Empower Network What Is It?

Is Empower Network A Scam?

Have you ever been on Facebook or some other social media site and see all those wonderful posts by people selling the latest and greatest product?  Have you ever seen it in groups where group members are actively teaching other people how to market online the right way?  Well sometimes getting those people to understand that spamming, making up stuff, or just repeating stuff you might have heard someone else say is like pulling teeth.  And today I feel like that old guy right there.

First off let me preface that I am a member of the Empower Network. As a matter of fact I was very quick to join it and as soon as one of the founding members was able to set up his merchant account within the system I signed up. I won’t say I was in the first 50 people of joining, but I was pretty darn close. But I needed to tell you that so you don’t get some crazy idea that I am trying to write some type of “third party review” on the Empower Network.

Nope, I have no intention of writing this in a review format. I actually intend on working to set the record straight so that people like you can be fully informed on what the Empower Network is. How it came to be. And most importantly how to use it correctly for your benefit.

The origin of this short little post (ok maybe not short but hey) is really in response to a lot of people commenting on Facebook about several things in regards to the Empower Network. It seems that most are just regurgitating information they have heard from the uninfored and its really getting under my skin. I really want to get on their Facebook threads and scream at the top of my lungs. Now I won’t say what I want to scream, but just trust me when I say:

THINK FOR YOURSELVES PEOPLE AND GET YOURSELF INFORMED BEFORE YOU BASH SOMEONE ELSES BUSINESS OR OPPORTUNITY CAUSE YOUR MAKING YOURSELF LOOK LIKE AN ASS. (This is a PG-13 post and if I offend you I do apologize but frankly some people need to be addressed that way to ensure your getting through to them)

Don’t run around on the internet or Facebook repeating things that you have heard from other people.  Because people like me will notice and spot you as a newbie right off the bat.  There are vultures out there praying on new people in our industry everyday.  You need to educate yourself, either through personal experience or training programs.  Don’t take other people’s advice at face value until you know, like, and trust them.  Even me.

Teach your team the value of the Know, Like, and Trust then and only then can you get away with giving your honest, educated assessment of a company, program, or product.  Empower Network is one of those programs you can use to do that, but you have to understand what Empower Network is and what Empower Network is not.

What Empower Network Is Not

I want to start with what Empower Network is not for a couple simple reasons.  First, as with any type of product or service you have to have a clear understanding that marketing efforts are designed to do one thing, get you to buy.  Second, there are a few people out there who will blatantly lie to you about a product or service. Worse yet, there are those that fall for that lie and then unknowingly spread it around in their marketing.  Empower Network is no different.

First, Empower Network is not a business.  As a matter of fact it couldn’t be anything further from being a business.  The problem here comes when people quit their real business in order to solely promote the Empower Network.  Don’t do it, don’t let anyone else tell you to do it.  Empower Network is a tool to be used to support your business, not a business in and of itself.

Second, Empower Network is not a network marketing company.  Yes they offer a recurring monthly income and pass-ups from your downline.  That is the benefit of promoting the Empower Network in any way, but its not a network marketing company.  Empower Network is a tool to be used to promote your true network marketing business, or whatever business model your currently using.

Third, Empower Network is not a branding tool.  Sure they just updated the system so that you can add your very own picture to the site.  But that is because people were trying use it as their primary business and brand their Empower Network blogs.  DON’T DO THAT.  The Empower Network blog is using the brand that David Wood and David Sharpe already have.  Do you have a great resounding story better than David Wood?  Unless you lived in on box on the beaches of Hawaii and then made over seven figures a month in less then a year, I highly doubt it.  Leverage other people’s stories until you have your own.

What Empower Network Is

Empower NetworkFirst, the Empower Network is a sales funnel.  Its entire purpose to get people to click on one of the two banners on your Empower Network blog and sign up into your auto responder.  Then from there they are taken to an Empower Network sales page where they here about the Empower Network opportunity.  If they buy, then great you get a commission.  If they don’t, great you have their email in your auto responder and you can let that try to convince them to join the Empower Network.  If they don’t join, call your lead and start building a relationship with them.  Get them to know, like, and trust you so that perhaps they join you in your primary company.

Second, Empower Network is a lead generation system.  You know what these are.  MLM Lead System Pro, Carbon Copy Pro, Renegade Marketer, they are all lead generation systems.  There are people running around the net telling people that MLSP doesn’t promote the Empower Network so it has to suck and you should never join.  That couldn’t be anything further from the truth.  MLSP doesn’t promote the Empower Network because they know its a lead generation system.  Why would MLSP promote a system that is its competition?  DUHHH.

Third, Empower Network is a funded proposal.  Don’t know what that is, that’s ok I had to get training on it myself.  A funded proposal is something that you use to support your business needs.  Some people use Empower Network 2products like Ann Sieg who has her Renegade Marketer product among others.  But the problem is, until you develop your story by calling your leads and building a business how are you ever going to create a product.  David Wood understood this.  The guy has been teaching for quite a while that you need a funded proposal so that you can make money in order to buy the training, equipment, PPC ads, solo ads, etc etc.  If your not making money, how can you reasonably expect to continue doing business?

Fourth, Empower Network is a training site.  Now I will be the first to admit that the training that comes with the $25 dollar Empower Network option pretty much sucks for a person like me.  I think I watch maybe 30 minutes total of that training before I knew that my education was way beyond that.  But I don’t say that to impress you, I say it to impress upon you that not everyone is advanced as you.  Some people don’t pick up on simple concepts as easily, some people have never in their life considered writing content for a blog, some people barely use computers for more than email.  Do you have the time to train every single member of your team these basic building blogs?  More than likely not, more than likely your lucky if you have time to write your own content everyday.  Empower Network does that training for you, so that you can concentrate on showing your team how to set up hosting, set up WordPress, set up a theme, do keyword research, and about 50 other essential tasks that they will need to know in order to apply the attraction marketing concept.

Here is a video I created when Empower Network first launched and its still relevant today.

Do I Promote Empower Network?

No I do not, and the reason is simple.  Empower Network is not my business.  This blog that is branded to me, is not my business.  They are both tools to be used to promote my business.  They are both tools to be used to get to know my prospects and be able to honestly and truly address their needs.  They are both tools to allow me to put myself out there so that my future business partners who are considering joining my team can get to know me.  Empower Network and this blog are both tools to allow my future team leaders the time and information they need so that I can earn their trust and respect.

Empower Network is not a scam, its not a business, its not the end all be all money making opportunity all those uneducated people are talking about on Facebook.  Empower Network is a funded proposal designed to generate leads for your primary business.  Its a tool that you can easily have your team replicate your activities on to help them make legitimate money online while you train them to promote their real business.  Its a means to an end nothing more, nothing less.

So I hope my short little concise post on the Empower Network answered a few of your questions.  I hope that you will take the time to look into Empower Network on your own HERE.  Remember, regardless of who tells you something about a product, service, or program do your homework first.  If its as great as people are saying it will be there tomorrow, Empower Network will be and so will I.


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