Strategic Internet Marketing Laid Out

Today there are a lot of small business owners trying to use internet marketing to grow their business with no short or long term strategies.

Some people do not have any goals, while some seem to jump from one make money online ‘business opportunity’ to another.

Some digital marketers treat their internet marketing business like a hobby.

And yet expect to earn some checks, but they truly don’t understand the large amount of work that is involved in building a business online.

To succeed online, you need a sound strategic internet marketing plan.

internet marketing plan

Depending on your interests; it is a good idea to engage in a business that has a long term potential, which means that you will need to have long term goals with the business.

Strategic marketing is not randomly buying some cheap recycled 300,000 email leads or guaranteed hits.

Strategic marketing is also not about pointlessly placing banner ads all over the internet.

Strictly relying on free classified ads or surfing for traffic will also not bring you any guaranteed long term success.

Yes, these marketing tactics mentioned above may work in some instances for some business types; but they can’t be considered part of a strategic marketing campaigns just by themselves.

So, what is strategic internet marketing?

Strategic marketing is basically about having a promotion plan that employs effective and proven digital marketing to get high converting results for your business.

You must use a list of selected marketing methods that are effective; and you must make sure that you perfect your skills in these strategies in order to make them effective.

First things first

You will need to establish your advertising budget.

How much can you spend per week or per month?

Yes I know, there are plenty of people who offer courses and techniques where you can build a business using free stuff.

But if your not prepared to spend money to make money, just be prepared for some slow progress in the beginning.

The key to strategic internet marketing is to constantly improve your marketing strategies, by making them more effective.

Every promotion for your business must have a purpose and it is critical to track the results of each and every advertisement.

Tracking your ads means that you can then identify the strategies that are bringing the best results for your advertising dollar.

After you have identified the ads that are working, you can allocate more money towards those.

By tracking your ads, you can also find out which ads are not working, or which ones need adjusting.

You must track your marketing campaigns and ads otherwise you are simply ‘operating in the dark’ and this will not bring you any success in marketing.

You are simply throwing your money away.

So, which marketing strategies actually work?

There are several proven marketing strategies that can guarantee you success in online marketing if you apply them consistently.

1) Writing and submitting articles

Article marketing is an effective and cheap way of promoting your business.

Writing articles builds your credibility and also drive plenty of targeted traffic to your site, all for free.

Remember when writing that spun articles are not nearly as valuable as unique content so never use spun articles on your own site.

One other key point that I need to advise you of is that article marketing as it was done in the past no longer works.

As a matter of fact it could actually do way more harm then good.

Today you need to think of article marketing as written content that your put on your own site.


Content that you have written as a guest blogger on sites in your niche that already have an established reader base.

The days of spinning one article and putting on 1000 sites is over, so don’t waste your time.

2) Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC is the fastest way to get traffic to your website.

However, to make this strategy successful and cost effective for your business, you must educate yourself about keyword selection and bidding for your keywords.

If you don’t take the time to properly learn PPC, it can become the fastest way to losing a lot of money.

The two biggest providers of PPC advertising are Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

I would highly suggest you find a good course on each of them before you start buying ads though.

Both systems can get a little complicated.

3) Start Your Own Ezine

This is most likely the most powerful marketing technique on the internet.

Having your own list of subscribers to send a newsletter to on a regular basis is a powerful way of expanding your business.

In order to effectively use this method however, you are going to have to be able to provide a consistent amount of quality information.

The easiest way to accomplish this is by getting people in you market to write for you.

There are tons of people out there who would love the opportunity to write about any subject you can think of, its only a matter of seeking them out.

And once your known not only for you knowledge, but your ability to find answers to your readers questions.  Your overall value and trust in increased.

4) Viral Marketing

Another very popular and effective marketing strategy for your business.

You can give ‘stuff’ away that people can use and put links to your web site in it.

Information is a powerful tool in marketing.

Give people rights to share the ‘stuff’ with their friends and email lists.

In the long term, this will build a lot of traffic to your website.

This information can be in the form of an ebook, a video series, your imagination really is the limit.

These days a lot of marketers are creating applications for the iPhone and other smartphones.

For a relatively small investment whose to say you can’t do the same, thus driving traffic to your offers or your list.

5) Linking

One way or reciprocal linking is critical to your online success.

This tactic takes time to develop, but it is well worth your effort.

Search engines assess the importance of your web site by the number of incoming links pointing to your site.

You can build one way links by articles writing and submitting and also participating in relevant forums etc.

You can also do blog commenting on high PR blogs in your niche, this passes on a backlink to your site.

Just remember, don’t fall into the trap of using some software to cheat the system.

No, Google isn’t everywhere, but eventually the spider will catch on and your ranking will pay the price for it.

6) Search Engine Optimization

This is another long term marketing  (underlined so you understand nothing happens overnight with SEO and its not free) tactic for your business.

Your pages must be fully optimized for the search engines.

The most inexpensive and targeted traffic you can receive will come from high search engine rankings.

This strategy plays right in line with link building, which is considered off-page SEO.

By following a few simple rules and guidelines you can get your site ranked for tons of keywords even if your only optimized for one.

In Conclusion

I know that I have only given you some of the most popular ways to build your business online.

My intention was not to give you detailed information on how to do each of the methods.

But to get you thinking about one or two that may help you either get started or fine tune your digital marketing.

The biggest point you need to know is that you should work on only one or two methods in the beginning.

Do not try to go out and learn everything about anything.  You will get overwhelmed, trust me I did.

Now, get out there and, create and apply a solid internet marketing strategy that will guarantee you success and wealth.


Clint Butler

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4 thoughts on “Strategic Internet Marketing Laid Out

  1. Hi Clint, Some valid info on internet marketing solutions. Whats missing though, is the setting of objectives, identifying the target market and setting the metrics and targets on which success will be measured.

  2. I love reading your posts. You give great information without the overload of technical details.

    I have most of these covered but I don’t use PPC and just when I have a handle on SEO – things change again. Too much for me to keep up with.