How To Get Your YouTube RSS Feed To Syndicate Your Videos

If you know anything about search engine optimization you will know that RSS feeds are a great tool.  And they can be used for both good and evil.  I once found about half of my content posted on another site.  It seems that the owner of that site was taking my content off of my YouTube RSS feed and then using it on theirs.  Now I could have done a few things to try to get the content removed.  But I didn’t because the content that was being used still had my links in it.  So you really can’t beat a free back link.

YouTube RSS Feed

What Do I Need The YouTube RSS Feed For?

There is the other side of the coin, where someone is using your content without back linking to your site.

I don’t mess with chasing them around the internet though I really have more important things to accomplish.

And one of those it to practice the fine art of video marketing.

And more specifically, how I can use YouTube and other sites to promote my website and myself.

The YouTube RSS feed provides you a few ways to get that accomplished.

Let me start from the beginning before I delve too deep into how to get your YouTube RSS feed.

As with any other piece of content that you create on the net when practicing search engine optimization you need to make sure your using your keywords.  Here is a little short checklist to use so that you have the best chance of ranking your video when we put your YouTube RSS feed into action.

Optimize Your YouTube RSS Feed and Video’s

  1. Make sure your keyword is in your video file name
  2. Make sure your keyword is in your video title
  3. Make sure your description starts with a link to your website
  4. Make sure your description is at least three well formed paragraphs with your keyword sprinkled throughout
  5. Make sure you say your keyword in your video a couple times (you may or may not know this but YouTube actually transcribes your videos and when it finds your keyword inside your audio it confirms you description and title, thus increasing your likelyhood of a better ranking)
  6. Keep your videos over two minutes in length but no longer than five unless you have something really important to say.  People have a short attention span.

What To Do With Your YouTube RSS Feed

There are tons of ways to build some good natural back links to your YouTube videos using your YouTube RSS feed if you take the time to set them up.

And best of all they are all one shot and your done tasks with most services.  Another great use for your YouTube RSS feed is to use it to ensure that not only are all your video’s indexed.

But to make sure that all those back links you are creating you video description are indexed as well.

Here is a list of things you can do with your YouTube RSS feed.

  1.  Your YouTube RSS Feed can be set up to auto-submit to your OnlyWire account.  After you set up your feed, we will automatically detect new videos and post them to your services.
  2. Your YouTube RSS Feed can be set up to auto-submit to your Tribepro account.  Tribepro will pull from your feed every 24 hours and hundreds of other people will submit your video’s to the social media sites for you.
  3. Your YouTube RSS Feed can be set up to auto-submit to and for auto-submission to social media sites.
  4. Use your YouTube RSS Feed to auto populate your own website.  Sometimes you get busy and you don’t have the time to write a post and then create a video.  Or visa versa.  There are a couple auto posting plugins you could research and find that will use your YouTube RSS feed to create a post on your site based on what you submit to your YouTube channel.  Now I don’t recommend doing this, but it is a method.

Alright Already Here Is How To Get Your YouTube RSS feed for your channel

Here is the YouTube RSS Feed string your going to need that I mentioned in the video.

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2 thoughts on “How To Get Your YouTube RSS Feed To Syndicate Your Videos

  1. Love your work, Just found you yesterday and have been addicted to the blog ever since. Quick question you mentioned using youtube RSS feed aggregators, do you still think this is an important tactic in 2014? Ive read that regular rss feed for websites has dropped in importance a lot since all the stupid constant animal updates!



    • They are still very important. RSS is still as popular with people who were using them in the past to be notified about new content. You truly devoted readers, and in this case viewers, would like to know about your content. However, not everyone can go back to their favorite blogs all the time to learn about new content. Its the same with the search engines, which is why your standard WordPress installation still notifies via pinging.

      Now, that being said, with YouTube its really about being able to ping and help indexing along. Of course being a Google owned property that happens pretty quick anyway. So its not something you HAVE to do.