Live The Dream 3 – Diane Hochman The Digital Dingbat

Live The Dream 3 – Diane Hochman The Digital Dingbat

Don’t Let Here Fool You

I really connected to Diane Hochman when I watch the DVD’s of the first and second Live The Dream events that were held.  She is a great speaker who speaks very bluntly.  Its really refreshing to here someone like her when your surrounded by people who tend to borderline on fake.  She self describes herself as tough love, the momma that you never wanted.

During Live The Dream 3 her presentation was a bit short.  Her story is pretty good, she started out broke in 1999. She was so broke that she had creditors calling her every day after leaving her full time job to take care of her children.  Something that both mothers and fathers could relate to.  Being in the broke position is what lead her to become an entrepreneur.  13 years later she is one of the top producers in her industry.

Here Is What I Got From Diane’s Presentation

The topic of her presentation in Dallas was promotion.

Three Stages of Promotion

Stage 1 ~ Pre Promotion is the first step in your campaign.  Dropping teasers about your upcoming product or something you are getting ready to talk about.  This builds curiosity within your audience and their natural human instinct will make them want to know.  They will start watching you both on the social networks and in your inbox.

Stage 2 ~ The actual promotion.  Make sure that when you start promoting keep up building curiosity within your following.  Use something that gets your people to actually ask you about what your talking about.  You can do this with video, your blog, or even social networks.

Stage 3 ~ Post promotion. “I just got back.”  This really works well if you are attending a live event of some type.  You can also apply it if your an affiliate and have just attended a webinar.  “I just got back online after listening to the best training ever”  People following you will ask you what you are talking about.

Unfortunately Diane wasn’t given a whole lot of time to speak during this years Live The Dream event.  But the she was able to give out tons of information on promotion and hinted that she will be creating a course on promotion.

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2 thoughts on “Live The Dream 3 – Diane Hochman The Digital Dingbat

  1. Always giving out what you will be doing is a good thing. How can you expect people to know what is going on if you do not let them know or give them a trailer… works like the movies or the back cover of a book.

  2. Hi Clint,
    thank you for sharing what you learned from the DVD.

    Generating curiosity makes a lot of sense, and even better if that curiosity leads to people asking us questions, wanting to know more.
    Those stands in the supermarket where they give you a taste of a product use a similar tactic.