SECockPit Review: Keyword Research on Steroids

This SECockPit Review is Three Years In the Making

Ever since I started marketing online I have had to fight with one component that some people either struggle with like me, or find it easy as tying their shoes.  That one thing is keyword research.  I have said it before and I will keep saying it again and again, keyword research is the most important thing you can do when creating content.  You have to know if there are people looking for your topic on the internet.  Otherwise your just writing to write for yourself.  The problem with keyword research is that to do it right, take a bit of manual labor and a lot of time, until now…

SECockPit Review

I have to start by saying that I used SECockPit since the day that it was released in testing.  The creators had not even released it to the public yet and one day I happened to find a webinar that the company Swiss Made Marketing was holding.

The topic of the training webinar was keyword research obviously and I was all ears because I was having a really hard time nailing down the right keywords for my business sites.

During that webinar SECockPit was introduced and from that day on I have been hooked.

Throughout this SECockPit review I will go over some of the reasons why I love it so much.

I also have a video I created showing how I use the tool and how it saves me tons of time.

Keyword Research at Warp Speed

Keyword Research At Warp Speed

One of the biggest factors that cause people to quit proper keyword research is the amount of time that it takes to do it right.

Finding your base keyword.

Putting that into the Google Keyword Planner.

Getting a list of more keywords that are sorted by search volume.

Exporting them onto a spreadsheet and sorting them again.

Then going one by one and looking at the actually SEO competition for those keywords.

All of this in an effort to see if your website has a chance at ranking on the first page.

Doing it that way can take a few hours or even a whole day to find just the right keywords that your looking for.

Even with the aid of some of the other tools on the market your going to end up going through the process one by one.

Or your going to need to get a proxies and let their software run on your computer for a while in order to generate all that data.

Not anymore with SECockPit.

When I first started using the tool I was amazed how fast it gathered the data that I needed.  And it does it all on the SECockPit servers so your computer is free to do other things.

If you have ever had your IP blocked by Google for looking up to much information in to short of a period of time you know how valuable having SECockPit running in the cloud is.

This one aspect alone actually made keyword research fun again.

Keyword Opportunities

Keyword Opportunities From Multiple Sources

The second problem with keyword research that SECockPit solves is being stuck to one single source for keyword ideas.

For example, there is a tool that pulls data from the Google Keyword Planner.

Then there is a tool that pulls data from the Google suggest feature.

Google Suggest

Then there is a tool that pulls data from the Google related searches feature.

Google related searches

Yes there are a couple tools that pull from more than one of these features, however the data is all separated and you still need to do your SEO competition research.

While preparing SECockPit review I found that this tool does it all, all the while keeping your data together and allowing you to label it based on source.

Very handy when trying to find out the best ways to identify new terms in your market versus an different one.

Having that ability takes us back to point number one, SECockPit is crazy fast.

Keyword Filtering

Keyword Filter Helps Remove Unwanted Terms

In the old days when you were doing your research for profitable keywords you had to use excel to filter out terms that were one of two things.

1) Not related to your topic

2) We words that neither brought traffic or buyers

Today SECockPit offers filters that automatically separate irrelevant keywords.

Then you can apply another filter to eliminate keywords that have no traffic.

Then you can apply another filter to eliminate keywords that don’t attract buyers.

All of this with only a couple of keystrokes.  No more fighting with Excel data management functions.

And did I mention that it all happens instantly because SECockPit is fast!

Keyword analysis

Keyword Analysis For SEO Ranking Competition

One of the most left out parts of almost all of the keyword research training that is available is how to determine if your website has any chance of ranking in the top ten search results.

It does you no good to find a couple hundred high traffic or buyer specific keywords if you have no chance at betting the pages that are already ranking.

That is where an SEO competition module comes in.

SECockPit actually does this in two ways.

One, when you first get your keyword results you get shown a simple bar graph next to each keyword based on the strength of the competition.

This bar graph gives you a quick snapshot to allow you to quickly filter out results that you know your website is probably not going to rank on.

The second is an in-depth keyword analysis function that shows you the top ten websites and all of the metrics for those sites.

This allows you to compare those sites with the overall authority of your website to see where you are most likely to show up quickly.

This data also shows you the Google Trends bar graph so you can determine how popular the term is overall.

This is great information to keep you from wasting your time by targeting keywords that are either too hard, or no longer of interest to the public.

SEO Projects tracker

Built In SEO Project Management

If your brand spanking new to search engine optimization then SECockPit has a tool just for you.

Built inside the tool is a project management system.

Now when I first started using the tool there were about 100 different tasks listed inside the tool.  And to be quite frank they were pretty much redundant tasks that made the project manager more of a pain in the butt then something that helped.

As a testament to the customer service of Swiss Made Marketing thought they listen to customers (I submitted tons of feature requests) they have cleaned up the project management section that actually offers some simple but very important tasks that you need to complete.

These are general tasks that all high quality websites are doing to achieve rankings.

There are also a couple of functions that are added to help increase your ranking chances and some great link building ideas as well.

Overall, its a great system for people who are brand new.

Advanced users can get something out of it as well, but don’t expect a secret sauce concept to be listed.

SECockPit Help Desk

SECockPit Review: Support, Training, and a Bonus

Swiss Made Marketing has thought of everything.  Take a look at my video walk-though and decide for yourself.

If you are like me, it doesn’t matter how much a tool helps it the customer service is not there to help you get the most out of it.

Swiss Made Marketing has a very responsive help desk that fully supports SECockPit users around the clock.

I will say that you have to expect at least a few hours to here a response from them.  They are Swiss after all and if you live on the west coast you need to let them wake up and eat some chocolate before they are up and running.

I have never run into an issue with the tool that the support team was not able to help with.  Even if what I was trying to do is not a basic function of the tool itself.

Also, they have a Facebook group that supports the tool as well.  That you can find by just searching in Facebook for it.

I consistently put my feature recommendations in there and other users offer their opinions.   This helps with customer validation of ideas and the creators are more likely to implement them.

The system comes with complete training to make sure that you absolutely getting 100% out of the tool every time you power it up.

And as a wonderful bonus you can download an app onto your smartphone and access the tool from there.

This is perfect if your one of those people who thinks about how to monetize all kinds of things while your on the go.

Plug your seed keyword into SECockPit and its there waiting for you when you get back home or to the office.

In Conclusion

I was not joking when I say that this review has been in the making for three years, I have been using this tool for that long.

I have consistently recommended it to both the new online marketer and the seasoned professional.

I don’t want to make my SECockPit review sound like a sales page, however its really hard not to sing the praises of this outstanding tool that has been a part of my arsenal longer than anything else on the market.

There is a 30 day free trial of SECockPit and you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t try it out.  In 30 days you can get a lot of your keyword research done and that alone should be motivation to check it out, sign up, and play with the tool.  I hope you do!

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