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What you need to set up your own blog?

Getting your own network marketing business blog set up isn’t really that complicated if you know how to use the tools that are provided for you in most hosting accounts. This post is a real simple overview of how to set up a WordPress blog setup on your own domain.  The actual process which I go through literally only takes 4 min. and 30 seconds once your  hosting account is set up.

Obviously there’s more to the buying domain name like transferring it to your host and I’ll go through that another video if you want.  This one is just simply assuming that you have already purchased your domain name.

Domain Name

I recommend that you use GoDaddy, its more expensive than NameCheap, but I like the service better.  I will encourage you to do a little of bit research and find yourself a coupon code before you purchase though.  This will allow you to save some initial money on your first year of registration.


I prefer a host that has the 2 below functions available to you.  The reason for this is simply ease-of-use and once you get the hang of it, installation of your WordPress blog will become second nature.



I recommend using HostGator for your hosting services simply because of one the price and to the customer service is excellent.  Regardless of the situation you’re in you be able to access the customer service agents 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  I have not run into too many problems yet with my blog setup that they have not been able to fix.

FTP Software

I have used a few different programs and I recommend you go with FileZilla its actually the easiest to use.  And on top of that files allows a free program there really isn’t any learning curve to it all the FTP instructions are in your post so that you can load things up onto your blog.  Again if you need a tutorial video on how to use FileZilla over please leave your request in the comments below.

Watch My Cool Video On The Boring Steps Of Getting Your Blog Set Up

Okay now this set shown you how to set up your blog using the software, it’s time for you to get out there and get moving.  Get your blog set up today, and write your 1st post.  Don’t worry about the graphics design the worry about the SCO of the keyword optimization worry about the quality of your content.  As I said before in future videos I’ll show you how to optimize your blog and set up a good theme so that your blog looks sexy.

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