Online Lead Generation Through Engagement

Online Lead Generation Trust Through Engagement

Ever since I started marketing on the internet one thing that has been pounded into my head over and over again is that I needed to have a list.  But for me, one of the hardest things that I have had to learn is the skill of online lead generation.  And really it was wasn’t that getting leads online is hard.  Its that I kept falling for all they sales letters saying that their method to get leads was the best.

I sure you have seen tons of these sales letters promising if you use this software or that system leads will start falling from the heavens.  Well it was they half right.  Money did fall for the heavens for those people selling the products because online lead generation is the lifeblood of any internet business.  But the systems and software were all junk.

Ok, to be fair there were a lot of things that were junk and their were a few that were actually proven to work.  The problem was I was struggling with two problems.  One was to be able to afford the course.  The other was to pay the money that was needed to implement the strategy.  You need money to make money they say.  Frankly I just didn’t have more that I was willing to risk in a system would help me with my lead generation.

So I stuck to SEO and social media, both clearly the best free lead generation system out today, and worked my butt off.  I have three completely separate websites working their magic for me and I have two more on the way to being fully developed authority sites.  But it wasn’t easy by any means of the imagination.  I spend hours on end on the computer typing away building content.  I spent thousands of dollars investing in my own education in all matters of SEO and social media marketing all with the end goal of creating my own online lead generation tools without the use of online lead generation services from some other marketer.

I learned a very important lesson during my struggles.  If the people coming to your site don’t trust you, you are providing them with nothing more than a place to leave.  Your efforts will go unnoticed and all your hard work and money will have been for naught.  You need to not only gain the trust of your visitors, you have to keep it and respect them for what they are.  Valuable members of your community who deserve the best.

When your have earned that trust and they keep coming back for more you can start engaging them more and more.

Online Lead Generation Using Your Marketing Funnel

I have a marketing funnel tied into all of my websites.  Its how I make the money I make and probably the best method for you to look into.  If you need to know more about the lead funnel I use just fill out one of the forms on the page.  Tieing my marketing to my blogs allows me to let my readers enter the funnel as they need to rather trying to bribe them into an auto responder.  I want people on my list that like what I have to offer.  Here is an info graphic that gives you a general idea on how to do that.

Online Lead Generation Tips

Take a detailed look at each of the sections of the info graphic and understand that there is not a lot of information on implementation.  But use it as a guide after you established a positive relationship with your readers.  This method of content marketing through engagement will increase your online lead generation over time and more importantly if done properly will not only bring returning visitors and customers but new referrals from your visitors as well.

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