FileZilla FTP Client And How To Use It

Why Do You Need To Know How To Use FileZilla?

I had many questions as to why one would need to know how to use FileZilla to transfer files with an FTP client when trying to generate leads on the internet. So I decided that I would address it in this post.  What FileZilla is is a transfer program that allows you to take files off of your computer, and put them onto your server.  This becomes important when you’re trying to install specific plug-ins or themes onto your WordPress installation.

For some reason the standard WordPress upload option within the admin panel sometimes locks up when uploading specific themes or plug-ins in that manner. When this happens usually the  the developer of the specific plug-in or theme that you’re trying to install suggests that you use a FTP software to upload to your server.  And that is where  FileZilla comes in.

With FileZilla your allowed to upload as much as you want, for as long as you want onto your server.  This ease-of-use allows you to do other things while you’re waiting for your specific program theme or plug-in to upload onto your site.  You can also use the FileZilla to upload videos, audios, etc. including images onto your site all at once when you’re creating such things as landing pages or brand-new pages.  So understanding how the software works is, although not completely essential, it will definitely save you a lot of time.

Watch My Video On How To Use FileZilla

Okay, so hopefully the video actually detailed how to use it in a clear and concise manner.  It wasn’t my intent to confuse you and if I did please comment below on the specific part of the training that you need more help with or you would like me to clarify.  FileZilla is by far the easiest FTP client on the Internet, and once you get it you will completely understand what I mean.


Clint Butler

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