALL The Free Traffic You Create To A Squeeze Page

This is the most critical tip of all because it’s how you can get the most out of your free traffic and be able to generate as much free traffic as you want on a day-today basis simply by writing an email.  You must drive all your free traffic to an opt-in page.

If you break this rule, you’re most likely going to fail.  I constantly find that people who have websites and claim that they followed all the directions, but are still not successful exclusively break this one rule. Don’t break it unless you just want to fail.

Always, always, always, always, always, ALWAYS drive free traffic to a squeeze page, a forced opt-in page. Drive to a page where the only thing people can do is enter their name and email address in order to get more information from you. You cannot have a whole bunch of other options on that page. Make your squeeze page the home page of your website.

Don’t allow yourself to resist this rule with a bunch of objections. Simply ask yourself whether you’ll take the advice of someone who’s making more money than you.  If the answer is yes, then get a squeeze page and get rid of whatever you currently have on the homepage of your website, because that is probably what’s killing you.

Your free traffic comes from building your giant list.  You get free traffic to come to your page one time.  Most of them opt-in and now you can have free traffic for the rest of your life. If you do not do that you will not have free traffic for the rest of your life. All of your other efforts will be in vain. The first key is to always drive all of your traffic directly to a squeeze page, every single time, without exception.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Totally Free Traffic Tips

  1. This is filled with ideas that I like and agree with. Just to comment on the words in Suggestion #1: “It’s important that you get into the mindset that everything is practice. You’ll screw up all the time and do stupid things. You’ll even be embarrassed sometimes, but you must still practice, practice, practice. Practice generating free traffic. Write a blog post and publish it; edit it later. Write an article and submit it; write a better one later. Do a YouTube video and email your list about it; make a better one later.”

    The key word being practice. You could easily substitute “take action” or “implement.” Then there is the repetitive aspect, no matter which word is used.

    Which brings me to the 90% you mentioned in the first place. The problem is maybe not entirely that they don’t have a clue then. But also that the discipline to keep at it, “practice, practice, practice” despite screwing up, that is lacking. I’ll put it this way: it’s hard work!